My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 333

——Although this strange development trend makes me feel that Sonoda and I really seem to have a feeling of interaction between lovers.

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Sonoda’s posture in eating is very elegant-it should be said that he is more particular than ordinary girls. I don’t know if it’s because I pay more attention to the image in front of me or her tutor is like this. The small mouthfuls of swallowing and chewing plus the quiet appearance when eating make me suddenly I think it's really cheap to buy her with these small snacks.

"However, since the senior has mentioned the issue of prior notice, then I will talk to senior in advance. After school, I will come to senior to look for you." This is Sonoda after eating crepes. The first blockbuster dropped to me.

"It's not necessary, after all, you also have a job in the student union--"

"—No, in fact, the handover of work is basically completed now, so the seniors have concentrated on reviewing exams, and they basically do not show up in the office. I can ask my friends to help me with daily work, anyway, they will join the student council to help me next year. Yes, even if you let them adapt to work in advance."

"Is that the two I saw at the fireworks show before?"

"Yeah." Perhaps recalling how he was being teased at the time, Sonoda lowered his head in embarrassment.

"The two girls feel very gossip--you won't be suspected by them, will you?"

"Well, so, I have already told them," Sonoda's face turned redder, almost just a sound made by squirming lips, she said, "I told them, I made a boyfriend, I was from high school Boys or something."


"Well, I didn't say who it was, and I didn't mention the fact that it was a fake with Senior. This is just an excuse for them to help. It's just an excuse just like I want to work. Isn't it going to be over soon? After it's over, they say they broke up, then they don't know the situation here anyway!"

I started to regret choosing to trust Yuan Tian-I thought she was a more reliable choice, but judging from the current development, she is more troublesome than I thought.

But what can we do now?She vaguely revealed this to her friend, just like I just admitted to Xuexia that I and Sonoda are a couple-this matter will eventually be known, but now it’s just a matter of People who are too important are just getting the bottom line.

"Next time you make this kind of decision, tell me in advance." Looking at Sonoda's pitiful expression again, I finally nodded helplessly.

"Don't worry, Honoka and Xiaoniao are very measured people. If I don't want to tell them, they won't ask too much."

"I hope so?" The more lively girl with short hair in the impression seems to be the type who prefers to find things. I can only pray that Sonoda's guarantee to me will work.

——But, to be honest, more and more accidents are not under my control, and I have to rely on Sonoda's guarantee, which makes me a little more and more nervous.

After all, I discovered at this time that in the whole thing, I had nothing to use to suppress her bargaining chip-trust is necessary, but unconditional trust is stupid.

And I am doing this stupid thing now.

"Um, senior, are you still angry?" a timid voice came.

The worried and embarrassing look of the girl eased my vigilance a bit. This is a kind girl, and I am sure of this.Relaxing vigilance against her is also because she believes in her nature. In essence, she is still a straight forward person, just like the Xiaochun she has longed for.

"It's nothing!" He touched Sonoda's head habitually and soothed her, "As long as you don't live up to my trust."

"Um, senior, this matter is over!" Sonoda said softly, but then she added, "But, let's forget it this time, not as an example."

"Unexpectedly, you would show such a small animal-like expression. Sure enough, when a girl is in love, uh-"

—— Sonoda should not be in this state, right?

It’s not good to be too relaxed. The other party always reminds me that I can’t put my feelings on me. It’s the same on my side. It’s easy to get along for a long time, especially when I get along with an ambiguous atmosphere. .Keeping the other party not liking yourself, if you fall instead-or fall to a middle school girl, this is really a lifetime of black history.

He quickly opened the distance from Sonoda, and Sonoda was embarrassed to close his temples. Only then did I realize that we had reached the door of Qingquan Middle School at will.

This makes me have an ominous hunch.

"Let's do this first-see you tomorrow!"

"Well, see you tomorrow!"

Say goodbye quickly and leave.

——If this is the case, of course it is the best ending.

However, I looked back uneasy.

Then I saw the picture I least wanted to see.

The girl with her single ponytail renewed her mouth, covering her mouth, looking at me in disbelief, while the girl with long dark blue hair involuntarily stepped back and then leaned on me impartially.

This may be the worst goodbye meeting with an ex-girlfriend in the world!

——Attention, if you want to date, please choose the route carefully.

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Our goal is to make trouble!Trouble!Trouble!


Chapter 37: The Worst Accomplice

Among the three, no one did anything wrong. This could have been an extremely normal meeting.However, the three of them all seemed to have done something wrong, and even with completely blank brains, they stared at each other blankly.

Especially Sonoda, he leaned on me quickly and jumped up like a surprised rabbit. He habitually wanted to hide behind me and seek shelter, but found that it was really inappropriate and not very thin. She trembled distressingly in the cold wind of early winter.

"Hai Wei, I haven't seen you before. Your friend said you went on a date with your boyfriend-I think this is your excuse?" As if not seeing me, Xiaochun took a step forward and pulled in He asked carefully about the distance between her and Sonoda.

This is the second person today who wants to ask her to verify this issue-and this time, Sonoda can no longer be as calm and complacent as before facing Xuexia.

"--Well, what, how do you say?" She faintly responded to her predecessor, and she glanced at me in fear.

Of course, this look was enough for the people who asked her to understand.

Perhaps very irresponsibly, I handed over the leadership of this issue to Sonoda himself, and I would choose to stand on the same front with her.Of course, the extent of the reason is because I don't want to face Xiaochun, I don't know.

However, this choice may still be too heavy for Sonoda.

She just stared at her senior in a daze, panicking.

"So, can you ask, when did it start?" Still ignoring me, Sugiura Koharu trembling lips, rubbing his hands, continued to inquire.

She might just want to know more, or she just didn't know what to say so she kept asking numbly, but undoubtedly, this made the situation facing her younger generation more and more desperate.

"That, so—"

"--It's okay, you did nothing wrong, don't worry."

Obviously, this was just a comforting word, but Xiaochun ignored how important this kind of words were to Sonoda.

He pursed his mouth lightly, revealing a slightly relaxed apologetic smile.

"Sorry, senior."

"So, did you admit it?" Xiaochun took a step back subconsciously, turned his gaze to me for the first time, and asked in amazement.

After being nervous, Sonoda, who was a little too relaxed, ignored Xiaochun’s expression this time. She couldn’t wait to say something, couldn’t wait to explain her behavior, couldn’t wait to reassure her seniors, so it was almost nothing. Without hesitation, she fluently said that what she and I had prepared before might be to face Senior Xiao Muzhu:

"When I first contacted Yuihama-senpai, I just wanted to get justice for Sugura-senpai. I gave up so much for the seniors. It was really unfair. At least, I think I should let Yuihama-senpai know what he has done. ——"