My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 342

The girl in front of you may really be your girlfriend. Of course, it may also be your temporary help as I assumed-I don't care about this, as long as you make a choice.Senior must think so.

Before Sonoda appeared, my answer was almost certain.

And this time?

I turned around and took a look at the other girl. She had completely lost her previous calmness, her face was pale, and her barely maintained smile looked very strange, giving people a feeling of crying soon.

How does she feel?All the previous efforts will be in vain. All the previous help is actually nothing. I am struggling to fight for an opportunity for my predecessors, so it is simply broken by a problem of my opponent?

It's as if I can't do anything-I've been given trust and tried to prove myself, only to find that I am actually so insignificant.

Probably this is the feeling, right?

"No matter when, I will give my partner the strongest support."

I remember, I said this to Xiaochun when I saw this girl crying.

Now that such a promise has been made, it is necessary to implement this promise to the end!

Even if it is contrary to feelings, but because of sensible reasons, I lied and was finally bitten by the lie. I need to calmly accept this result, right?

What I need to do is not just take advantage of the escape opportunity given to me by Xiao Muzhen to escape on the battlefield, and then leave all the disappointments and all the powerlessness to others to solve by themselves.

All I have to do is stick to the original choice-this is my only choice.

Every time I refuse, it is very uncomfortable!

Even if it is such a senior Xiao Muyan, this time, he can't forgive me, right?

However, there is really no way-because of the words of the predecessors, I negated everything before, then I was too cruel.

I raised my head and looked at Sonoda, who was gritting his teeth and almost holding back his crying, with a smile, and then turned to Senior Xiaomushu.

"Sorry, senior, I already have a girlfriend now."

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Chapter 41.5: Yui Hama's Confusion

Yuihama Yui has always disliked the feeling of being taken care of by her younger brother-maybe after a while, she will feel that it is really good to have such a younger brother taking care of herself, but at least for now, At least since Yui began to realize and has been taking care of herself, she didn't feel this feeling good.

I want to stop being taken care of, I want my younger brother to look at him with surprise, of course, the most important thing is to be an older sister to guard and help my younger brother.

However, it is really not easy to want to protect and help!When Heya did things, she was too calm, so calm that she could hardly find room to intervene-and finally when she realized that He might also be powerless and wanted to intervene, the result of the so-called "help" was Fiasco.

Yui Yui at that time seemed to have completed a very good task, uniting with senior Okisaki, and persuading the senior Kitahara who made Xiaowa always worry about it, she felt that she could not have to ask Xiaohe to rack her brains. Consider the solution to the problem.However, in the end it pushed Xiaohe into a worse situation.

Kitahara Haruki is definitely not an object that Yui Hihama can easily control. He has his own ideas, and his ideas are different from those of Yui, and the result is naturally different.

Why did you not seize this opportunity?In this long period of time not knowing what to say to Xiaohe, she thought about this carefully.

The answer is very clear-because, although she has worked very hard, she is still trying hard to place expectations on others, expecting others to help herself solve problems, expecting others to help small and solve problems, in the final analysis, this is with dependence Xiao is no different. She is still the somewhat awkward Yuihama Yui, or the Yui Yui who habitually wants to rely on other people's power to help herself, or to help the person she wants to help.

This is not enough!Although Yui has many friends and even though she also has some friends who can be called close friends, her friends are outsiders after all!As an outsider’s friend, I can’t understand how I want to help Xiaohe—only family members, and only myself and Xiaohe, are completely self.

Therefore, when I want to help Owa, the only person who can help him is myself. Maybe I can talk to others, maybe I can let others help. However, Yuihama himself must always stand in the forefront and watch. With his brother.Outsiders can never truly appreciate the feelings of family members.

That's right, it belongs only to Yuihama Yui and Yuihama Kazuya, a unique family relationship.

However, this kind of feeling will flow quickly.

When the somewhat handsome Mizusawa-senpai asked herself this question with a complicated expression, she realized this-if Xiaohe had other people he liked, would there be someone who cares about the same as herself? Xiaohe, even more caring about the existence of Xiaohe than himself?

Or even more frightening, is there a person whose relationship intensity with Xiaohe is higher than that of oneself with Xiaohe?

She once saw Xiaohe fall in love, she would definitely bless him with the most sincere tone.However, now, she is a little worried: the feelings between family members are inseparable emotions based on blood ties, but what about the romance between men and women?It is a product of impulse itself. For years or even months of getting along, can the relationship between a pair of strange men and women surpass the accumulation of more than ten years of siblings?

Is this impossible?

Isn't that dangerous?Xiaohe's relationship, if it exists, must be very fragile, right?

So what should I do?

The answer is already very clear, she will not seek help from others, she will rely on herself, and only on herself, to protect her brother.

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Yui didn't completely believe Kazuki's words.Heya is really too caring for himself, so he is used to using white lies and accustomed to answering himself with "no", "nothing", and "no".Judging from the reaction of the conversation between himself and him, Xiaohe did have a girlfriend—but it wasn't the predecessor that he had always liked, nor was it Xiaoxue.

But is this really the case?

In the classroom of the Ministry of Service, Yui frowned deeply when she looked at Yukino who was absent-minded.

She knew where she had gone and did not appear in the classroom after school, but Xue Na didn't know.She was hesitant to tell her girlfriends about it.

However, when she hesitated, the other party had already spoken first.

"It looks like that guy Yubihama—well, I mean Kaya, um, yes, Yui’s younger brother—"

"——I know that Koyuki is talking about Oto." Yukihama Yui was a little confused looking at Yukino, who was a little unnatural just mentioning his brother's name.I didn’t think about this at all before, probably because in this environment, I didn’t notice the subtle changes that Yukino had discovered. However, after Mizusawa-senpai mentioned the possibility of this, she began to feel that no matter what angle she came from Look, Yukoshita Yukino really paid too much attention to the existence of Yubihama Kazuya.

"Yes, it seems that it's been a long time since I struggled with the question of surname." Xue Nao smiled awkwardly.

That's right, Yukino Yukino, who lost her former calmness, is Yukino Yukino who feels unfamiliar to herself—actually, this change started early. Why, she hadn't noticed it before?

"In short, Yubihama is late today!" After sorting out her manners a bit, she saw Yukino making this concluding remark.


"--So," the girl on the other side continued, carefully speaking, "Does Yui know what's going on?"


"Today's situation is quite special. I think I still need to have further discussions with him on the current public opinion feedback during the election process. Your brother's reference opinions are still more valuable-if possible, I hope he can come today. attending community activities."

After returning to a calm posture, Yukino's performance was very calm.However, for her who is familiar with her and her work situation with Yukino for a while, this speech is really full of loopholes.

Not long ago, the two people had just discussed the issues raised by Yukino, and in the past few days, there have not been too many surprises-although it is sound-sounding, the excuses are after all just excuses.

She could feel that Yukino Yukoshita just wanted to see Yubihama Kazuya.

Sometimes it might be more appropriate to ask people like Xue Nao directly.

"Xiaoxue, before answering your question, can I ask a question first?"