My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 347

She just looked at me with a pale face, her eyes overflowing with incomprehension, and the only sadness was restrained by her very hard.

Some members of the student council who were at a loss finally came forward and stopped my speech, but this was enough.

Even if there are some people who have hope for Xuexia, the result is conceivable at the moment when the candidates are refuted by the doubters in the audience.

I sat down and pressed my temples.

The somewhat desperate look in Xuexia's eyes still echoed in my mind.

I was to save her, so I destroyed her.

I believe this.

But why?I obviously want to make the results better, and I obviously want to make everyone better. In the end, what I am doing is to continuously hurt everyone.

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Chapter 45: One Hundred Secrets and One Sparse

Xuexia was not so bad that she finally collapsed because she was unprepared for my question. She responded to the next question with a calm tone as much as possible.However, everyone knows that Yukino, who was so powerful before this speech, might not have a smooth road ahead.

I don't know how many people I know have paid attention to this short-lasting confrontation besides Xuexia. I don't know how those who saw this scene would comment on me.After this farce, the rumors about the possible relationship between Yukihama Kazuya and Yukino Yukino will be self-defeating, and I have completed the first half of the agreement with Yukino Yukino.

Although I don't know what the result will be after completing the second half of my plan, when I set foot on this path, I had no choice.

When I came out of the crowd, the first thing I saw was Yui sister-this is really normal. Soon after she warned me, I continued my plan, and it was her who should be interrogating now. My time.

However, it was not the face of the sister who was flushed with anger, but the sister who had a complicated face and hesitated to move.

"Xiaohe, can I talk to you for a while?" she asked so uncertainly.

There is no need to be so uncertain, but I am ready for your rebuke!

"Of course, I will never reject the old sister at any time, do I?"

Sister Yui didn't speak, she just nodded and pulled me away from the crowd.

I don’t know if it’s because of the reputation of the new Miss Chief Wu Gao, or because everyone recognized me as the person who just asked the question, or my own illusion. Everyone kept their breath and gave me and Yui sister silently. Give up a channel, as if the election noise just now did not exist.

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It is really a novel thing to have a conversation with Yui sister in a family restaurant. The conversation between siblings is usually at home, or in my room, or in my sister’s room. Most of my rooms are, so there are many such conversations. A trace of unscrupulous family members.Choosing a public place like a family restaurant undoubtedly adds a layer of barriers to the relationship between relatives and makes this conversation more formal.

"How long has Xiaohe planned for this incident today?"

"I can't remember either."

This is the truth. I vaguely remember that I had an agreement with Xuexiayangna to solve her sister’s problems. I slowly discovered that simple help cannot be effective. The most important thing is to change the way Xuexiayang thinks about problems. Therefore, it is hard to remember whether it was when the cultural festival saw the fragile side of Yukoshita, or when the cultural festival was over to prepare for the election of the student president.

"Xiaohe means that you can't remember how long you have deceived Xiaoxue, is that right?" My sister pressed her temple and asked helplessly.

"Although this sentence sounds harsh, it cannot be denied."

"No wonder! If it was planned for so long, then Xiaohe wouldn't change his mind just because of my previous remarks? I found out too late and it doesn't make sense anymore, is it?"

In response, I responded with silence.

"So, why? Why did you do these things to Xiaoxue?" My sister continued to ask, "I don't believe that Xiaohe would do this kind of thing because he hates Xiaoxue - Xiaohe hates someone. I will only silently dissatisfy in my heart, and will not try to embarrass her, is it true?"

"Because, although Xiaohe always behaves very coldly, so cold that makes people feel too cold, but Xiaohe is actually a very gentle person, isn't it?" My sister opened her eyes and looked at me, but there was no doubt in her eyes. , But full trust.

It turns out that in my sister's heart, have I always existed like this?

This is probably Yuihama Yui's gentleness-what belongs to me is always despised by me. It doesn't look like a sister at all, but it is indeed my sister's gentleness.

I nodded as my answer.

Sister Yui blinked excitedly: "Yeah, I know, Xiaohe should be to help Koyuki?"


"So, how do you help? Ah, I see. I am worried that the relationship between Xiaohe and Xiaoxue is too close, which aroused my suspicion before, so would you take the initiative to do something like this to let everyone resolve the misunderstanding? Then Xiaohe stayed After a move, Xiaoxue was able to become the president in the end, right?"

The heartfelt relief in sister Yui's shining eyes proved that she really thought so.

Perhaps, in her world, there is no cruel reality-but her brother is still darker than her.

My silence again caused my sister to calm down slowly. It was obvious that she also realized that what was happening now was not so simple.

"Really? I think too good, is it?"

"I'm really sorry to let you down, Yui sister."

"No, it's nothing, it's me who thinks so much without permission, a little too optimistic."


"So, can you tell me the real reason?"

I habitually want to find a reason to refuse, after all, I have been alone for too long.On this so-called right path that I found myself, for the sake of being correct and for the benefit of the vast majority of people, I kept giving up the people around me. The first was Xuexia, and then Isshiki. Before that, I was the predecessor Xiao Muzhen, even though It is Sonoda who still has the so-called cooperative relationship. She and I know that the contract between us has actually ended.

The reason why I did not give up sister Yui is just because I have never regarded my sister as an object to rely on. Therefore, when my sister asked me proactively and suggested to me that she could be the person next to me, I was at a loss. of.

What can Yui sister do?I have always been helping her, and I have been joking saying that Yui sister is actually my sister. The old sister only needs to keep moving forward according to her own ideas. As a younger brother, I will help her solve all obstacles-originally It should be like this.

However, recently, I found that Yui sister's steps often stopped, as if to cooperate with me, as if I knew that I could not push her forward so calmly.Of course, this is still tolerable, because, after all, I am still behind her.

But now, when she slows down again, and even expresses that I want to take the initiative to help you, what should I do?

"Sister Yui, do you believe me?"

"Of course, I have always believed in Xiaohe!"

"Then, you believe that I will give Xuexia the best ending in the end." I reluctantly smiled and said to my sister.

Yui Yui does not need to worry about Yuihama Kazuya, nor does it need to hesitate for Yubihama Kazuya, because since I can remember, I have always been such a person who does not need to worry about my sister. If I let her now instead. If you are worried, it is a dereliction of duty as a younger brother.

"Xuexia's problem is that she is too dependent on others. All her beliefs in behavior are borrowed from others. When a principle disappears, she will not expect to give to those around her. Another principle she has determined is completely lacking in self-persistence. Therefore, her beliefs seem extremely firm, but in fact they are extremely fragile."

"Because of some accidents, Yukoshita began to fake the belief that I provided her. I realized this early on. However, she would not understand if she only told her that it was meaningless to do so. So, I think What she did was to let her feel the feeling of being completely betrayed by a trusted person. Although this is a bit extreme, only after experiencing this can Yukoshita really think about what she wants and how much she can do. ."

I told my sister my thoughts thoroughly-of course, not to ask her for help, but to show her confidence.

"So, so far, everything is in my plan, I just need to calm down under the snow, remind her, let her realize what should be done, that's it."