My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 348

"Is this what Xiaohe thought?"

"Well, is there any problem?"

"After betraying Xiaoxue like that, I was telling her what to do as a victor and a bystander, right?"

"I understand what you mean, sister, it is really too much for someone like me to tell Xuexia this all - but I believe in Xuexia, I believe that she is a strong enough mentality and reasonable enough, she Maybe she will not choose to forgive me, but she will definitely realize my intention to make her understand."

"Yes, Xiaoxue is probably that kind of person-even if you hate someone, even if you don't like someone, you won't deny the advantages of that person, some people are too rational!" My sister said with a wry smile.

"Yes, this is also the biggest backing of my plan, isn't it?"

"But Xiaohe, remember the warning I gave you before?" My sister raised her head and looked at me helplessly.


"I said to Xiaohe, the factor that Xiaohe may have overlooked, I thought that Xiaohe might not have overlooked it before, but now it seems that is not the case!"

"So, what am I missing?"

"Just now, Xiaohe agreed with my point of view, thinking that Xiaoxue is an overly sensible person, is that right?"

"Well, that's right."

"But, has Xiaohe ever considered what will happen when someone like Xiaoxue becomes impulsive?"

"Xuexia became impulsive? This joke is not funny at all"

——No, this possibility still exists.

Some clues that hadn't been taken seriously before slowly became entangled.

"Is it impossible?"

Because I over-believe that the person is not the person who will be moved by emotions, I ignore the possibility of the girl’s feelings, but if-

"——If I said Xiaoxue really likes Xiaohe, what would Xiaohe think?"

"If Xiaoxue is completely betrayed not only by the person she trusts, but also by the person she likes, when she discovers that everything she likes is part of a lie, Xiaohe thinks, can she still maintain the kind of sanity you imagined?"

Sister Yui's words reached my ears a little erratic.

I fully understand the meaning of these words.

When betrayed by someone you like, who else can treat all of this calmly?


Chapter 46: Bad Reliance

In my eyes, Xuexiaxuena is always the "that" Xuexiaxuena, always the most special person.Not because she occupies a special place in my heart, but because I believe she is a special person. Despite many flaws and many places that make people feel crazy, only one thing will not change. Yes-that is, she is an absolutely calm and sensible person.

Feelings, a complicated variable, don't need to be added to her.

Working with her is of course a very pleasant thing. Her judgment is accurate and her decision is decisive. Although she lacks self-awareness, it does not affect her being an excellent rational person.

So I ignored—or rather, I consciously ignored her as a girl, the fragile side of her feelings as a girl.

Even, until Yui sister exposed my self-deception nakedly, I habitually wanted to continue to ignore it.

"But, my sister never asked the truth about Yukoshita? At least she didn't give you a clear answer."

Although I don't know if this kind of powerless struggle is meaningful, but it can at least calm my mood.I want to get a kind of comfort: a kind of comfort that I have never made a big mistake.

"Yeah, Xiaoxue didn't actually say anything."

"Right? Since I didn't say anything, it was actually my sister's speculation."

"But I can feel it, but Xiaohe can't feel it?"

"Uh, ah, my reaction to feelings has always been relatively slow, haha-shouldn't it be that my sister's reaction to feelings is too keen, so that a little abnormality has become such a big doubt?. "

I know, I know very well, I am evading.In my limited life, I rarely evade the truth of the matter. Apart from the self-blocking after the final, I watched all this indifferently.

But this time, I couldn't hold on anymore.

If Yukoshita also messed up, what am I left with?

As my sister said, my idea of ​​using this cruel truth to punish her after she calmed down under the snow was completely defeated-she might just fall into deeper self-loathing, and Can't realize my purpose.

So, in addition to a useless pride that feels that I am completely right, what results have I paid and sacrificed so much in the process of wiping the disk I am proud of?

"If Xiaohe doesn't want to believe it, when is Xiaohe going to find Xiaoyue to give your so-called preaching?" Sister Yui asked lightly.

This question completely pierced my illusion of escape.

It's impossible for me to just let it go under the snow, but as long as I want to care about it, the closer I get to the truth, and my heart tells me that the truth is closer to sister Yui's side.

"So, Xiaohe is actually aware of it-Xiaohe is more sensitive to emotions than you said."

——Even so, don't pierce it!

"Xiaohe, for the sake of Xiaoxue, I can feel it, but if I can—"

——So, don’t pierce!

"Have Xiaohe ever thought of a remedy for accidents?"

——Also, why was it pricked by Yui sister?It doesn't matter if you are Yukoshita himself, Ishiki, Xiaomu Shou-sen, or being pierced by anyone, why did you want to be discovered by Yui sister?

Why is Yui who has always been protected by me, and I have been taking care of it, and even if I want to help me, I will only be rejected by Yui sister to tell me all this?

It's really annoying to be this shameful in front of my sister!

"So, of course I haven't thought about it!" When I yelled this uncontrollably, even myself was shocked.

As a result, when such a ugly state was exposed in front of my sister, I could hardly imagine my current expression that might be somewhat distorted.

My sister seemed to be frightened by the look in my eyes, and couldn't speak for a while.

Obviously it was her own problem, but showing such an expression to her sister, it was really bad.

"Sorry, Yui sister, let me think about it calmly." I stood up and walked out the door somewhat staggeringly.

If you continue to look at Yui sister, I think I will collapse.

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When I abandon other companions, I originally thought that companions were my burden. Abandoning companions was to liberate each other and also to make me move better.I always think so.

However, when people are really facing desperation, they will involuntarily call "help", and the object of this "help" will never be oneself, but a companion, or at least the people around him.