My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 341

Can I, here, repay the trust of seniors?

"So, Kazuya, if I ask the question again, what is your answer this time?"

"My answer is—"

Although it's a bit too much, but if it is a senior, maybe everything can be forgiven, I think so.

"——Sorry, Yubihama-senpai, I am late."

However, the crisp voice interrupted my answer.

I clearly heard the voice of the master.

Sure enough, this luxury is unavailable to me.

The panting blue long-haired girl rushed toward me fearlessly and brought her desperate speech: "Sorry, Ogisaki-senior, when we first met, I am Yuihama’s girlfriend, Sonoda Kai not."

A lie constructed with reason, persisting to the end, will become something I don't know, something I must have never wished.

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Brother Chun looks like a boss here, but in fact he only plays the role of Youjin in the novel (laugh), and Xuecai is the big boss (fog).However, every time I become a boss, I will play with myself. If I had a showdown with Kazuya earlier, Kazuya would have surrendered a long time ago, and I need to tear it up (sigh)


Chapter 41: Responsibility for Lies

Although I chose the time after school, I don’t know why Sonoda would appear here. According to my agreement with her, she will no longer do things that are too compelling like waiting for me at the school gate. , I also don’t believe that she happened to have something to do with me today, so someone must have notified her.

The problem is that in Sogo Takeshi, there are very few people who know about this kind of relationship between Sonoda and me, let alone those who deliberately inform her-Yukoshita is definitely not the kind of person who would be boring to contact Sonoda , Not to mention that she doesn't even know that I will come to Haruhi Kitahara today.

However, now it is meaningless to complain about other people. Dramatically, Senior Xiao Muzhen and Sonoda stood opposite each other, and I stood in the middle, forming a somewhat awkward triangle.

"Discussing this issue here is a bit too eye-catching, let's change it to another place!" There must be good audiences where Xiaomu Xiaoxuecai appears, plus this somewhat ups and downs drama, surrounded by onlookers There are more and more people, and the suggestion made by Senior Xiao Muzhen at this time is also just right.

"Well, of course it can." Compared to the panic when I met Xiaochun not long ago, Sonoda is now calmer. Although this is a sudden situation for her, she should Has grown a lot.

"Since Xiao Muzhen came forward to solve the problem by himself, I shouldn't have the need to participate in the discussion, right?" Kitahara nodded in good time, and left this place of right and wrong. In fact, whether he simply wanted to help Xiao Muzhen after all Senior, there are still some deeper goals. His goals are no longer achieved. There is no benefit to staying here except to increase embarrassment.In addition, in any case, his "helpful" character will allow him to help disperse the boring crowd here, which is somewhat a good thing.

The eyes of the two girls turned to me at the same time, and I also knew that I had no choice at this time.

"no problem."

I avoided the suspicious look of Senior Xiao Mu Shu, and tried to communicate with Sonoda, but, not knowing whether it was intentional or unintentional, she ignored my gaze, but stared at Senior Xiao Mu Shu closely.

The relatively open environment of the family restaurant is undoubtedly not suitable for discussion. In the end, we chose a cafe with a separate compartment.

The atmosphere was not as tense as I had imagined at first. Both Sonoda and Xiaomusao maintained relative restraint.

"Well, I'll introduce myself again, senior," the junior of the newborn calf broke the deadlock first, "I'm Sonoda Umi, and I'm in the second year of Qingquan Middle School."

"Qingquan Middle School?"

"Well, Senpai is right. It is the school Yubihama attended before. I knew Senpai when I enrolled."

It seems to be a simple introduction, but in fact it still hides the machine front. Sonoda tried to prove to Senior Xiaomushu from the beginning: She knew me earlier than Seniors knew me.

"However, if I remember correctly, when you met Heye, He also had a girlfriend?"

"Yes, I was an accountant in the Student Union at the time, and Senior Sugura was a senior I admired very much."

"Okay." Senior Xiao Muyan nodded lightly and frowned.

"Of course, I know what Ogizuma-senpai was embarrassed and didn't say what it was." Compared to the steadiness of Ogizuma-senpai as a senior, Sonoda's aura has not declined since the beginning. "I fully understand Yuihama-senpai and Sugura Everything that happened before Senpai, but it is precisely because I understand all of this that I can understand Yuihama Senpai thoroughly and am willing to be with him."

"Sonoda-san mean, do you know Heya well?" At that moment, Senior Xiao Muzhen's voice rose up, not knowing whether it was because of dissatisfaction, or he wanted to express certain doubts.

However, this is indeed the weakness of Sonoda-when it comes to understanding many of my problems, she has too few opportunities to contact me, and many things are too late to explain. This is also after she has become familiar with the explanations of Xiaomushu-senpai. , I am still reluctant to let the two of them meet. In this situation, Sonoda has difficulty finding a way to deal with it.

However, what surprised me was that Sonoda did not show any nervousness at all. She just stared into the eyes of senior Xiao Mushu very seriously, and said: "Maybe I don’t know as much as my senior, but I don’t think I really will How much worse than the predecessors."

——So, is this acting?Once this forced self-confidence is dismantled, the situation afterwards will completely collapse.


"——Yuhihama-senpai believes in me too, don't you?" Just when I was about to help Sonoda pass the customs vaguely, Sonoda cast a confident smile at me.

This is not acting, it is her real thoughts-both me and Senior Xiao Muzhen are very aware of the message conveyed in her words.

But why?Why does she really have such confidence?In the circumstances that I don't know, how has this girl changed?

However, in any case, this kind of self-confidence still has a great impact on Senior Xiao Muzhen. Senior patted his forehead with some trouble, and chose to retreat: "Well, this is certainly not a bad thing."

So, is this also a strategy? It is assumed that with such self-confidence, Senior Xiao Muzhen will not conduct excessive questioning-but, can she really afford such a risk?

But this is the fact. All the questions asked by Senior Xiao Muzhen were suppressed by Sonoda's absolute confidence.Indeed, in the question of mutual questioning, the preparation gap between the two parties is too great. According to the previous conversations between senior and me, she should have never considered the situation of me having a girlfriend, and what I usually discuss with Sonoda is How to make her cope with the doubts of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen.

It is not surprising that such a situation arises under the circumstances.

"So, why would Sonoda-san like Heya?" Naturally, the next reaction of Senior Xiao Mu Shu was also in our simulation plan.

After countless revisions and polishes by me and Sonoda, about how a girl who was quite venomous towards boys and then even verbalized towards him changed her mind through contact with boys, and what she holds. The story that he wanted to make the boys reconcile with the predecessors he admired, but he finally fell accidentally fell out of Sonoda’s mouth fluently.

This should be a perfect rhetoric, even Senior Xiao Muzhen, after listening to it, he was a little dumbfounded and silent for a long time.

It was also at this time that I finally noticed that a cold sweat oozes out of Sonoda's forehead-she was not the kind of person who seemed to be particularly capable of acting. The aggressiveness and calmness of the previous forced expression made me I ignored her essence for a while, but in fact, you know, she is fighting a senior who is four years older than her!

However, at this level, even senior Xiao Muzhen should believe it, right?

I turned my gaze to Senior Xiao Muzhen again. To my surprise, when I looked at Senior, Senior also looked at me.

"Really, that's good!" She said slowly.

This is a very high evaluation of Sonoda's performance, but it does not mean to believe what she said.

"Because it was so good, so I always feel that there is a component of preparation, of course, maybe this is my illusion." Senior Xiaomuzhen smiled gently at Sonoda and said.

This is a situation that was not prepared before.

"Well, I heard from Yuihama-senpai that I was going to meet Ogishao-sen, so I sorted out my own remarks a little bit-after all, it is Ogisho-senpai, not someone else!" Sonoda could grudgingly replied, but, Under this combination of fists, Senior Xiao Muzhen has not given up, and she has undoubtedly lost her sense of measure.

"Of course, I'm not questioning Sonoda-san your feelings for Kawaya, but I also have my own thoughts. Kaya, for the question just now, your answer was interrupted by Sonoda-kun. Now, I want to listen again. Is your answer okay?"

This is the final offensive of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen, reasonable rhetoric, fearless expression, aggressive attitude, if it is only the communication between two people, this is of course useful, but the key to determining the problem is still in my hands.

When the senior said this sentence, I already understood her intention.

If you like me and you are willing to choose me, no matter what you have done before, I can stop asking. All your previous awkward, self-righteous, and unclear behaviors, I can forgive, as long as you Just give the answer deep in your heart.

This is what Senior Xiao Muzhen thought when I asked about my thoughts before, and it still hasn't changed.