My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 344

"What's wrong, is there any trouble?" Looking at the embarrassed look on Sonoda's face, I asked smoothly.

"No, nothing." Sonoda lowered his head, and I couldn't see her face.

There must be something bothering her. I can think of several possibilities at a time, but it is impolite to investigate other people's ideas too much.

"By the way, you just mentioned Xiaochun—"

"——Senior Sugiura is nothing, nothing happened!"


Similarly, I would not believe that Xiaochun has no truth in this sentence. However, I can no longer involve too much. To involve too much will only make people more tired.

"Speaking of it, just now," Sonoda grinned reluctantly, and changed the subject awkwardly, "Senior just gave people the feeling that he was about to abandon me!"

"How did you feel just now?"

"Senior Yubihama, do you like Senior Ogisaki? The kind that I like very much, the kind that I want to be with her."

——But to be honest, the method of transferring the problem is not clever at all. At this time, it is definitely not a good thing to re-remember the collapsed operation just now.

Obviously, she also realized this.

"Uh, seniors don't want to talk about it again?"

——Hey, I feel that the child's IQ is declining!

"Uh, I see. I won't mention it. It's over when it's over." He shook his head panicked, showing some expressions of wanting to cry again.

Always showing this helpless expression or something, the Sonoda I know is not such a fragile girl, right?All in all, it is better to give her an answer symbolically.

"Mainly, I haven't forgotten the agreement with you."

"Ah!" Sonoda whispered and turned around instantly.

"Didn't you fulfill the agreement well? Just each other, right?"

This guy, at least there is nothing to be shy about, right?

"Well, yes, Yubihama-senpai is still a very promise-keeping person in general!" She seemed to have adjusted her mood, she turned around again, lowered her head and said softly.

"I'm just a person who sticks to his principles."

"Well, I know."

I felt that the other party suddenly understood me a lot.

"So, for the sake of seniors, then I will work harder!" Sonoda raised his head and showed a fairly bright smile.


"Well, try hard," the girl with blue long hair took the initiative to stretch out her hand, winked at me, and said, "At least, for a while, I will still be Senior's girlfriend. Please advise!"

"Please advise." I reached out and took Sonoda's hand-as before.

Then, I suddenly remembered a very important question.

"Wait, Sonoda, why did you come to the school to find me this afternoon-don't tell me this is just a coincidence, right?"

"This afternoon?" Sonoda tilted his head, then nodded and said, "Senior's sister informed me of this!"


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I didn't go to the ministerial classroom to find Yui sister, there was still Yukoshita there, and some questions were not convenient to talk about.So, I just returned home early, waiting at home for my sister's return.

My sister informed Sonoda that there was a problem or no problem. If Sonoda didn’t show up, maybe because of emotional impulse, I agreed to the second confession of Senior Omusuo. Sonoda’s appearance at least let me. Keep the contract.But if I really stay with the seniors, is this a mistake?I cannot be sure of this.

All in all, the key is that I suddenly discovered that my sister didn't seem to have done anything wrong in this matter, which also made me a little bit unsure of how to talk about it.

It was in this situation that I saw my sister's iconic dumplings appear in front of me.

For a while, my sister seemed to untie the dumpling head, which seemed to be during the cultural festival, but I don't know when I tied it back. At least in my opinion, the sister with the dumpling head is even more cute.

Yui sister obviously noticed the gaze I cast towards her, but to my surprise, she did not pretend not to notice as I expected, and then carefully fled back to her room, but went straight Walked towards me.

"Xiaohe, I have something to find you!" He grabbed my hand and dragged me toward my room as if I didn't need to question her at all.

This shocked me.

But this is not a bad thing, at least Yui sister should not avoid her contacting Sonoda.

Why on earth should I contact her, how did my sister contact her, and how did Sonoda come to the school to find me? I need to ask these questions.

Of course, before that, let's answer Yui sister's question first!

"Xiaohe, when I was chatting with Xiaoxue today, I asked her the question from last night." Yui sister, who was sitting tightly, threw a blockbuster at the beginning.

Please, sister, where did your usual high EQ go? It's okay to ask me this question. If you ask Xuexia this question, it's a miracle that you came back so safely without being divided by her five horses!

"Of course, Xiaoxue's answer is the same as yours."

Well, of course, if Yukinoshita is suspected of having a boyfriend or girlfriend relationship with me, she should go crazy-she is the obvious type of person who does not have a romantic relationship with anyone.

"So, I believe Xiaohe's words."

Didn’t you believe it before?

"So, I have a question to ask Xiaohe," my sister opened her eyes fiercely and stared at me, "Next, what are you going to do to Xiaoxue?"

Well, the question is-wait a minute?

"Next, what am I going to do to Xuexia?"

"Yes, what I want to ask Xiaohe is, what do Xiaohe think about Xiaoxue next?" My sister stared at me like this and raised a question that I couldn't think of anyway.

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This chapter will slow down, pave the way, and continue to explode.By the way, I went back today and read the first few chapters of this book. I felt that it was relatively easy. I wrote about why it became like this (sigh)


Chapter 43: Apology

"So, what do you think I am going to do to Yukoshita?"

After a little hesitation, I quickly reacted.This question of Yui sister is very interesting. Although it seems to be poking at the point, she actually didn't say anything, no matter what she knew, or what she guessed about me-even just a way to make me confess It may be fraudulent, so the best way is to throw the problem back.