My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 332

Is Sonoda a member of the drama club?At least for the sentence just now, I can't tell if this is her acting skills or her real thoughts-in my impression, this is not a person who is good at hiding his feelings.

However, in any case, Sonoda took the initiative to be soft, which is also an opportunity for this embarrassing exchange to end.

Yukoshita hasn't spoken since my speech, but the hand scratching the table seems harder and more irregular.

"Have you mentioned this to your sister?" After a long time, she asked, holding her forehead.

"Because it is a recent thing, I didn't mention it."

"Then it seems that I should be one of the first to know this?"

"Uh, that's understandable."

"Then, who--"

"Who?" I tried to avoid the topic in a daze.

However, Yukoshita seemed to stop the conversation by himself as if thinking of something.

"Oh, yes, when I called last night, that—"

"—As for last night, it was—"

"--Well, it's nothing, I probably know it." There was no room for me to explain further, and she nodded as if she was trying to persuade herself.

Then there is no need for me to explain it any more.

This is a strange feeling. Sonoda and I are like a couple who have established a relationship in private, and are now waiting for the review of the parent, Xuexia. As for why it became such a state, I don't know.

"However, Yubihama, your personality is really bad enough-you have always given the impression that you like sister girls, but why are the girlfriends you find are girls younger than you?"

"Eh, ha, this is a coincidence!" This is the first time I feel at ease for the poisonous tongue of Xuexia this evening.

"Well, since your little girlfriend is here, I won't keep you much. Regarding the previous plan, I will reconsider and tell you the answer."

"But, didn't you already have to answer before—"

"Sorry, I think I was thinking a little bit hastily, not to mention, Sonoda-san looks a bit too late to wait, right?"

Although it has just eased a lot, it is clear that Sonoda's current mood is still only able to maintain a smile, and the current mood of Xuexia can not predict the result.Finally, I agreed with her judgment.

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In fact, the second lady has a handful of opportunities to fight back. Don’t blame me if you don’t seize it (you are the author, who do you rely on)


Chapter 36: Please choose the route carefully for dating

The long-haired girl took small steps briskly about 2 meters in front of my eyes, without the complicated emotions of facing the snow under the snow before, and I kept a distance behind her without hurries.To some extent, this state is more like an older brother with his sister from school, rather than a couple who has just established a relationship-of course, this couple also needs to put quotation marks.

Sonoda didn't seem to mean to speak at all, she didn't even show any embarrassment, as if for her, the current situation was the most ideal situation.But for me, this situation is simply a torment.Although there are almost no classmates from Zong Wu Gao due to the late departure, I still can't rest assured that I have been too nervous about various small news recently.

"That's why—" I thought about it. "What can you do to find me at school today?"

"What's the matter, is it very unhappy to disturb you and Yukoshita-san alone?"


"—Just kidding!" The girl suddenly stopped, if it weren't for my concentration, she would definitely hit her.

"I just imitated the tone of Yukoshita-senpai. Are there any similarities?"


It can be seen that Sonoda's mood is very good, quite good-completely unexpected that she was still in that cautious state before.If you have to say that there is something wrong in the middle, it can only be that I helped her speak at the time and let Yuukixia give the green light to let it go, right?

Sure enough, as a girl, Sonoda can't avoid this strange sense of accomplishment!

"Well, it's a serious topic, about the reason why I came to see seniors." After sorting out his expression and making it more serious, Sonoda continued, "I think acting needs to be immersive— —If you don’t really engage in feelings, it’s easy to be seen by Ogi-san when you speak. Therefore, I think I need to get in touch with Yubihama-senpai more ---to know Yubihama-senpai better.

"Ah-huh?" It felt like the topic was developing in a strange direction.

"In other words, it would be terrible if Senior Xiao Mushu didn't give up after seeing me. I must prove to her that I was a more suitable person for Senior Yubihama!" With his chest straightened, Sonoda made it. Such a misleading statement.

——There are no other people around, so it is really lucky that this kind of dangerous speech has not been heard by others.

"Uh, that, I mean on the surface, on the surface-you know?" Apparently the girl herself was aware of the danger of what she said, and she explained a little embarrassingly.

"Actually, I don't object to what you said, but—"

——But this kind of speech is a sign of a very dangerous flag, isn’t it?

"—As for that, Senpai has to have confidence in me, don’t you? Even if it’s for Senpa Sugiura, I won’t like you—and the red-haired boy is disgusting!"

——Obviously, my hair is also a very strange dark blue!

"Oh, thank you for pretending to be a lover with this disgusting boy."

"—Well, of course Senior is the first person to dissolve my hostility towards red-haired boys. It is not easy!"

Under normal circumstances, my judgment of the tsundere girl is more accurate, but the changing speech of this little girl has made me a little uncertain.

"Well, be more serious. Of course, I would not say, "If you like me, you will be complacent and irresponsible." But to be honest, now you understand my situation. If this trend really occurs. I may not be able to find out, understand?"

"Understood." Sonoda nodded, and responded to my serious words, "Senior don't worry about this - after all, this is the biggest asset I recommend myself, isn't it?"

"If you believe in a person, give him trust to the last minute. This is my principle. However, I have also suffered a blow because of this. Do you know this?"

"The final of the Junior High League, something everyone knows!"

"So, I don't want you to be the next. That guy's football life has been ruined by me. Maybe your problem is not that serious, but if it also causes disturbances in your middle school life, it is not what I want to see. of."

"Yeah." Sonoda nodded thoughtfully.

"But don’t be under pressure. Just have confidence in yourself. If I have any cross-boundary actions, you can immediately raise them. Of course, if this happens this afternoon, tell me in advance and let me have a It is also more convenient to be psychologically prepared to deal with snow."

"I originally came here to experience the feeling of'waiting for my boyfriend to surprise him suddenly outside the school gate'. Wouldn't it mean that I didn't feel that way by informing seniors in advance?"

"This matter is too difficult, pass in advance!"

"But I turned down my friend's invitation to karaoke for the sake of seniors!"

No matter what kind of serious girl she is, she is unreasonable when she is shameless-this is what I have always experienced in the serious Xiaochun, and now, facing the unreasonable offensive of her younger generation At that time, I was still in a panic.

"Please go eat crepes!"

Of course, another experience I learned from Xiaochun is: When making girls happy, there is nothing that can't be solved with delicious things.