My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 334

"—Hmm." Xiaochun nodded silently, her face becoming paler.

"At that time I learned that Yubihama-senpai recently encountered many problems, including the situation with Ogisaki-sen-"

"--But, I don't know!"

The subtext of this sentence is, why didn't you tell me?

However, Sonoda, who had fallen into his own state of attachment, obviously ignored this.

"Yuhihama-senpai encountered a lot of difficulties. I originally wanted to laugh at him. This is the self-inflicted feeling of abandoning Sugiura-senpai. However, such seniors are a bit too pitiful, so I can't help but want to help--" Sonoda's face slowly turned red, and there was a somewhat confused color in his eyes quietly.

The feelings that arise when taking care of other people are often pure. It is very possible that the girl herself has a trace of yearning for this story.

"Understand!" Xiaochun still listened silently, and then gave a very simple response of her own.

"Then, I thought of the things Senpai told me about Yubihama-senpai, and I was a little unclear about the situation until this time--"

"——So, did the things I said earlier about Kazuna misunderstand you?" This is the first time Xiaochun interrupted Sonoda.

Although her voice is calm now, according to what I know about this girl, the situation has reached a very dangerous level.

However, just as I was about to interrupt, Sonoda responded to Xiaochun's words almost without hesitation: "No-I should say those predecessors' words, it just made it easier for me to understand my own feelings. That's it, so I am still very grateful to seniors."

Sonoda's expression was sincere—it seemed to be sincere. She just smiled and looked at her senior, sincerely grateful for his teaching.

But, what would this look like to the other party?

Thank you, senior!Thank you for letting me know how it feels to like your ex boyfriend?Thank you for those words that finally brought us together?

This is the speech of the winner full of superiority!

But Sonoda really didn't seem to realize this, and her eyes were filled with the admiration for her predecessors that she had had before.

"Sorry Sonoda, I think we should—"

"--Really, it's a very good story!" Xiaochun ignored my interruption and slowly walked towards his junior.

"Uh, Sugiura—senior?" And only then did Sonoda realize the seriousness of the problem.

"So, tell me what this is for? Is it to tell me that my most trusted junior did this kind of thing stupidly? Is it to tell me thank you for letting go and letting you go so you can be with him? Tell me that I hope I can give you advice on how to get along with Kazuya? What do you want to tell me?"

This is the first time I have seen Xiaochun's anger, and it must be the first time Sonoda has seen it.

"No, I just want to tell seniors--"

"——You obviously don't need to tell me anything, you just need to hide it a little bit!" Xiaochun raised her voice and interrupted the other party.

"—I mean, I actually do it for the senior—"

"——So you did this kind of thing for your favorite senior?"

Quickly narrowing the distance from Sonoda, Xiaochun raised his hand high.


Maybe it was a momentary impulse, maybe it was just because I didn’t know what to do to vent my emotions, maybe it was a desperate struggle, but when everyone reacted, the slap had fallen on the face of the blue long-haired girl on.

There was a slap that wasn't very loud. It was probably because Xiaochun also realized her mistake when she finally started, but there is no doubt that she did.

And almost at the same time, Xiaochun might regret it.

She covered her mouth in disbelief and looked at her hand nervously. She stepped back several steps in a row, as if she had been done this, some staggered and ran away.

When she came to me, she stopped for a while.

"This is too much, right?" I subconsciously said.

"Yes, it's too much." She nodded slightly in agreement, "but, aren't you too too much? How much are you going to hurt my heart before you are willing to stop!"

"Sonoda is a very good girl, she has always cared about you."

"Then who is wrong with this? Is it you? Heya?" A dry voice came.

I did not answer.

"I never thought you were such a person, He Ye." His voice became a little trembling again, and Xiaochun staggered and ran away.

For a moment, I wanted to catch up with her and explain clearly to her if there was no other girl who fell to the ground.

"Catch up!" However, when I turned to the girl, she shouted at me.

"Catch up with Senior Sugiura!" She seemed to be worried that I could not understand, she repeated it loudly.

"Catch up with Sugiura-senpai, explain to her clearly!" His brown eyes were soaked with tears, Sonoda Kai was sitting on the ground, shouting vigorously, as if he was about to tear his throat, "Yuhihama Senpai is not such a person, is Yubihama-san so willing? Everything is my own opinion, don't let Sugura-san be disappointed with Yubihama-san!"

"Explain clearly to her, do you explain this matter?"

"Yes, I just told Senior Sugiura that I just like you unilaterally. I'm threatening you with all kinds of things to let you have a relationship with me. All the problems are on me. How do I hate you by Senior Sugiura? It’s okay, but I don’t want Yuihama-senpai to be hated by Sugiura-senpa. I did it from the very beginning to reconcile Yuihama-senpai and Sugiura-senpai. If Yuihama-senpai and Sugiura-senpai really have no possibility of reconciliation. If so, what's the point of me doing these things!" Sonoda kept pushing me, trying to let me go.She did not cry when she was slapped in the face by Xiaochun, nor did she cry when she was questioned by her favorite predecessor, but now, she was crying hoarsely.

"If you do, what should you do? Would you be willing to bear this kind of grievance?"

"I'm fine."

"Everyone said that. Everyone said that when they took on responsibilities they couldn't bear." At that moment, Xiaochun's image and the one in the locker room before vowed to help me. The images of the younger generations who take responsibility overlap.

They worked hard and sincerely looked forward to responding to my trust in them-but this was still too reluctant after all.

I have made a mistake before, and I will not make a mistake a second time.

"At this time, let me abandon a crying girl who fell on the ground. I really can't do it!" I rubbed Sonoda's hair gently. Although it was a little messy because of the quarrel, it was still a girl. There is still a nice smell on the silky hair.

"Go chasing Senior Sugiura!" Sonoda still protested weakly, "Otherwise, otherwise--"

"——I can't catch up."

"--If you can't catch up, you have to chase!" She cried again, but this time, she cried and cried in my arms. She didn't push or chase me away. She didn't want me to leave.

She must be scared-if she is allowed to face her seniors alone, if she is allowed to pretend to be strong and persevere at this time, she will definitely be scared?

I think this time, my choice is correct.

Don't let people who can't bear it do things they can't do.

"Sonoda, I think you forgot, even if it's just a contractual cooperation, I am your boyfriend now, am I not?" I smiled and looked at Sonoda, "--even if you don't consider this false relationship, take care of my partner. Your feelings are also my responsibility, right?"

"But, from the side of Sugiura-senior-" The girl's weak side was rarely revealed, Sonoda continued to sob in a low voice, but didn't mean to loosen my sleeves at all.

"That's also my responsibility. Since you made the choice to hide from her, then I will support you behind you to the end-you know, what we are going to do is to deceive my favorite together. People!"