My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 346

Chapter 44: Paradox

It is said that the past elections of the president of the student union by Zou Wu Gao did not have such a high exposure rate and such meaningful public speeches and votes. These models are the agendas discussed in the internal reform of the student union in the past few years, but it happened to be implemented this year. .

In fact, the previous method of just making a list and then voting is easier to manipulate, and it is also easier to make a person with such a prominent leader's temperament become the president-I am definitely not sitting on the podium with a shallow smile now President of the city.

Of course, coincidentally, in this election, neither of the two candidates is of the type with particularly leadership qualities. I won’t say anything about it. Although Isshiki is very charismatic, I want to associate her with a leader. Being together is really difficult.Of course, choosing a student president is not a general. Leadership is very important. It is even more important to show your ability and determination.

First of all, Isshiki is accepting questions from students in the audience-most of them are tepid questions. For most people, it is the most important thing to join in the fun of this kind of election. As for questions, This is what others did.

"If it's all such problems, I don't think I need to prepare." Xuexia glanced at the crowd in the audience, and said with some disdain. At this moment, she seemed to have recovered to the self-confidence of the crowd. Snow under the snow.

"The main reason is that we didn't give a targeted attack on Isse. Later, I will play your role as a trustee to question you. At this time, it is not appropriate to question Isse."

"Generally speaking, how many more people should be arranged to attack competitors at this time?"

"Ahem, we are not in short supply!"

Only at this time did I realize that there are really not many friends of mine in Zou Wu Gao-the few that can be counted are either closely related to Isshiki, or the ones that don’t seem to be able to attack upright. Isshiki's type, it seems that when I laugh at Yukoshita for not having a friend, I should also consider myself.

"However," Xuexia snorted softly, "So far, everything is still in our expectations, isn't it?"


"Then it's okay."

"If nothing happens, there must be no problem."

"By the way, Yubihama," I don't know if I was still a little timid in the face of this battle, Yukoshita's tone became soothed, "After the election of the president of the student council, our partnership will end, right?"

"As planned."

"If, I mean if," she twisted the front part of her long hair a little embarrassedly. She turned around and whispered, "If I invite you to the student union, would you refuse?"

"Basically will refuse."

"Sure enough?"

"--But depending on the situation, it's not impossible, right?" I added such a sentence, probably because I can't bear to make Xuexia, who must lose, become more depressed?

However, such comfort is actually meaningless.

"So, what circumstances will you accept?"

Giving hope will bring more trouble, and I should have known this long ago.

"It's your turn to speak, Xuexia." So, I avoided the question.

"I won't allow you to escape this question!" He smiled lightly, turned around confidently, "After the speech is over, you still have to answer."

Even if she is dependent on other people, as long as she is given the opportunity to show her, she can show amazing abilities-this is Yukino Yukoshita.

That kind of self-confidence really makes people feel that this girl does not need to change at all.

Is it really okay to ruin her trust in me like this?

"Hey, under the snow—"

"You don't need to answer now, it's the same when you come back later." However, she just refused my call.

This should be the only time she rejected me in a long time.

——It is also the most undesirable rejection.

You also leave me no choice, Xuexia!

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Xuexia's speech style is relatively calm.The style of the speech that we completed together is also a logically intertwined style.From Xuexia's personal understanding of the student union, the general situation of the students of Zou Wu Gao, and finally the key club reforms and the reform of student interests, "change" is the theme of her speech.Although the policy program is always ridiculed by many people as empty talk that will never be realized, Yukoshita Yukino's previous performance, coupled with her calm speech, can still give people a sense of conviction.

At least, the audiences in the audience who were still a little jogging before, their faces became serious. This is the successful performance of her speech.

I believe that even if she does not turn to me for help, she can do this only by her own strength, and at that time, it may be more difficult for me to interfere.As a result, it is precisely because of my intervention that I can bury explosives in her program. This is really ironic!

"Then, next, it's time for questions." The student council member who presided over the stage said.

I raised my hand for the first time-but Yukoshita did not choose me.

This is also the result of our previous discussions. I was the first to speak, which would arouse the suspicion of others.

After answering the questions of the other three people without any pain, Yuukishita's eyes finally fell on me.

"Senior Yukoshita, hello, I'm Yubihama Kazuya in the first grade, and I have a question about your "for the benefit of the weak".

"Well, no problem, Yubihama."

"What the predecessors said,'for the benefit of the weak', does it mean that after becoming the president of the student union, the predecessors will attack those clubs and organizations that have more club funds, even those directly related to the school board? ?"

——First of all, thoroughly clarify the tendency of Xuexia, so that she has no room for return.

"As far as I know, there are indeed some clubs in the school where there is a waste of funds. It is very important for those small clubs that were difficult to maintain before to spend these excess clubs on those clubs with insufficient funds." She frowned and replied, of course this is not a question we had agreed upon before, but it is within the range that she can handle.However, I have noticed the confusion and a hint of reminder in her eyes.

"Of course I believe that this kind of thinking of seniors is good, so what I want to know is how can Senior Xuexia understand the requirements of those small groups?"

"If you know, I am the president of a small club, and I know that it is not easy to maintain a small club. Therefore, I will communicate and communicate with the presidents of all clubs to get the best results."

"If this is the case, of course it is the best, but I have a very serious question: that is, can Yukoshita-senpai really do this?"

Xuexia's hand trembled imperceptibly, and she finally realized that what I did now was completely beyond the scope of our agreement.

"As the executive committee member of the cultural festival, I know the working style of Yukoshita-IMHO, I think the working style of the predecessors is the style of monopoly. Ishiki students who have just finished their speech include many Seniors from the student union gave the opinions of Yukoshita-senpai, but the seniors did not agree to it, did they? So, please forgive me for being presumptuous, but I can hardly imagine that Yukoshita-senpai would be the kind of person who is willing to listen to the weak ."

While I was speaking, Yukoshita tried to interrupt me several times, but maybe it was because she thought it was impolite to interrupt me and affected her image, or she could not find a suitable opportunity to interrupt me. Just stared blankly at me to continue speaking.

"Senior is a second-year international class student. According to our ordinary class, Senior Xuexia is the so-called'elite', and whether the elite can really understand the so-called disadvantaged classmates, the vast number of classmates, I’m not very sure about the thoughts of the weak. In other words, understanding the thoughts of the weak is just the wishful thinking of the predecessors?"

This is Xuexia's biggest problem-to speak up for the weak, identity is very important. In other words, the weak will only believe in the weak.Even if the so-called nobles and so-called intellectuals tried hard to dedicate themselves to the weak, they are "people from the upper strata" after all. When problems arise, the people at the lower strata first suspect their betrayal.The origin is the original sin, and it has been the same throughout the ages.

"What if I say, I am a rebel among the'elite' crowd you are referring to?" Yukoshita gritted his teeth hard, using his last persistence to refute me.

"So, senior, please tell me, have you done anything to betray your "elite group"? Or, let me change the question, do you always stand on our side of the disadvantaged group?"

Absolutely correct. This is Xuexia’s second flaw-she is an impartial arbiter. Therefore, in the past, she appeared with an impartial appearance. During the cultural sacrifice, she did not let her Large clubs take advantage, but in contrast, she does not completely favor small clubs.But justice is not enough. "The guardian of the weak" does not mean the "Guardian of justice", but it means to stand on the weak side unconditionally-even if the weak side is unreasonable. .Therefore, when Xuexia, who has always shown a fair attitude, wants to express a tendency to lean in a certain direction, she has already lost, and she is not suitable for any extreme tendency.

Elites are born, impartial, and it is the arbitrator who is really suitable for Xuexia, not the defender of the interests of a specific part of the people.

I used the trap of the election to force her to stand in line.However, after standing on the team, she will find that the people she wants to represent don't agree with her, those people she abandon, hate her, this is the real dilemma.

For my last question, Xuexia did not answer for a long time. She was as smart as her and already knew what was wrong.