My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 329

Summarizing the outline of the narrative discussed with Sonoda, and then concealing the male and female protagonists, Yukoshita is a good target for judging the rationality of this story-she who is more rational than perceptual, is not easy to be simply emotional Confused by the phenomenon.

However, there was a rush of noise on the other end of the phone.

"Eh? Xuexia?"

"Ah, it's nothing, I just poured tea while calling, so the tea turned over."

"Are you so careless when you call me?"

"Don't talk about it," Yukoshita tried very hard to stop my use of the borrowed question. "About the story just now, Yubihama, I can ask, is this story a true story?"

"Well, it's almost the same? Made some details."

"So, do I know this protagonist? Is this a story from your friend?"

"Sorry, the privacy of the parties involved."

"So, um, it's okay." Yukoshita's voice, who was obviously upset, softened.

For a long time, I could only hear her breathing on the other end of the phone.

——Is this a story that is difficult to judge the rationality?

However, just as I was about to give up, I finally got a visibly lowered, vague answer from the other end of the phone.

"I think this story is quite reasonable."

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Chapter 33: Status Quo and Costs

Maybe Xuexia, who lacks emotional experience and even indifferent to the relationship itself, is a little misguided in judging the rationality of this somewhat tangled emotion, but the answer she gave me in the end relieved me a lot.

Although Xuexia's opinion is not enough for reference, it at least proves that Sonoda's story is still acceptable to some people.

"Very surprising answer, thank you very much, Xuexia."

"Uh, uh."

After a simple response, Xuexia was quiet.

The situation seems a bit embarrassing. Xuexia's request just now seemed to ask me to ask her for help, but after getting the answer to the question, the place I could think of for her to help with reference has disappeared.However, the silence of the other party is obviously waiting for my further speech.

Although the imaginary Xuexia’s expression on the other side of the phone would definitely not be the expression of my sister’s wide-eyed looking forward to facing a similar situation, but this strange sense of silent anticipation will also make people feel. Feeling embarrassed.

——However, there is really nothing left to say!

"Uh, in other respects, there is nothing to ask the Minister for advice." I said cautiously.

"Well, is that the end?"

"Just being able to figure out whether the story just now is reasonable is a great reference. Thank you very much, Minister!"

"So, after telling the story, is there no follow-up?"

"Even if it is a follow-up, what kind of follow-up should I say?"

"Follow-up words--" Xuexia's voice became anxious for a while, but soon stopped the car again, "Sorry, I just think there should be a follow-up."

"Well, if this is the case, I'm really sorry. Regarding this story, what I know is the current situation. No one will act next, so I don't know what will happen next. I should say, Before the minister speaks, I think the rationality of this story is very low, so I don't think it will have any follow-up."

"So, what Yubihama meant is that you don't know where this story will go, is that right?"

"For the time being."

——So I also feel very worried. I wonder if the little girl Sonoda can correct this lie.

"Okay, I see, but, Yubihama, don't you think that telling a story that is obviously fruitless, and then making people look forward to the outcome afterwards, is such an excessive thing?"

"Uh, if you offend the minister, then I am sorry."

——Of course, because I am not telling a story with you, am I?However, what Xuexia said is not unreasonable. The rebuttal at this time is really unreasonable. It is necessary to express guilt.

"Thank me for not accounting for this, right? You just mentioned about tomorrow's club activities, Isshiki shouldn't come to make trouble, is that right?"

"If my judgment is not wrong, it should be so."

"That's fine, after tomorrow's club activities are over, you and I will stay in the classroom for a while, is that okay?"

"I don't think there should be a big problem—"

"——Yuhihama, I think you should have not forgotten that the two of us will cooperate on the election of the president of the student council. For the last cooperation you mentioned before, please don’t tell me you did not Take it to heart."

Ah - indeed, because of all the annoying problems in the recent period, I almost forgot about the election of the student council president.Although the cause of the scandal was related to Yukoshita, after she slowly faded out of the center of the problem, I almost forgot that the election of the student council was the focus of my previous work.

But Xuexia, are you sure you really want me to remember this incident again?You must know that what I did was not to continue to support you, but to completely destroy you!

"Hey, don't you really forget it?" The cold tone brought a trace of panic and unconfidence.

"If I really forget, what should I do?" I asked jokingly.

If Yukoshita can make me look forward to, then she should respond with the usual expressionless and cold voice, "It doesn't matter without you."

"It doesn't matter without you—" the gentle female voice came over, "but, I mean, refer to your plan, will it be better, because if I am alone, I am not sure about me Is it possible to deal with all unexpected situations."

This is the answer that the once extremely proud Yukino Yukino gave me.

Although it has always been clear before, when I gave you the last chance, your vulnerability was beyond my expectation!

"Fortunately, Minister Yukinoshita, about what you should do next. I'm completely prepared!"

——As for how to break your status quo in a way that you can't realize, I am fully prepared!

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Less noisy, but inadvertently played a lively atmosphere, and diverts the attention of the members of the club, the club activities of the Ministry of Service once again seemed weak.

All the problems were reopened in front of everyone.For example, Higiya Hachiman, who was absent for so long that he could almost default to being a ghost member, for example, Yuihama Yui who was worried because he did something wrong before and wanted to find a chance to apologize but didn’t know how to speak. Yukino Yukino under how to organize the people in the ministry.

Sister Yui was naturally the one who tried very hard to fill the "accidental" vacancy caused by Isshiki's absence.

"Xiao Caiyu didn't come today--is it going to be on duty today? Xiaohe won't fight with her, right?"