My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 331

"Well, Yubihama, I think—" Yukoshita didn't let me wait too long. Five minutes later, she stroked the temples of her forehead and spoke softly.

"——Well, sorry, is this the activity classroom of the Ministry of Service?"

However, the words of promise were interrupted by the long-lost entrusted questioning.

If I hadn't heard this familiar and unfamiliar sentence again, I would have almost forgotten the meaning of the Ministry of Service, which is to help people solve problems.

However, this sentence also comes from a familiar voice.

I cast my eyes to the door.The beautiful girl with long dark hair and light brown pupils stood timidly at the door.When I cast my eyes on her, her cheeks were a little hot and she lowered her head.

Gee, damn middle school student!

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It's finally the election, the last two events in this volume, and the first meeting of the two core figures.


Chapter 35: Confrontation

To be honest, I don't remember whether Minister Yukinoshita and Sonoda Kai have never met, but looking at her with a slightly surprised expression, the two of them should have never met before.After all, Qingquan Middle School usually visits Xiaochun.

However, I just established the so-called disguised girlfriend relationship the day before, and I came to the school today. I don’t know whether I should be thankful that Sonoda is caring enough about this matter, or that this girl who has clear thinking most of the time is here. For a moment the head was hot and I felt worried.

Of course, for strangers, Xuexia naturally has his attitude towards strangers.

"Sorry, the time for club activities is over." She nodded naturally. She rejected the girl who was still standing at the door. She seemed to notice that the other party wanted to speak. She added timely, "By the way, if there is no special reason If this is the case, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sobu High will not accept entrustment from students from other schools."

He refused cleanly, and then placed the visitors behind his head almost ignorantly. This is obviously a state that Yukoshita is very accustomed to but seems to seldom show during the activities of the ministry.Perhaps it was because the speech he had been brewing for a long time was interrupted and it was very uncomfortable. Xuexia's attitude was a little colder than usual. For most people, this almost impolite attitude was enough to make the other party leave.

However, Sonoda at the door is not an ordinary person.

"Is Xuexiaxue senior? I have heard of your name."

"Many people have heard of my name."

"——From Senior Sugiura."

Yukoshita tilted his head slightly, looking at Sonoda as if to re-observe, "So what?"

I faintly perceive a hint of the coming war. Xiaochun's perception of Xuexia does not seem to be bad. Xuexia has even been her goal for a period of time-which means that Xuexia is Xiaochun thinking. The direction to be.And Sonoda-san, who seemed to be a loyal dog fan of Xiaochun before, had a bad attitude towards my predecessors whom she respected at first. I don't think she would have other attitudes towards Yukoshita.

Sure enough, things are developing in the direction I expected.

"Sugura-senpai admires Yukoshita-senpai very much, but, I have to say, I am a little disappointed by the way seniors show up now."

"Sa, I'm really sorry, did I break the perfect image of me in your heart that Secretary Sugiura established for you?"

"No, it's not like that," Sonoda countered tit-for-tatly in the words of Yukoshita's sentence with the style of chasing customers. "Sugura appreciates Yukoshita's ability to solve problems, but also mentioned that Yukoshita is bad. His attitude towards others. It seems like that now!"

"Tsk, Sugiura-san, who was rude and aggressive towards his seniors when they first met, would comment like this. Sure enough, did he use any means to establish a reliable impression in front of his juniors?"

In the impression, Xuexia has been so freely and vividly displaying her poison tongue skills for a long time-this can also show that her mood has begun to deteriorate after the eviction order was unsuccessful. In this two people who should have no intersection Before the contradiction was heated up, I thought it was time for me to take action.

"Sonoda, I think it's a courtesy for the younger generation to introduce yourself before discussing it—"

"——Sorry, Yubihama-senpa, but Yukoshita-senpai doesn't seem to be willing to give me alms even this time, is it?"

Therefore, the girl-like creature, who was just as timid as the little white rabbit, has now spread its teeth and claws like a grumpy cat.

Fortunately, there is another side--

"Minister, there is no need to get into such a dispute with a girl three years younger than you. This will damage your image—"

"--What's wrong, Yubihama means you still want to defend that girl? No matter what you define my identity, it is your sister's good friend, or the minister in the club, or the current election cooperation Well, every identity here is closer than the descendants of an old lover who has been dumped twice by you, right?"

"That's how it is said, but at this time, what we are looking for is not the distance, but who is more reasonable. Obviously, when the guests enter the door, the attitude is not good enough. You have a bigger problem in this regard."

Xuexia didn't answer me for a while, but it wasn't because she didn't know how to answer, her eyes narrowed, her face flushed, and she was panting up and down—as if she was stimulated by my words.

"Sa, so my answer is not important, is it?" At last, she said coldly, her face calming down.

I understand what she meant-when discussing important issues with me and deciding to give answers to my proposal, when Xuexia saw it as important, the one that appeared suddenly seemed to be the same as the two. People who are not very close to each other interrupted, and there are enough reasons for her to feel frustrated.On the other hand, if I am here to complain about her attitude towards Sonoda at the beginning, it means that I don't seem to value her answers.

——It is right in a sense, because I know she will definitely agree in the end.But, obviously, for Xuexia, the moment of making up his mind should be very important.

Maybe this is the rare sensual side of Yukinoshita that belongs to girls?

"Well, sorry, senpai, can I insert a word?" While I was still considering how to resolve Yuukishita's dissatisfaction with me, Sonoda spoke again.

Afterwards, without waiting for anyone’s permission, she said to herself: “Yukishita-senpai mentioned the relationship with Yubihama-senpai just now. The meaning seems to be that Yubihama-senpai should be inclined to that and He is closer to someone."

I seem to know what Sonoda is going to say--but, little sister Sonoda, there is no need to do this for grudge, right?

However, I had no time to stop her.

"However, I think that I am the one who has a closer relationship with Yubihama-senpai, because," Sonoda Umi stood up his still somewhat barren chest, his voice trembled, but he said firmly, "Because, I am Senior girlfriend!"

The classroom suddenly became quiet, and the atmosphere froze.If the quarrel between the two girls just now made people feel the fear of volcanic eruption, then the silence now makes people instantly fall into the ice cave of Antarctica.

After realizing that he had dropped a bomb, Sonoda also covered his mouth at that moment, and looked at me in a panic-didn't you think about the consequences before saying this?

And under the snow on the other end, it seemed as if it was really frozen, and then some mechanically turned to me.

The two choices are to reveal the truth or not?

The girls on both sides cast expectant eyes at me.

I noticed that the hands under Xuexia, who had been calm in the quarrel before, began to stroke the desk irregularly—as if to pull a piece of the desk off. This was shock, incredible, and a hint of Faint panic?

However, the harder hit is obviously Sonoda on the other side. If I deny her position here, not only will she not be able to hold her head up in front of Yukoshita, but also, what I have just worked hard to win is here. The opportunity to help may also be lost.However, she made such a serious mistake-without discussing with me, and without being prepared for her role positioning and speaking, in order to fight Yukoshita Yukino, she easily took This agreement between me and her was used as a tool for my own quarrel.Moreover, in the face of Xuexia, even a slight flaw would allow her lie to be seen through. With this kind of mental pressure, she was doing her best to keep her calm now.

With a light push, the psychological defense line built by Sonoda Kaimi would collapse.

Logically speaking, when Sonoda made such a big mistake, I should choose to abandon her-but when she looked at me with the kind of drowning person who caught the last straw, I Still shaken.

Abandoning Sonoda at this time may ruin the girl's confidence in many issues-destroying a person because of my choice. I have not done such a thing for a long time.

Moreover, she was for Xiaochun, didn't she — although she refused Xiaochun resolutely, perhaps it was just a momentary regret that would change the bias of the balance.

Moreover, if you really want to abandon Sonoda—it is indeed difficult for me to find a second suitable object in a short time.Xuexia in front of me seemed to be a choice. Taking advantage of the opportunity to tell her the truth, there was also a chance to persuade her to help me.However, the risk here is too great, and the fewer people who know this, the better.

"Well, although the specific details are a bit complicated to explain, Sonoda is indeed my girlfriend at the moment." Finally, this is my answer to Xuexia.

Sonoda, the second chance has been given to you, and then it's up to you to see if you can grasp it.

Sonoda did not disappoint me. Her attitude became much more gentle. She lowered her head, and her face flushed slightly: "Well, in fact, there is nothing wrong with me coming to the Ministry of Service today, just waiting at the school gate for Yubihama-senpai for too long. , I’m a little worried so I want to come and have a look."

——The shy appearance of a girl who is worried about her boyfriend.