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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 330

"Well, there was a quarrel." I said as if I could not care.

It is a quarrel in name, but in fact it is a more serious situation-much more serious than the previous Cold War.During the Cold War, it was just that the two sides ignored each other, and both sides settled their places, which was actually pretty good.

However, on the first day of rejecting Isshiki and saying goodbye to the other party, when I saw my first glance, Ishiki patted me on the shoulder, and gave me a normal, big smile: "Yo, Kazuya ,Good morning!"

And just as I was surprised by the other party’s ability to adjust and prepared to respond to her in the same way, I saw a note that Isshiki quietly gave me following the physical contact: “I’m really sorry for doing this, but In a short period of time, I still don’t want others to discover the problems between the two of us, so please, even if it’s a disguise, please trouble you to continue to communicate with me during this time."

"So, how long does it last?" When I looked at her eyes to indicate this question, her answer was:

"It's all right after the election of the president of the student union."

I understand what Isshiki means. The end of the election of the president of the Student Union is a good point.If you succeed, you can gradually alienate me in the name of being busy with the work of the student union, so that other people will not notice the strangeness. If you fail, you can also appear depressed because of the failure, which will naturally form a situation of alienation between the two .

The growth of the relationship between the two is natural and silent, and the distance between the two should also follow the same route. This is the last decent that Isshiki left for herself.

And she did this very well, communicating with me normally when others could notice, and at other times, deliberately controlling the distance.After all, it is the neighbor, and normal communication is inevitable.Although it was embarrassing most of the time, Isshiki still worked hard.

"Has Xiao Caiyu and Xiaohe really quarreled?" My sister looked at me a little bewildered.

"Well, it's still a serious fight."

"Uh, do I need to do some intermediate work?"

"This situation is fine now, so I don't have to trouble Yui sister."

"Well, it turned out to be like this!" My sister nodded her head seemingly, and said in a low voice, "If Xiaohe can solve it by herself, I don't need to do anything extra."

"Thank you for understanding!"

I also expressed a somewhat alienated attitude towards Yui sister-it should be said that this attitude was not the first thing I showed, the initiator was Yui sister herself.I can actually understand the reason for Yui sister's embarrassment.After Biqigu's disguised confession, there could only be one person who skillfully transferred the firepower from Biqigu and Xiaomushu senior to Biqigu alone.Although based on my judgment of Kitahara Haruno, it is not small that people who also like to do something self-righteous will take the initiative, but if this is done in such a short period of time, there may be other people's push.

And referring to the expression of guilt that my sister often showed after that, the people who pushed Kitahara to act are also ready to come out.

The problem with my sister is that she doesn't know if she should admit her mistake.She wants to admit her mistake, but she also knows that others will forgive her, because after all, she didn't actually do anything wrong.This kind of entangled emotion that she has responsibility, but she cannot be blamed, and she cannot forgive her entanglement, has evolved into this state.

Talk to everyone very carefully, don't want to offend anyone, and don't take the initiative to ask anyone for help, even if a problem is discovered, he dare not solve it.

A few days ago, because Isshiki had been showing up in the ministry, when Yukoshita was arguing with Isshiki, she could relax and adjust the quarrel between the two people-but this was just an illusion of self-paralysis. After returning home, the dinner table The silence on the Internet and the fact that I was obviously aware of my anomaly, but not rushing to the door to inquire about my situation as before, are the best performance of the abnormality.

And Xuexia, the phone call last night was actually tangled after realizing that he hadn't played any role for a long time?

However, everything is about to end!

Sonoda was able to successfully tell a set of lies so that Senior Xiao Mushu believed that after the election of the student council president was carried out under my control, everything would be over.

Perhaps after that, the most serious result is that the Ministry of Service will no longer exist, but this is also no way. To solve all problems and let me fulfill all my promises, maybe this is the price that must be paid. .

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Chapter 34: Campaign Plan

After the club activities ended, as before, my sister left quickly, as if she was deliberately trying to distance herself from me.However, this is not a bad thing for me, which allows me to stay in the classroom calmly and discuss with Yukoshita about her presidential election.

With the excuse of "discussing my views in advance", Yukoshita gave me all the control of the speech.

"Elections have never been a game that includes everyone. In elections around the world, the voter participation rate can reach 60%, which is already a very good result. 70% is something worth applauding. The normal number is At around 55%, if the masses’ confidence in political elections declines, this number may fall below 50%."

"There are of course many reasons for this situation-but in any case, there is one reason that always exists, and that is that there are always a considerable number of people who have no political participation. Let's take the election of the student council president as an example. , Although this seems to be a matter related to the students’ personal interests and rest, we remove those club members who want funding, and remove the best and worst classmates who want preferential performance policies. . For those members of the homecoming club who have average grades, no color, and no club activities, do they understand the meaning of the student union to them? The student will have no meaning to them, so although they have the right to vote, in fact These people can be ignored during the voting process-the election strategy focuses on those with clear interests."

"But, these people are potential voters anyway-if these potential voters can be included in their own voters, wouldn't it be much easier than competing with other people for the existing vote?" Obviously, Xuexia Although she has almost lost her decision-making and judgment ability, she still has a much sharper observation ability than ordinary people.

"Very good question-but here is a question, why do these people always become a group outside the electoral system? The answer to this question is that they have no demands-to be precise, they have no clear common demands. Of course, one or two of these people may think that the style of school uniforms is not good and want to change it. Some people may think that the lunch provided in the school cafeteria is not rich enough and want to improve. However, the problem is that these people do not form a group, they are Everyone in the loose, the needs are the needs of everyone in the loose. If we want to meet the needs of everyone, it means that we can’t meet the needs of any one person-so here is a core element of the election To find your basic disk."

"Basic disk?"

"In the election of a party, it means who your party relies on — and who is under the snow, that is, the voters you trust, who are — of course, this is from those who will participate in the president Judging by the voters in the election. Okay, here comes the question, Xuexia, who do you think supports you?"

"Refer to the last executive committee election, second-year students?" Xuexia frowned and asked rhetorically.

"Wrong-the election of the executive committee is a forced election of the executive committee, so their voting is generally based on the most basic group identity-that is, grade or gender identity. But the election of the student president is for those who want to For those who have performed in the election, it is an election of interest. Therefore, they will only choose leaders who are in their own interests. So, who do you think is in the interests of you if you become the president? Or Speaking of another question, what kind of image do you present to everyone now."

"Image?" It might be too difficult for people who don't care about other people's reactions to study their own image in the public's mind. After hesitating for a long time, she couldn't give me an answer.

"If you have to use one word to summarize your image, it is a strong ability to govern." Therefore, I gave my judgment, "Of course, you are objectively a person who is not easy to get close to, in a sense You are also a person who doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. These are all other images of you-but the most useful image for voters that you have shown is the super solution that has been shown in the cultural sacrifices at that time. Problematic ability."

"But objectively there is your help!" Yukoshita blinked, her face was stained with a blush that made people unclear, but soon her face turned gloomy again, "Moreover, Cultural festival, I failed."

"But for the general public, you are the chairman of the executive committee. You have completed your work and completed an unprecedentedly successful cultural sacrifice. This is the ability you have demonstrated, that is to say, you have established your ability to govern. Image. So, the next question is, which groups are welcomed by student presidents with strong governing ability?"

"However, no one would not welcome a president with strong governing ability?"

"What you said is right and wrong. The vast majority of people like a strong guild leader, but for some people, the value of a strong guild leader is equal to the value of a weak guild leader-even later. Those who win their hearts even more."

"People who prefer weaker guild leaders--" Xuexia nodded with enlightenment.

"Yes, these people are called vested interests. For example, the leaders of the previous large associations. They themselves have sufficient association funds. And the able president may re-examine the association budget and ask them Said that this change means uncertainty, and it is likely to be uncertainty in a bad direction. Another example is that some controversial households that have already determined the number of recommended students, if the students will say that they want to change their number of recommended students Re-review, it will make their situation very embarrassing."

"So, on the other hand, my clear supporters, or those who have strong and weak ruling abilities, definitely prefer the strong ones—"

"——Those who are eager to change the status quo, or those who are looking forward to help the weak. If they maintain the status quo, they will only get worse and worse, but a huge change may be a new opportunity for them. Below, these people are your basics."

"You from a superior international class, the most powerful supporter, is precisely the weak. Your other characteristics can also support this. You are usually indifferent to people, so you are good to your classmates, or you don’t know them. Your people are the same, so you don’t have the contacts in the strong circle of the international class. You like to stick to the idea that you firmly believe in, which means that those who can use more private resources to conduct you The advantage of the person who bribes or persuades is weakened. For those with vested interests, you are not necessarily a bad candidate, but you are certainly not an ideal candidate."

"And your opponent, a color feather, is just the opposite of you. The ability is slightly weaker, but the interpersonal relationship is handled very well, the social circle is broad, and she pays special attention to safeguarding the interests of her supporters. She is almost satisfied. All the candidates with vested interests. In this case, you want to snatch these people from Isshiki's hands. This can only be said to achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort."

"The important thing in modern elections is propaganda-the purpose of propaganda is not to win over everyone, but to make those people in their basic disk aware of their collective subordination status, so that these people do not vote for themselves for other reasons. The votes of competitors. Grasping your own basics is the most important element of the election. The so-called "for the benefit of everyone" is just the slogan in the election. If you take this seriously, it will weaken your own strength. ."

"Usually, in addition to the basics, we may have to fight for middlemen. But as I said before, middlemen, usually people who have no desires, have little effect on fighting for them, and may still Let your previous supporters generate centrifugal force-not to mention, this should be a headache. Because in this school, the vested interests are always a minority, and the weak are always more than the strong. We just let us Supporters of support us, and we have the chance to win."

"However, since the birth of the electoral system, the party that has always protected the interests of the weak has not come into power, has it?"

"This is a problem-but you have an advantage over these parties. Your ability to govern is not what those parties have. Those parties failed because they were unable to take office for the first time. Deliver on your promises. For you, people’s expectations for you to deliver on your promises are high!"

This is actually the election strategy I provided for Xuexia when I decided to help Xuexia, using the image that Xuexia has already created to catch people who desire to change-if necessary, I can deliberately create several The incident has caused these people to be dissatisfied with the existing order.At this time, a resolute reformist can come to power.

Therefore, this plan itself has almost nothing to blame. As long as it succeeds in creating a savior image of "no new generals without snow," then Xuexia's victory will be without suspense.

Therefore, the most important aspect of this plan is to shape the image.

——The shaping of the image can go in multiple directions.

Yukoshita was only silent, but from her occasional performance when she looked up and secretly looked at me, she was almost convinced by me. The rest is what she wants to do as a girl and inherently proud personality. It's reserved.

With Xuexia's current state, it is impossible to see the risk of reversal behind this plan.