My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 343

"of course can."

"Well, then, I just want to ask," she took a deep breath and asked pretentiously, "Xiaoxue, are you dating Xiaohe?"

Yukino's library book that hardly left his hands at this time fell heavily to the ground, and the papers of the book were a little scribbled.However, she didn't care about these.

Yukoshita Yukino's brows furrowed, her face turned pale, and she bit her lips tightly, as if she was trying very hard to restrain her emotions.

——Almost the same reaction as Xiaohe!

Yui sighed helplessly.

"I thought Yui you are no longer the one who can make such boring speeches." A long time later, the girl opposite made such a blunt answer.


"--And, that guy has a girlfriend." It seemed a little casual, but he added frustratedly.

"Eh eh eh eh?"

"What's the matter?" Taking a look at Yui, Yukino asked helplessly, "So, your brother didn't tell you about it."

"It's not that I didn't say it-although it must be later than I revealed it to Koyuki," Yui said with a awkward look at Yukino, who seemed to have known it a long time ago, "However, I feel that Koyuki knows better than me Much!"

——I didn’t even ask Xiaohe for the girl’s name before, which was really embarrassing.

"Not much, right?" Xue Na turned her head, "I just met that girl."

"Eh eh eh eh?"

This is the second time that Yui Hihama made an unexpected scream.

"I can only say that although that guy always looks like a sister-in-law, he always finds a girlfriend who is younger than him in the end."

"Younger, girlfriend?"

"Well, it's also from Qingquan Middle School, named Sonoda, a member of the student union - he doesn't worry about his ex-girlfriend asking him to settle accounts!" Xue Nao said calmly with a slightly ironic tone.

However, Yui could feel a bit of sourness from these words.

"My name is Sonoda?" Referring to what Kazuya had revealed to herself before, "I was also a girl who had a relationship with my sister", Yui searched her mind carefully.

Later, in that hidden corner, she remembered the middle school girl who didn't get along with her brother in harmony at the fireworks display.

"Is that the girl?"

Indeed, the Yuan Tian in the memory, although only a hasty fate, is also a very cute child-but you must connect that child with Xiaohe's girlfriend.

"Yuhihama is kind to that girl, at least that's how I feel."


"It's just such a feeling." Xue Nao turned her head arrogantly again.

"Uh, just to say," Yui felt a little embarrassed, trying to dispel the strange atmosphere, "Koyuki's problem just now, Xiaohe should be going to—"

"--Well, needless to say, give that guy a holiday today, right?" However, she saw Yukoshita Yukino changed her answer with some fascination.

——Xiaoxue, do you like Xiaohe?

For a moment, she wanted to ask this question.

However, this idea was quickly dispelled.

She is still not used to pushing her friends into a situation where a showdown is necessary.

Moreover, she does need time to digest another shocking news.

It turned out to be that girl!She thought with a wry smile, was it because that girl rejected Senior Xiao Muzhen?It feels like I can't imagine it!

Especially when Owa is preparing to communicate with Kitahara-senior on the issue of Omusao-san.

——Wait a moment, she suddenly realized a very serious problem, a difficult problem for Xiaohe that made her feel likely to arise.

"That, Koyuki," Yuihama Yui's voice became a little serious, and he looked at Yukino who looked at him with a little puzzled, and asked softly, "Do you have the contact information for that child?"

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Chapter 42: Fermentation

Yu Sonoda walked aimlessly on the road slowly and aimlessly. Now the concealment has no meaning. In a sense, so far, all the questions about Yubihama Kazuya and Ogizuna Yukina should be there. The dust settled.

Senior Xiao Muzhen is a person who is proud enough, such a proud person, who can put down his body and be honest with me twice, this is a miracle in itself, I will not count, and I can't count on the third occurrence of this situation.And the fact is indeed the case. After I expressed my attitude, the predecessors did not question or dissatisfy, but gracefully and simply, without hesitation, turned around, leaving me only a back.

I think that is the final attitude that Senior Xiao Muzhen gave me.

If there is a God in this world, then I think it must have arranged the most weird script for me. I once thought that if it started when the song at the cultural festival expressed emotions, I didn’t because I hesitate on the so-called principles. If at the beginning, when the scandal affects the predecessors, I can think of a better way. If from the beginning, I can think about it more carefully when Isshi puts me on the ground. The results will be different.However, the assumption is meaningless.

I have made countless times that seem to me the most rational and the only correct decision. For this, I do not hesitate to cheat, I do not hesitate to cover up, but when all the correct decisions add up, is the final result the most perfect result?

Maybe it is, maybe it's not all, right?

"Senior Yubihama, what should I do next?"

Yes, what should I do next?I always feel that I have done my best to complete an important task and enter the next direction of life, and I am a little confused.

——No, wait a minute.

I looked at the girl with a trace of concern, but looked at the girl next to me tremblingly. The question just now should have come from her.

"I mean," Sonoda waved his hand in a panic, and explained anxiously, "I mean, I'm helping Senpai. The main problem is to make Senpai Xiaomushu believe what Senpai said, right? Now, since This goal has been achieved, do I no longer need to be with seniors?"

Ah, it turned out that she had this idea.

Not long ago, she was the girl who was holding herself up so she wouldn't collapse, but now she is starting to worry for another reason.

"Well, Sonoda's mission is indeed completed!"

"Well, that's what I meant," the girl lowered her head and said vaguely. "My use of seniors can actually stop here, and if I quit, senior Sugiura will have a better chance— —"

"--But, can you hold on for a while?"

"Huh?" The girl with long blue hair opened her eyes wide, and looked at me with some surprise.

"I mean, if you immediately suspend contact after expressing your attitude, even if you are a student from another school, you will be easily noticed by others, especially those who are very close to me like Yui sister, so, We don’t need to communicate as frequently as before, but at least we have to give other people on the side a "we are still in contact" meeting frequency. Is this okay?"

Regarding this matter, in fact, I have been thinking about it from a very early time, and now I am just saying what I thought at the time.The relationship with Sonoda is mainly to deceive senior Xiaomushu. However, if there is an accident like this and let more people know, then this disguised relationship needs more time, because it is more than just It is the need to deceive one person. The point of the problem is to make more people believe.