My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 345

"Owa," Yui shook her brows quickly, "Don't always avoid my topic."

"I didn't avoid the topic of the old sister, I just think it's weird. Why does Yui think I might do something to Yukoshita."

"Well, how can I say it, is it an intuition-or is it the sixth sense?"

"If that's the reason, I can choose not to answer, right? Intuition or the sixth sense, if you put it more clearly, it is groundless suspicion!"

"However, Xiaohe did not deny this statement like I did before denying his relationship with Xiaoxue. This shows that Xiaohe does have other ideas about Xiaoxue, does it?"

"To be honest, I still prefer Yui sister who is not so keen on problems."

"So, did I guess it?"

"I haven't given you any answers yet!"

"Sa, huh?-I knew it would be like this! Because, from the beginning, from the very beginning, Xiaohe never told me when he had any thoughts." My sister bowed her head regretfully.

"If you are worried that I will do something unfavorable to Xuexia, you can give her a warning!"

"It's because of this!" Yui sister suddenly raised her head, some complaining, and some helplessly said, "Koyuki will not believe it, even if it is mine, she will not believe it."

This sentence means that Xuexia's trust in me has reached a high level, right?

Betrayal in this situation, the result may really be unpredictable?

However, I can no longer go back. From the time I made up my mind to use this method to solve the problem under the snow, I expected the worst consequences at this time.

"I know I can never stop your thoughts. But only this time, if, I mean if," my sister raised her head and looked at me again, "If Xiaohe really wants to do something to Xiaoxue, I hope you Be more cautious."

So, what is the reason?Isn't it that boring sixth sense again?

"Because, this time, Xiaohe may have overlooked a very important factor-although I am not sure, it may really be a very important thing."

Sister Yui's final words were still halting and ambiguous, completely unlike her usual straight-and-talking style-the occurrence of this situation can only prove that she is not completely sure about this so-called "important factor". .However, it is impossible for me to change my plan because of this possibility of ambiguity.

In the final analysis, my sister doesn’t know what I’m going to do to Yukoshita, or how many factors I have considered for this game. Of course, the possibility of accidents cannot be completely ruled out. However, if you get stuck because of fear of accidents. , Then everyone will do nothing.

However, my sister's words did remind me that the event of changing my identity should be on the agenda.To be honest, what can I worry about?The only knot in his heart is Senior Xiao Muzhu, but I have completely cut off over there.As long as the troubles of Yukoshita Yukino that I have caused by me are resolved, the first year of high school full of accidents can be declared over.

All the annoying things that are fooled by my own principles of handling things will end after the election of the president of the student union. What I expect is nothing more.

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Choosing this time under the water and snow, on the one hand because the previous fermentation is almost the same, on the other hand, it is also considering the possibility proposed by Beiyuan mentioned by my sister before.Although anyone who knows Xuexia knows that she is a girl who has nothing to do with feelings, there may indeed be good people who overinterpret my recent contact with her.And the attack by Hihama Kazuya was the best response to this possible rumors.

The election plan proposed by Xuexia is to use her ability to govern and focus on those who are dissatisfied with the status quo and seek change.In other words, to maximize the advantages under the snow, abandon those vested interests, dilute the power of the center, and win the election through the support of core supporters.

If all goes well, this result is of course the best.

However, this kind of election plan has a risk that is not considered a risk-that is, what if the people who originally supported them turn back.

This is a common situation in formal party elections. The sudden rise of new parties, because of their more radical and more "in the interests of the masses" election program, quickly cannibalized the votes of moderate parties, which often makes traditional The dominant party suffered heavy losses.

Of course, the reason why this risk does not exist in the presidential election of the student council is because the registration for the presidential election has ended, and it is impossible for new competitors to appear to grab the share belonging to Xuexia. This is after Xuexia When discussing this possibility with me, I gave her reassurance.

However, this will not change another reality-that is, the original supporters gave up their support for the electors.The election of student council president of Zou Wu Gao did not impose strict requirements on the turnout rate. It was a primitive and simple majority victory system.This means that even if 80% of the students have given up voting, the results of the election are still valid.

Returning to Xuexia's competitive strategy, what if those people Xuexia had been fighting for before had doubts about her?They may not support Isshiki, but even if half of them lose their trust in Yukoshita, Yukoshita, who has almost given up all the middle ground and conservative positions, will have nothing to fight back— -Nearly perfect election plan, the biggest crisis is here.

And I, who created the image of a capable governor in one hand, know the problems behind such an image best.

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"So, in the next official speech meeting for the election of the student council president, I will ask you as an audience. There is no question?" At the last service ministry activity before the official speech meeting for the student council president election, I took the initiative to Xuezhi The next expresses my attitude.

"You come and ask me questions?"

"Yes, asking questions to the candidates is a necessary link, isn't it? This link is a necessary link to show the candidate's ability to respond to the questioner. You know, at this time, there must be a few mentions that are not important. The emergence of problematic childcare is to avoid the possibility of too sharp problems. There must be such a person there. On your side, of course the most suitable person is me, right?"

"But," Xuexia shook his head uncertainly, and said carefully, "have you gotten too close to me recently? You ask me questions, is it a bit too much? Deliberately?"

When referring to the phrase "walking too close to me", her face blushed unconsciously, reminiscent of what her sister had said to me before. Even someone like Yukoshita cannot escape completely. Is it a relationship problem?In a sense, it was not a bad thing to let her know the existence of Sonoda before. Of course, it was a very real problem to eliminate this potential misunderstanding as much as possible.

"——Of course, I have also considered this, but this is not too big a problem. All the discussions between the two of us were conducted in the ministry classrooms, and most people did not know this. Regarding the relationship between you and me Carrying out a catching attack is far less effective than a direct attack on your policy program, and I believe that Isshiki is not someone who will use this relatively low-level method."

"You really have a very strange trust in Isshiki classmates-you fell out before, haven't you?" Xuexia replied with a complex expression.

"This is based on the principle of believing in her life. If the opponent I face is you, I also absolutely believe that you will not use these tricks."

"Uh, um, okay!"

A normal sentence made Xuexia's face a little red. It seems that what her sister said to her before had a great impact on her.Some girls who have never considered emotional problems will often get into entanglement once they are accidentally pointed out by others. I don't know if Xuexia's situation is this kind of situation.

Fortunately, the partnership will soon be dissolved and the misunderstanding will disappear.

"Of course, just in case, I will choose a few more acute issues to attack, such as how to implement budget reforms in these directions. Today we will mainly discuss the issues I will raise tomorrow. In this way, you Tomorrow you can be mentally prepared."

"This approach is acting?"

"Of course it is performance-this is an indispensable part of the old elections. We will not use personal attacks on others, but in order to win, we must use various methods to shape our own image. "

"Yeah." Although Xuexia's personality is arrogant and upright, she still understands some necessary strategies.

"So, shall we start?"

At the beginning of the countdown to betrayal, I suddenly felt an additional sense of guilt—I know that betrayal is for better salvation, but, as my sister and many others have always observed, I and Xuezhi I have been active as an ally for a long time, and Yukoshita's trust in me has moved me to the extent that she seldom expressed such high expectations and put so much trust in an outsider.

And all this will be buried by myself tomorrow.

As my sister warned, the result of burying this trust may be something I cannot predict.


When I heard these words, I thought about it—it seemed that the sharp-edged, self-confident Yukino Yukino who was so venomous when I first met, had completely changed in front of me.

I'm not appreciating that under the snow, but is this kind of change—even if it's just for reshaping—is it really a good thing?

"It's not a good habit to stop speaking at the beginning, Yubihama!"

However, there is still no choice!


"Just be aware of the problem, shall we continue?"

The meaning of sorry just didn't stop there, but Xuexia obviously didn't hear the other meaning.

Sorry, Xuexia, if I cause you more harm in the future, what will never change is my pursuit of a perfect ending.