My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 328


Chapter 32: The Reasonable Definer

Compared to accepting the help of a young girl who is full of energy but inexperienced, yearning for beauty but not knowing the truth, I have countless more reasons to reject her.However, I was somewhat ridiculously succumbed to the momentum of this little girl.

The flushed cheeks under the beautiful pupils panicked to confirm that I was not joking, and coupled with the exaggerated waving arms, Sonoda looked cute, but it only deepened my feelings. Her distrust.

However, I still agreed. A lie needs to be covered with a bigger lie, and a solution needs to be covered with more solutions.As I expected before, no one would want the situation to develop to this level. Even the self-confident me at the beginning, even the one who made my promises at the beginning, eventually became a prisoner of the situation.

All the people involved in this matter can think of is to solve this matter quickly, and I am no exception.Therefore, when a person who claims to be able to bring the incident to an end once and for all appears in front of me, even if it is against reason, I can only accept it.

Yes, maybe tomorrow when I wake up, I will regret it, but the development of things will not proceed according to your deduction, and who can guarantee that the situation the next day will not be because of today’s dramatic For the better?

I just smiled and watched Sonoda, who was still a little flustered just now, slowly calmed down, and slowly began to tell her thoughts.

"I think the experience of getting along with my seniors can create a good story if you think about it carefully. I have known seniors for a long time, right? When I enrolled in school two years ago, I was very much to the predecessors. I am dissatisfied, but Senpai is the boyfriend of Sugiura Senpai I admire again. This alone makes me hard to understand!"

The impression of the past slowly recovered. In the last few months, when she was pointed out by the whole school, the people who met her for a limited number of times also smiled with some luck.

"Afterwards, Senpai and Sugiura-senpai made me feel very happy, but Sugiura-senpai has not been able to let go of you and it made me very dissatisfied-I thought I would never meet again after entering school, but you met again. The changes in seniors once again let me Senior Sugiura has changed, and I have the opportunity to observe you from a perspective other than Senior Sugiura. Of course, you are indeed a very powerful person. If it weren’t for you, the student union matter might not be resolved in the end, so let that The child succeeded in taking the position, that is, from that time, my attitude towards you has changed a lot."

Although I know that Sonoda is reconstructing the relationship between me and her based on our previous contacts, but for the moment, I think this is similar to what I know.Sonoda himself seemed to realize this, and patted his face vigorously, dispelling his embarrassed blush, and continued:

"Well, the previous is the truth, but the next is the story, don't take it seriously, do you understand?"

"I think if even I take it seriously, it might be better to persuade Senior Xiao Muzhen."

"No, you can't take it seriously anyway!"

I spread my hands. Even if I believe it, I won't do anything. She should know this. However, since she is a girl, there will always be so many strange little tempers.

"Well," Nodded with satisfaction, Sonoda continued, "Since then, I have tried to observe Yuihama-senpai from a good point. In fact, Yuihama-senpai is not a very bad person. Although many things are unreasonable, But the result was not bad. I also asked Senpai Sugiura a lot about her evaluation of you. So I started trying to get you and Senpa Sugiura back together."

——To be honest, I think this is basically the truth.

"Cultural festival is a good channel. I thought that the progress of many of you who were in contact during the cultural festival went well, but after that, it was completely different. Yuihama-senpai made Sugiura-senpai sad. But Sugiura-senpai Although I wanted to give up, I could see that she was unwilling to do it. I thought: In this case, I should help her watch you before Sugiura-san turns her mind, so I have been pestering seniors. Then, in this In the process, in the process where I didn't intend to have any special development, um, that—"

At the end of the speech, Sonoda became a little shy. Of course, it is indeed difficult to say the word like to someone who doesn’t like it. It would be more difficult for a serious and true person like Sonoda.

I raised a hand and stopped her trying to finish her sentence.

Only the last part of Sonoda’s overall narrative is false, but maybe because the first half is a bit too specific, which also makes the turn of the second half a bit abrupt, making the story somewhat anticlimactic.However, this is from my perspective. If you stand from the perspective of others, it may not be the case.

And the girl who volunteered to sit in front of me a little nervously, waiting for my answer as if waiting for a trial.

She seemed to have noticed my somewhat helpless expression. After being silent for a while, she opened her mouth while trying to speak.

"If you give me some time, I can organize better," she muttered.

"However, the more carefully prepared a lie, the more flaws there will be."

Sonoda bit his lip pitifully.

People who want to work hard because they are impulsive for a while are also more likely to be shaken when they are hit.

Really, she is still an immature girl like a small animal!

I couldn't help reaching out and touching her head.

She trembled like a small animal, and she should have been very uncomfortable with the intimacy of boys to her.

"Take out your courage to persuade me in the first place, Sonoda, with that kind of unthinking, unthinking, just trying to convince the other party, let the other party believe in your straightforward emotional expression, and convey this feeling to the other party. enough."

Of course, after saying this, even I myself want to laugh a little - it is really ironic for someone like me who has unconsciously formed a habit of restraining feelings.

However, these words should have a good effect on Sonoda.After all, all I need to do is to liberate the original feelings of a fearful girl.

---------------------------------------split line--------- -----------------------------

It is not easy to sort out a convincing lie. Although Sonoda's condition has improved a lot afterwards, I don't know why, I still feel that she still seems to be a little unwilling to let go.Of course, this is also understandable. To pretend to like someone you don't like, and to express your true feelings, the two themselves are contradictory.Of course, I don't expect this contradiction to be resolved quickly, and there is no need to put too much pressure on the other party.After deciding the time for the next meeting, or "dating" in a sense, I said goodbye to her.

Coincidentally, after this, I received a very rare call.

Although I was in it from the beginning, the whole scandal was the next step of Yuuki’s withdrawal from the center of the problem discussion. Therefore, when I received a call from Yukoshita Yukino again, and found that she was trying When discussing this issue, I was a little surprised.

"Recently, I feel that Isshiki's classmates are a bit arrogant." The topic is so unfolded. Regarding Isshiki's performance in the afternoon activity, I don't know why, it's just a few hours ago. It feels like a long time has passed.

This is a matter of course. A few hours ago, Isshiki and I were partners who went hand in hand, and a few hours later, we might be just familiar strangers.

"Well, sorry, but I don't think Isshiki will appear anymore." I replied somewhat sarcastically.

"Huh?" Xuexia was obviously a little surprised at this, but she was accustomed to her calmness and quickly calmed her tone, "But in that case, we seem to call Biqigu back. That guy has been absent from club activities for too long."

"Ah, don't ask me about this matter. I reprimanded Biqigu not long ago. It's the best choice to let my sister go soft and hard."

"Don't be so inactive about your work, Yubihama!" Some teasing voice came over.

However, this is obviously not Xuexia's original intention.

"Finding a member is not a job. If it must be a job, I think the job of a minister is more suitable."

"It's not impossible for me to solve this matter," Yukoshita paused for a while, and then, somewhat reluctantly, but also naturally, finally brought out the core topic of her conversation today, "but , Yubihama, tell me, how is your problem now?"

There is no need to cover up with Xuexiaxuenao, this is an iron rule for communicating with her.

"I think it should be almost done!"

——Since you have placed your expectations on Sonoda, you should trust the other person with all your heart.

"Hmm, is it?"


"That's it, Yubihama, your sister is very worried about you, so I'm just thinking, if I can, is there any place I can help?"

Well, if this is the case, then it is understandable. The sister who messed up the problem because of her previous actions is embarrassed to ask me directly about my situation. However, through Yukoshita to provide help, this is also my sister and Yuuki It is a routine practice after the relationship becomes better.

Of course, I am very grateful for this help, but it seems that there is really nothing that needs Xuexia's efforts.

"Anywhere, I mean, if you need it, even if it's just for reference, you can discuss it with me. That's what I think." Xuexia on the other end of the phone seemed a little worried, I didn't understand her The reason for desperately wanting to help me.

But, if you really want to do this--

"So, there is a reasonable story, can Xuexia refer to it?"

"no problem!"

"If a girl hates a boy at first, but after the boy helps her solve the problem, she gradually gets rid of the prejudice against him and starts to look at him with normal eyes. For a special reason, the girl and the boy have become unexpectedly Partnership. During this process, girls’ feelings for boys continue to rise, and they finally fall in love with each other. Does this story make sense to you? Or do you believe it is possible?"