My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 335

"Cheating—the favorite person?"

"Isn't it? You deceived your favorite senior Sugiura, I deceived my favorite senior Xiaomu Shou. Only the two of us are the most dangerous and worst accomplices!"

"Accomplices, have they all risen to this height?" Sonoda blinked his eyes, and finally smiled embarrassedly.

"Even if you are not prepared for this, you have no retreat-before that, your retreat has been blocked by yourself."

"Sorry, I think, I don't need to retreat." He raised his eyebrows, Sonoda stood up without grasping my outstretched hand, and then squeezed my right hand, "For me to do now I’m already re-enlightened—please allow me to introduce myself again, Yubihama-senpai."


"Kaimi Sonoda, the second year of Qingquan Middle School, is the best candidate for your disguised girlfriend who will never like seniors and can do her best to help seniors."

"Understood, this is Yubihama Kazuya. My style is that no matter when, I will put the greatest pressure on my partner, but I will also give her the strongest support."

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Well, it seems that the previous few people who shook hands with Heya so swearingly were quite miserable, Isshiki, Xuenao and the like-I really only have one kind of routine.Also, Xiaochun is a good girl. I have no complaints about her. It is a plot need to develop into this (falling). The next chapter will talk about Xiaochun's subsequent reaction (definitely not the meaning of torture in another way)


Chapter 37.5: Senior Responsibility

She will cherish it when she loses it. When this sentence is re-verified on her, she is already a little numb to it.However, she still couldn't help feeling sad, because the meaning of this time felt different to her.

She didn't lose Yubihama Kazuya. From the time she made up her mind, Sugiura Koharu knew clearly that she had lost him. People who have already lost don't need to talk about losing.

What she has lost is her younger generation, who has been following behind her, looking at her with longing eyes, supporting her with an unwavering expression, and admiring her younger generation.

Habitually feel that such a younger generation will not betray her, and habitually feel that such a younger generation will definitely be on her side. Therefore, when she sees that child standing with Kazuya, she will Feeling helpless like that.She would be so annoyed at the words that the child said because of panic—all because, she felt, at least, she would not betray her.

——However, all of this is an illusion, the result of my overconfidence.

Sugiura Koharu has always been too confident.This was the case when I first met Yubihama Kazuya and wanted to track down the criminal record of the head of the football department. It was when I stood in front of Yubihama Kazuya again and prepared to let him regain his attention. So, then, the same is true when looking at her younger generations trying to help herself indiscriminately, but not stopping her.

It's not that she can't predict that Sonoda Kaimi, who is still worried about her giving up, might go to Yubihama Kazuya. In fact, she should have done something similar before-when the Minister of Football slandered the Student Union. .Probably because of the experience at that time, she believes that Sonoda will have no problems in the end-or, greedy, she thinks that maybe the child, the child who is more prone to desperate than the current self, will bring her accidents. Surprise.

As a result, it did bring about an accident, but it did not bring surprises-but, in fact, it was not an accident, because I wanted to help that guy, so I indulged in it inexplicably. This was a normal thing, and I was the same at the time. I explained to Sonoda why she liked that person, but she didn't expect that this kind of thing would be fulfilled in Sonoda so quickly.

Sonoda Kai is not good at lying. When students go out to play together, she can't even play the basic ghost card game. This is what she knows clearly—so, that is what she told the truth. Of course, it is too coherent, there may be some tricks in this, but she can say these words naturally, which shows that she has accepted the basic facts identified by these words.

It doesn't really matter whether the younger generation you trust has robbed the ex-boyfriend you still like, or your ex-boyfriend has robbed the younger generation who is important to you.The important thing is that when she thought that she had been completely defeated and there was nothing to lose, she discovered that she had lost her last position to retreat when she didn't expect it-under her own gambler psychology.

Until now, she really has nothing to lose!

It's not that she doesn't care less about Haiwei. She still clearly remembers what she looked like when she first saw the child. The newcomer who had just joined the archery department was temporarily sent by the minister of the archery department to the student union office to submit documents.Although she was a little shy, she worked and spoke in an orderly manner. So, almost without hesitation, she sent an invitation to the child to join the student union.

At first, she did not expect this. Few first-year students would like to combine club activities and student union activities. This was too much pressure for them-but the next day, the child came to the student union office reported.Later, she knew that while she liked Sonoda, Sonoda also had a deep impression of this outstanding senior.

Sometimes, when chatting with Hai Wei, she would tease: If it wasn't because we were both girls, could this be regarded as "love at first sight"?At this time, the shy younger generation will immediately blush and seriously correct their mistakes: the friendship between girls should be clearly divided, such as my childhood sweetheart and Barabalaba——

Sonoda has childhood sweethearts. Two girls who have a close relationship with her are said to join the student union to work with her.In this sense, she is actually more tolerant of failure than Xiaochun, because when she cannot retreat, there will be childhood sweethearts who will support her-this kind of relationship is easier than this kind of relationship between the predecessor and the younger generation that she has neglected. Make people aware.

Sugiura Koharu attaches great importance to Sonoda Umi-at least at the work level. When she is determined to be the next president, although the job transfer is smooth, she still hopes to take care of her if there is a chance. This is also her I came to the Student Union Office today to find the reason for that child-if there is something she doesn't understand, she hopes that she can help her in the last few months.And it is precisely because of this that she was able to realize that, in fact, in some places that she did not realize, she paid more attention to the girls who had always respectfully called herself seniors than she had imagined.

After she confided her feelings to herself somewhat stupidly, she couldn't control her emotions and hit the child.However, Sonoda just stood there silently, silently bearing her own accusations-she felt sorry for herself.

But why should she feel sorry for herself?Is it wrong to like a guy?Is it forbidden to like people whom seniors like?What's more, what position does he have to beat her?She had obviously given up Yubihama Kazuya - if she had to say it, it was because of her jealousy, she was jealous, if she couldn't compare to Xiaomu Shu Xuecai, then why, she couldn't even compare to her younger generation.

Therefore, she was not justified, but just because of jealousy, she attacked the younger generation who had been working hard to help her.In all fairness, Sonoda certainly has the capital to like, dark blue hair and impeccable facial features, although serious, but sometimes a little flustered character, in Yubihama Kazuya, a relatively strong boy In front of her, she might show her soft side more.These are all possible reasons that Heye agrees to be with Haiwei.

——And, even if she couldn't find these reasons, He didn't deny this fact, it was enough.She had been disconnected from him for too long, and she didn't know why he suddenly gave up Senior Xiao Muzhen - if so, then she might have made the decision too early, but the problem still lies with her.

Her juniors, those who like her, admire her, there is no problem.

——However, she still attacked her, attacked her for no reason.The younger generation silently endured it.

Thinking of the panic expression of Hai Wei she saw when she left, she also felt panic in her heart-perhaps, before she did this, the child did not imagine that her actions would bring such a great psychological reaction to herself Yes, it will scare that child.

Furthermore, it may cause rifts in the fragile relationship that the couple had just established.

Maybe this is the result she wants?

——No, she firmly denied this, she no longer wanted the result of this kind of stealing.

She wants to get rid of her entanglement, she can't feel sorry for it.

If possible, she still wants to continue to like the younger generation who likes herself the most, and she also wants to continue to cherish the precious connection established with that girl.

So, what she should do is already very clear.

——If you can sincerely bless them, it will be a relief for everyone, right?She thought so.

But is it really okay if it is just a blessing?If it is just a blessing, will the latent crack created by oneself open wider and wider, and finally reach a level that cannot be bridged, leaving her regretful?

Mere blessings are not enough.

As if to respond to my thoughts, the phone's ringing rang.

On the other end of the phone, a crying, cautious, but sincere voice from my junior came: "Senior, Senior Sugiura--"

However, she interrupted those apologies that the younger generation was about to start that would make herself feel more embarrassed and blamed.

"Nothing, Hai Wei, you did nothing wrong, I should apologize to you." She replied sincerely.

——However, after her performance like that, she wouldn't believe it?

"No, senior, the fault is with me, I—"

"—So, what do you think is your fault? Are you with a guy who I have announced that I have given up? As long as you like him, why should I stop you?"

"Hmm--" The vague, vague voice of the junior came across.

"I only have one question to ask." She asked softly and seriously at the other end of the headset.

"What's the problem?"

"Hai Wei, you really, like him, so are you with him?"

A silent voice came from the other end of the phone.

She suddenly began to feel anxious. She didn't even know what answer she expected Hai Wei to give herself.Maybe everything will be easier if you like it, but what if you don’t?What if the child gave some unexpected answers—what if, as she said at the beginning, only wanted to tie up that boy and stay with him?

——In other words, what if she still has hope?

In Sugiura Koharu's heart, in the bottom, darkest corner, she reluctantly concealed it, but she couldn't help but look forward to it.

"Well, I really like Yubihama-senpai, I really like him." However, the answer to the other side still smashed her secret thoughts.