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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 337

This is indeed the case. If it weren't for special circumstances, she should have started discussing the follow-up implementation of the plan with Yubihama.

She suddenly felt a little frustrated-her reaction seemed to be too simple, too in the other's expectations, so it seemed that Yubihama had no interest in herself, and didn't care what her reaction was, the same, I don't care what I feel.

"Huh, Minister?"

"Ah, um, I'm listening!"

"Uh, no, I mean, Minister, you called me this call!" Heya's helpless voice came over again.

"Ah, yes, yes, that's it." She was a little embarrassed, and replied in a tone that didn't fit her usual style.

"Yeah, that's the case—well, so can I say the answer, Minister, if there is no problem, I should have prepared a plan here—"

——Indeed, there was nothing wrong with what she had expected, and Yubihama had not considered her rejection at all.

What if you refuse him?Such a thought rose in her heart.

Full of guilt, not considering the consequences at all.

Would that person look at himself with a puzzled and puzzled look in the same way?

This ending will surprise Yubihama Kazuya, right?

"Well, there are actually several sets of plans, but we can discuss which one to adopt—"

"--Now, Yubihama," she interrupted Kazuna.

"Uh, what's the matter?"

"I remember, I haven't told you that I have promised you?"

"Oh, uh, um, it is true, then you can say the answer?" Heya is still casual, making her even more curious, what would this guy think if she rejected the other party's proposal.

"Well, now, I make a statement about your proposal, my thoughts are—"

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Chapter 38: The Prelude to the Chain

The election season for the president of the student council finally kicked off.Of course, for the vast majority of onlookers who didn't know, this seemed to be a result suddenly announced by the student union.However, for those of us who have been deeply involved from the beginning, the preparatory phase of the election is still too long.

On the night when I proposed the promotion plan to Xuexia, she seemed a little anxious to answer me over the phone.

Of course, I don’t fully understand the meaning of the phone call Yuukishita gave me. Although the advice I gave her is only a suggestion, it is actually her best option. Out of symbolic restraint, she may hesitate. But when she made up her mind, she would find that she had no other way ahead.

Although there is an example of a strong turn before, but under the snow now, there is no courage of a color feather at that time.Although I was a little panicked the moment before hearing her final answer, and I also felt Xuexia's hesitation at that moment, I still got an answer that satisfied me.

When the cold voice of "If you want to help me, then I hope you can do your best" came to my ears, I knew that all worries were unnecessary.The next thing to do is, according to my method, to raise the reputation of Xuexia to the highest-and then, at the top, drive her off the stage that made her feel dizzy.

It must be emphasized here that I have not forgotten the agreement between me and Yukoshita Yuno. The problem with Yukoshita Yuno is now very clear. She cannot get rid of her dependence on me-and this dependence is established in her subconscious mind. Because I told her "Sorry, Xuexia, I can't help you" and changed, even if I did, she would only turn to rely on another person-for example, if possible, Biqigu may be Such an object.

The Ministry of Service still did not welcome Higiya Hachiman, or that, after that huge self-sacrifice, Higiya had already taken the initiative to isolate herself from others.Naturally, Xuexia and her sister could not change much of this situation, and I didn't have much energy to pay attention to his problems. At this time, I originally expected the Hiratsuka teacher who was used to the blood to make some changes.However, as far as I know, even though Mr. Hiratsuka talked to Higiya, he did not change his mind.

This is actually the most normal result-if humans can thoroughly persuade each other through communication, then there won't be so many disputes and wars in the world.Most people will consider their faults only when the cold reality completely defeats his principles of dealing with things. Otherwise, even if the people around them keep reminding them, they will only go to the abyss forever.

I am not a special case, nor is Biqigu.With my efforts, Biqigu’s self-sacrifice actually did not produce bad results. Maybe he could realize that the whole problem was not solved through his self-sacrifice, but he would not consider whether his practice would lead to The problem got worse, so this time, he didn't win, but he didn't lose.People will not think of change until they fail or when they are desperate.

The same is true for Xuexia. When she was desperate, she chose to rely on me. Then, unless I blocked all the objects she might rely on, she would not consider finding a new principle and way out.Therefore, in order to save her, I must destroy her, and it is the kind of complete destruction that makes the other side desperate.After destruction and then rebirth, building a new principle under the premise of a ruin. This violent method is undoubtedly a bit scary when applied to social change, but it is not that bad when applied to a specific individual.

After all, this is actually just a failure to construct through artificial force.

Naturally, the best direction for this kind of failure is to shoot her off the altar when she believes that the election of the student council is sure to win.

This can also be regarded as a kind of atonement for Yi Huishu.

I know, I actually used the worst way to play with Isshiki's feelings.Compared to when she used some hints to play with the emotions of other boys, I did a lot more.At best, Isshiki only gave those people some hope, but I gave Isshiki a kind of confidence in victory, and finally exposed and destroyed it straightforwardly.

——It feels a bit similar to what I'm about to do to Yukoshita, so am I a person who enjoys this process?

In any case, since I have done such an excessive thing to her emotionally, at least at work, I hope to compensate her — of course, she doesn’t need to be aware of my guilt, she just needs Just think of Yubihama Kazuya as a ruthless person who judges everyone's feelings purely on pros and cons, just as I do when I look at Isshiki himself.

Another important issue is the problem with Sonoda.After being informed about the relationship between Yukoshita and Xiaochun within a short period of time, I have been more cautious in our interactions with her. Therefore, after that, no clear evidence has been caught by others, although my sister sometimes has Some skeptical eyes looked at me, but she didn't mean to go into the details too much.Although I don't know what the hesitant and worried look that Yui-san occasionally casts at me is exactly what it is, but since she doesn't ask anything, I am happy to say nothing.

On the other hand, after clarifying the attitude of the two before, Sonoda and I got along a lot easier.Although she has an overly serious character and is a bit clumsy in contact with boys, it is precisely because of her serious character that she appears meticulous in this disguised love.I don't hate this way of getting along, especially when a beautiful girl like Sonoda can accidentally get angry because I am late on a certain "date", in a sense, I also feel a pink breath.Of course, in this regard, both of us have grasped the accurate yardstick, there is no cross-border behavior, and I even feel a kind of harmony when getting along with normal friends.

In fact, Sonoda’s performance during dating was even a little too in line with my ideals, which made me amazed at the rigor of her homework.

"If you fall in love with other boys in the future, I will observe it. If you feel that you are not as careful about that boy as you are for my disguised boyfriend, I will definitely tell that poor boy not to have sex You continue to associate, because this is not Hai Wei's sincerity at all."

——By the way, calling each other’s names is also the result of her insistence. Although Sonoda herself gave up with a flushed face after trying to call me "Kawa" for a long time, but I accepted the name easily. Change.

With this girl, there is an unexpected relaxation of being with the younger generation.

Even though he faced my problem at that time, Sonoda showed a very troubled expression: "Actually, I couldn't do so well."

At the time, I just understood it as modesty, and ignored the deeper intentions of Sonoda's frowning brow.

——In retrospect, I actually noticed a few abnormalities of many people, but they were all ignored by me with "more important goals". In fact, these emotional abnormalities are more important than the so-called "more important goals". Goals are much more important.

Everything was prepared as warm as water, without too many waves. When I was in school, I helped Xuexia make some "change-maker" speeches on the radio station's broadcast. After school, I had a non-date date with Sonoda.This kind of calm needs a person to break.

Just as I was hesitating whether to let me myself become this peaceful destroyer, the fuse that detonated the powder keg began to "tear".

I am not very surprised by the person who changed first.

Sister Yui should have noticed the abnormality a long time ago, and it is such a normal thing for her to speak first after she has stopped talking many times.

"Xiaohe—" After dinner, I stepped into my room uneasy, and my sister sat down somewhat restrained.

"What's wrong, Yui sister?"

"Recently, it feels like you came back a bit late, I remember you already quit your part-time job?"


"So," Yui's eyes rolled frantically, and Yui sister kept changing her posture, seeming to be a little uncomfortable. "Are you doing anything after school?"

"Roughly the same?"

"Well, Xiaohe now, do you have a girlfriend?" Finally, after a sigh of relief, my sister asked the question that she had been hesitant before.

In the face of my sister, concealment is not necessary.

"Well, that's right."