My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 336

Yeah-what was she thinking about until this time?Isn’t it clear when the child talks to himself for the first time?Doesn't she already know it completely?When answering this call, didn't she have already stated that she had completely, thoroughly, not—have—preserved—reserved land, didn't she think she didn't care?

She gritted her teeth, forcing herself to think so.

So, why report this unrealistic fantasy?

"Pre-generation?" A panicked, shaking voice came from the other end of the phone.

Yes, she can't be shaken here. If she shakes, Haiwei will shake. If the Hai doesn't shake, then she really wants to become the kind of person who dislikes and hates the most and breaks up other lovers.

Therefore, she must be unwavering in front of her younger generations-facing each other with a smile, just as she had taught her how to work with a smile countless times when she was in the student union.

"Now, Haiwei?" She said softly, "Don't worry, because now, the person in the world who knows your boyfriend best will stand behind you completely, and I will help you. Let you grab that fool's heart-I will let you not repeat my mistakes."

The sound of breathing came over, followed by unbridled crying.

"Don't cry, idiot," she comforted with a smile that she could not imagine, "don't ask me why such a stupid question, because I am your senior!"

A long time ago, He Ye once asked her jokingly: Those drowning people know that they can't swim, so why are they struggling?

Is this human instinct?Feeling bored with this question, she answered.

So, it means that everyone has to struggle with symbolic meaning before the final despair?At that time, Kazuya answered himself with such a noncommittal smile.

She understands now that she will struggle to the end before the final despair.

As for what the struggle is for-isn't the answer already there?Just to meet the final despair, nothing more.

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Chapter 37.75: Reasons to be angry

Successful people are those who can tolerate loneliness-she doesn't know where she saw this sentence, or it's just a gibberish inadvertently, but she still knows the benefits of being alone. However.

Xuexia Xuena lives alone in an apartment. For her, being alone is at least a good opportunity to calm down and let herself think about problems. She is not denying the importance of discussion and group brainstorming, but, in many cases , Too many inefficient discussions conducted by people who are unfamiliar with the situation and who are not mature enough in analytical skills can not bring her too much—just sifting out useful information from the speeches of these people It would consume her great energy.

Therefore, she habitually feels that other people cannot be trusted-even after some recent events have changed her view, she still believes that this is applicable in many situations.At least, for the former Yukino Yukoshita, she solved many problems beautifully in the process of all kinds of solitary thinking.

Therefore, she now began to try to think about the problems that bothered her this time - and only then did she realize that she seemed to have not thought about it for a long time.

The question to be considered today is whether to accept Yubihama Kazuya's proposal for the election of the student chairperson—that is, to mold oneself into an excellent reformist to gain support from those trying to change the status quo.He Ye has already explained the direction of the problem very clearly in the dialogue with him. In fact, he did not accept the other party's suggestion because of the most basic restraint.

But why do I still think about this problem seriously at this time?Why would I be a little dissatisfied with a proposal that should have been agreed immediately?

She sighed.I have tried very hard to avoid this problem, but it seems that if I don't solve this problem, I won't even think about drawing a conclusion on the previous problem tonight.

So, I’m going to return to Yubihama Kazuya himself-but, in fact, the guy who shows the appearance of a sister-in-law at this moment has found a new age after his ex-girlfriend. Smaller girls, what does this have to do with her?

Yukino feels that she knows her own psychological thoughts. She thinks that she should simply feel unhappy—or rather, it is not because Yubihama also has a girlfriend, but because she is unhappy with herself. In the confrontation with his little girlfriend, he felt unhappy that he did not stand on his side.

However, intellectually speaking, this kind of unhappiness is also illogical-it is normal for Yubihama Kazuya to be on his side with his girlfriend. Although he and him are so-called "partners", they should take it more or less. I have been called a "Minister", but, in terms of intimacy, I undoubtedly lag behind the other party, and more importantly, the quarrel between myself and the Yuan Tian is just meaningless, and there is no need to consider the vindication of reason. Quarrel.In this kind of purely emotional quarrel, it is normal for him to be biased towards another person.

Of course, she can be emotionally dissatisfied. This is her freedom, but to transfer this dissatisfaction to the question of discussion, it is not in line with Yukino's style.

——So, if you think about it wisely, should she now apologize to Yubihama Kazuya for her inexplicable anger before and accept his proposal?

She didn't accept this, Xuexiaxue didn't think she was someone who would do such impulsive things.

There must be some kind of rational reason that allowed her to express her dissatisfaction with Yubihama Kazuya straightly and confidently-she was not aware of it now, but she had already realized it in her subconscious mind.Some people can see through the nature of the incident at a glance, but it takes some time to sort out this set of logic. She thinks such people exist-especially when she becomes accustomed to analyzing problems.

Then, think about the problem from another angle—who should be the person most qualified to be angry with Yubihama?

This way of thinking is much clearer-the person who is most qualified to be angry is of course not the Sugiura Koharu, and certainly not herself. Xiaomu Yu Xuecai is a choice, but given that she is not clear about her and her relationship with senior Xiaomu Yu, she is right I dare not make comments without authorization.

The last person who is qualified to be angry is Yuihama Kazuya's older sister, Yui Yui.Judging from the conversation between Yui and herself, she should have no idea about the fact that her younger brother had a girlfriend, and at present, Kazun did not want to tell his sister about it.

——That’s why I am angry!Yukoshita nodded with satisfaction.Because she didn't tell his sister about this, Yuihama Yui has reason to be angry, and as Yuihama's friend, she must stand on Yui's position and be angry for Yui, and the problem can be explained. Up.She is indeed dissatisfied with He Ye, but her dissatisfaction is not directed at He Ye's new girlfriend, but at He Ye's insincere with Yui.

Although she could also find some reasons for not telling Yui for Heya, as Yui's friend, these excuses were pale and weak.

If you tell your sister all these things, then I will forgive you.She took out her mobile phone and prepared to send such an email to Yubihama Kazuya.

——But when writing the email, she hesitated again.

Is she qualified to represent Yuihama Yui to make such a trial against Yuihama Kazuya?Even if Yui really didn't know about this, would she really be dissatisfied with Kazuo as she thought?

On this issue, she still seems not justified enough.

What's more, at this time, Yubihama Kazuya may also be with his current young girlfriend-thinking of this, she still feels a little dissatisfied.

In the phone call the night before, he asked himself a question, undoubtedly asking about the reliability of Sonoda—presumably, Kazuki would also think that the girl’s favor with him was a little strange at first—this should mean Zhuo He also doesn't have a strong affection for that Yuan Tian, ​​and even suspects the girl's motives for approaching him, and his affirmative answer is undoubtedly an important reason for the two being together.

And the person whom she gave her affirmative answer--she didn't continue to think about it, Xuexiaxuena only judged the rationality of a story from her own intuition.

However, she found another reason to be dissatisfied with Yubihama Kazuo-if you don't have a good impression of Sonoda at the beginning, then don't accept her confession so casually, so casually The way of getting along will definitely hurt that girl in the future.

Although being together resulted in an obvious awareness of defending the girl, she immediately realized that this is not necessarily because she is closer to that girl purely emotionally, but perhaps because He is so rational. People will realize that it is his responsibility as a boyfriend to help that girl.

And the relationship maintained by the sense of responsibility cannot last long-it is really irresponsible to that girl.

The corners of Yukino's mouth curled up again.

"If you just get along casually and don't really want to respond to each other's feelings, then don't continue." So, she rewritten an email like this.

However, when her finger stopped on the send button, she hesitated again.

Such accusations are as if she has already determined that this is the case-doing so, it feels like she is deliberately discrediting the relationship between the two, regardless of whether the facts are the case, it is disrespectful to them.

Xuexiaxuena leaned in a chair for a long time, and she suddenly realized that the accusations and reasons she could imagine were much more than she had anticipated at the beginning-but every reason here , She didn't know what kind of identity should be used, and what tone should be sent out.

——Or, in fact, she just wanted to express her dissatisfaction with Yubihama Kazuya?It was to return to the original point, admitting that Yukoshita would be emotional, but simply wanted to express dissatisfaction with that guy.

She thought of such a terrible reason.

However, if it's just dissatisfaction, if it's just inexplicable dissatisfaction without considering the reasons, then there is no need to consider things like identity and sending consequences, right?

She suddenly felt that simply expressing her dissatisfaction with that guy was a good way.

This time, she chose to call Heye directly.

"Yeah, Director Yukoshita?" On the other end of the phone, Yubihama Kazuya also made a tired voice.

"That's it, Yubihama, I have considered your proposal." She tried to keep her rigorous voice and replied.

"Ah, that's it?" Kazunari's voice sounded a little absent-minded, which made her previously excited spirit full and calm down.

——She suddenly understood that Kazuya probably felt that she would definitely accept it, right?