My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 340

"——So, the problem is here. Did Senior Xiao Muzhen ask you to care? If there is no request, why do you do this kind of thing?"

"So, what Kazuna means is, if you see that classmate Xiao Muzhen is facing this situation, will you turn a blind eye?" Kitahara Haruki raised her voice and answered me in a serious tone for the first time.

"If it was me—"

Damn, he was caught in a weak spot!

"If you can calm down and listen to me, that's okay. Even if, as you said, I didn’t tell Xiao Muxiao about this matter, and Xiao Muxiao is not very clear about it. But as a friend of Xiao Muxiao’s, I certainly don’t Would you like to see classmate Xiao Muzhen feel as uncomfortable as he is now?"

"I know, so I want to solve it quickly!"

Although I was very dissatisfied, I couldn't get angry, and I felt more and more that the rhythm had been brought into the area that Haruki Kitahara was accustomed to-I was still a little untenable when I came to the door because of impulse.

"Of course, I also know that He also understands this, so Yixu is just looking for your sister. We are just hinting, telling He and we don’t continue to drag on. This kind of idea, I think He is completely understandable, no ?"

"is acceptable."

"You are in the first grade, and you may have been a little busy lately, so you may not know the current situation of classmate Xiao Muzhen-of course she is a girl who is very good at disguising herself, so of course most people can't detect her abnormality, but I Fortunately, I had some cooperation with her before, so I understand that Xiao Muyong's current situation is much worse than what she has shown!"

"You know, when the light music club was active, Xiao Muzhen agreed to help Dongma with tuition. She did this in the past few weeks, but recently, it should be after you and her, whether it is me or Dongma. Invite her—well, in fact, it was mainly because when I invited her to study together, she refused. Yixu said that when she talked to her classmates in the class, she also showed obvious feelings of unwillingness and coping. Obviously, she I am very concerned about your business."

"Although there are not many people that can be seen, there are a few after all, so there will be senior students who will ask you to settle accounts-luckily, these people were stopped by us in advance."

"Senior Beiyuan, really cares about Senior Xiao Muzhen-obviously not a class."

"There is no way, after all, should you be considered a friend?" Kitahara Chunxi scratched his head and smiled embarrassedly. "Moreover, it is really difficult for me to teach Dongma by myself. That guy is too disobedient. I have to count on Xiao Muzhen!"

"Of course, if this is the case, the situation is not very eye-catching, but, Kazunari," Kitahara sighed and said to me, "You should know, when is it now?"

"Now?" I was stunned, and then immediately reacted.

It really is, let Kitahara Haruki find a reason to intervene!

"Yes, now is an important time for reviewing the entrance exam," Haruno Kitahara said with a serious face, "This kind of bad emotional state will affect Xiao Mushu's review and preparation. Even if it is a harmony, there will be great difficulties, even if you have already refused. Xiao Muzhen, you shouldn't influence Xiao Muzhen's exam preparation, right?"

Completely defeated, completely failed. From the very beginning, I did not grasp the highest point of morality-or that I, who rejected the predecessors and delayed me for so long, have no moral advantage. Grasping the chasing, infinitely magnifying, just grasping the trivial problem of "not getting the other party's permission", I can't compete with him.

"Okay, but I have one more question."

"It's okay, I can tell you anything I can solve."

"If Senpai just wants to imply that I give Senpai Xiao Muzhen a reply quickly, then I can understand it, but why do I imply my sister's relationship with Xuexia-why involve too many other people?"

"Ah, this, it's actually just my guess. The reason why He also rejected Xiao Muzhen is that you have a girlfriend. Recently, I feel that you and that Yuukixia classmate appear very frequently, so Isn’t it normal to have this kind of suspicion? If you know this, you can make Xiao Muzhen understand it, right? To be honest, if it’s the Xuexia student, Xiao Muzhen should also be acceptable—"

"--But, sorry, senpai, I have no such relationship with Xuexia."

"That's a wrong judgment, I'm really sorry."

"This kind of judgment error can't be solved in one sentence!"

"Well, that's true, but the problem is not here, Kazuya," Kitahara said, raising an eyebrow, "You asked me just now, did you get permission from classmate Xiao Mushu for these things I did?"

"Didn't the seniors just mean it?"

"Ah, please pay attention to the words I used before. I used'Even if'! So, what I just explained is that if classmate Xiao Muzhen does not allow me to do this, then, as a friend, I will still make These things. Those words just now are just explanations to make the situation reasonable."

"So, seniors mean—"

"Of course, Xiao Muzhen didn't tell me exactly what to do. It's just that when I asked her to give Dongma a make-up lesson, I mentioned that you have been closer to Xuexia recently. She was a little curious-- You know, of course Xiao Muzhen can’t directly say that she wants to know these things, but her curiosity can be felt, right? At this time, of course I can consider doing something for my friends, right? ?"

As a result, even my unreasonable doubts at the beginning were easily overturned.

I don't think Haruki Kitahara is lying, Haruki Kitahara never lies.

However, I cannot understand.Why did Senpai tacitly allow such things to happen, why did he make such hints-so, really, as Haruki Kitahara said, is Senpai Omushou in such a bad state?

"So why?"

"I just think, Kazuya, you don't have to do this kind of unnecessary persistence, right?" The answer to me was a voice I haven't heard in a long time.

"Sorry, Heya, I just thought that the time was almost up, and then I just found out about your visit to Kitahara, so I showed up without authorization." Compared to the previous meeting, Senior Xiaomushu was not too much. The change, the slight haggardness is well concealed, and the gentle voice is as touching as ever. The most important thing is the familiarity of my predecessor’s eyes, which has not changed.

"What does meaningless persistence mean?"

"That is to say, Kazunori insisted on meaningless insistence on those who rejected me!" Senior Xiao Muzhen smiled softly, and said softly, "Although I don't know why Kazumi rejected me, but the reason Kazun rejected me, the so-called Yes, there are reasons for having a girlfriend and other people who like it, is it fake?"

The insightful eyes bet on me, giving me a fear of being thoroughly seen through.

"If I was just unwilling to accept it because I couldn't believe it, then after waiting for a while, I think I can be sure of this-if I already have a girlfriend, then I don't believe that Girls will calmly watch another girl entangle with you. She should show me her identity soon, right?"

"That's because, well, that girl is not that kind of arrogant girl."

"So, you don’t know girls, even if you are not an arrogant girl, when you see that your boyfriend is in danger of being robbed by others, you will become aggressive-unless she I feel guilty in my heart."

"There will be special situations, right?"

It's still the same. In front of the seniors, I was restrained and completely lost my momentum.

"Special circumstances, can you explain Heya?"


"Of course, what Kitahara-san mentioned earlier, Xuexia-student, I believed from the beginning and would not have anything to do with that Xuexia-student. Haven't you already told me about your way of getting along? ?"

Indeed, in the countless chats between me and my predecessors, and in my complaints against Xuexia, she has become very clear about how I get along with Xuexia. Those who understand these things are totally unable to Imagine that I would have strange feelings for Xuexia.

"Heya, the mistakes you made are a bit naive. You should know. Until the cultural festival, I knew everything about you too clearly. Even after the cultural festival, when we were not in the cold war. In time, I also understand your affairs very well. As long as it is a girl in Zongwu Gao, if you want to lie, I can reveal it."

"Although the words that Heya said at the time surprised me, when I think about it carefully, those words of Heya are completely lying-I am also at a loss when I was frightened by such an answer," Senior Xiao Mu Shu said faintly He smiled and continued, "However, since Kazuya wanted to reject me at the time, you must have your own reasons, so I didn't reveal you immediately afterwards. However, you can think about the reasons at that time and they are still valid. ?"

The reason at the time?

Indeed, I have not considered the reasons for rejecting seniors for a long time. I just insist on the fact of rejecting seniors, and forget why I reject seniors.

So, why refuse?

It should be the suggestion to solve the problem-by rejecting the predecessors, focusing everyone's attention on me, so that Senior Xiaomushu, Biqigu and others can get out of the whirlpool.

So, do I still need to insist on this reason now?

Although I am obviously still the object of hostility by many people, compared to before, after the most prosperous scandal has passed, everyone has begun to refocus on the student union election itself. My body, Mr. Xiaomu's senior, is Biqigu. The gaze on the body has been much smaller.

In other words, it seems that there is no problem in accepting seniors, right?

Admittedly, it would be embarrassing to be together after refusing, but there are many ways to explain this, right?

More importantly, Senior Xiao Muzhen has always believed in me and has not turned me away because of my cruel rejection.