My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 349

So, from start to finish, what did I do?For the goal in my heart and for my ideals, I kept abandoning others and hurting others-until just now, when Yui sister reached out to me the last possible help, I used such an ugly posture Refused.

Who else can I ask for help?

I looked at the familiar and unfamiliar gate of Qingquan Middle School in front of me and smiled self-deprecatingly.

When people are unconscious, they go where they want to go most.Qingquan Middle School may not be the place I want to go the most, but maybe it is my only choice at the moment?

Although I don't have a good relationship, maybe I am reluctant to call it a friend, but because of some coincidental cooperation, the person who knows a lot about my situation now.

After dialing the phone that I almost never actively contacted, I stood quietly at the school gate.

After school, the most crowded period of time has passed. The members of the homecoming department have already left, and there is still a period of time before the end of the activities of general clubs, except for the sporadic number of students on duty or leaving school for various reasons. For the late students, the gate of the school seemed a bit quiet.

However, it is precisely because of this that, wearing a high school uniform, I will appear more conspicuous.Several students cast suspicious glances at me unabashedly.No matter what era, high school students will be suspicious when they come to junior high school students-even though they are only one year older.

Noting this, I moved to a relatively inconspicuous corner, lest the girls who came out later were seen by others and generated worse rumors-it seems that since the summer vacation, I have been talking about all kinds of rumors. In combat, some succeeded and some failed. However, these strange rumors seem to like to find people around me and make my life less peaceful.

Soon, the girl with long blue hair hurriedly walked out of the campus and looked around.She didn't carry a schoolbag on her back. On the contrary, she took some papers, which was obviously called out by me at work, and she was going to go back to work later.

People who can work hard without so much trouble are really happy!

Leaping out of the shadows, he patted the opponent on the shoulder: "Sonoda."

"Ah!" The other party was obviously taken aback by me, but such an old-fashioned script is really staged in reality!

"Yuhihama-senpai!" After noticing that it was me, Sonoda rolled his eyes with a bit of complaint, "I don't think you are the kind of person who likes to hide in the dark and scary?"

"Of course not, I just hid in the dark just to be unobtrusive, and by the way it affects your reputation. The new president who just took office was impeached by the peach scandal. This is really bad, isn't it?"

"Theoretically, the vote of confidence has not been passed, and he has not yet taken office. It is just an agent!" Sonoda said with a blushing face while he stroked his bangs.

"Well, even though I said that, it's actually already confirmed, right?"

"Yeah," he nodded, Sonoda didn't seem to want to dwell on this topic, raised his eyebrows, and started straight to the subject, "Is there anything senpai actively looking for me? If I remember correctly, this should be the number one senpai. This time, he came to me without an agreement, um, since that cooperation."

"So, are you busy?" I asked, looking at the papers in Sonoda's hand and the coat that seemed to be dressed casually.

"It's not that busy." He probably realized that his clothes were a bit untidy. Sonoda pulled on his coat as if he wanted to straighten it, but finally gave up. "I just pretended to be very busy, senior ——Senior Sugiura said that if the new student council president behaves very leisurely at the beginning, it will make students suspicious, so I try to separate the work as much as possible and make it look like I have things to do every day. Very trivial work."

"That guy, Xiaochun, where did you learn the social animal-style deceptive hard work? Normally, classmates don’t go to the student union office. As long as you stay in the office and do whatever you want, everyone will no longer doubt you. I’m enthusiastic about my work, why separate the work?"

"I thought about the separation of work. I didn't mention it." Sonoda anxiously defended his favorite senior. "Furthermore, Sugiura-senpai only mentioned to me recently about pretending to work hard. Other times What I said to her was more--ah!"

Halfway through the conversation, Sonoda screamed softly and restrained himself.

It's probably a private topic between girls, right?It would be strange to mention it to me, not to mention that the relationship between me, Xiaochun and Sonoda is still a bit too complicated.

"Ahem, all in all, I'm not very busy now, so can Yuihama-senpai tell me something?"

"If it's not very busy," I looked at Sonoda and said seriously, "Would you like to walk with me?"

I think I probably just need an object to listen to my talk, an object that can understand my current situation, but can remain neutral and calmly analyze.

I was suddenly thankful that I did not immediately sever the relationship with Sonoda.

Although it is reluctant, it is also very bad, at least now I can still find a place to rely on.

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Chapter 47: Mind

Although it was me who invited Sonoda to come out, this was after all the result of that depressive breath. When the two of them walked on the road together, there was always a sense of disharmony.

"Um, senior, have we been away for a while?" The girl's hesitant voice came. Obviously, although she was not very busy, she was walking on the road with the student union information, and her schoolbag was still in the office. Here, how much will make people a little impatient?

It is not a good thing to give up halfway, on the contrary, it will arouse stronger curiosity on the other side. In that case, you can only stick to it.

"Are there any brothers and sisters in Sonoda's family? Or are you the only child?"

"I am indeed an only child, but Honoka has a younger sister, ah, Honoka is my good friend, eh."

"I know, the energetic one, you should have mentioned it."

"Well, very energetic, although sometimes it is unreliable, but I don't know why, it is easy to be trusted!"

"Looks like a good friend!"

"Yes, my best friend." Sonoda showed a proud but nostalgic expression.

If I also have friends like this, I shouldn’t be rushed to such a degree in such a situation, right?Although I actually don't think of myself as that kind of autistic person, I really still have no real friends!

——Perhaps it used to be, but neither that person nor myself were satisfied with this situation, so under all sorts of mistakes, even that person was lost!

"Well, Senpai asked this question, is it because Senpai and Senpai’s sister are in conflict?" Sonoda asked cautiously. Indeed, the question I just had was too direct, and she could quickly judge the reality. Right?

"Almost? But since you have no brothers or sisters, you shouldn't know how to solve the problem, right?"

"Well, I'm sorry!" Sonoda lowered his head.

"It's nothing, on the contrary, I am more embarrassed, am I not? No one asks for help when encountering this kind of problem, and finally finds the most inappropriate person for help.

But this should be almost the same, right?Hurry up and put an end to this awkward situation. As for what to do next, a solution can always be found. Isn't it the case?

"However, although there is no way to provide experience, can seniors tell me the question?" However, Sonoda didn't seem to want to end.


"I mean," Frowning, Sonoda's beautiful eyes are shining, she is trying to organize reasonable language, "I mean, since Senpai has been forced to ask me this question, then It means that Yubihama-senpai doesn't have too many other people to ask for help? If I just refuse it like this, it should be difficult for Senpai, isn't it?"

"If there is no other person to find, I can solve it by myself. You have helped me a lot just now, at least it has calmed my mood a lot—"

"--However, it is precisely because the predecessors always like to solve problems by one person, some problems will not be solved, right? Some things, if you keep not talking, will only get worse, right? "

"Uh, it's actually not that exaggerated!"

Are you kidding me?Reverted to asking for help from a girl who is two years younger than me. Although I have just complained about it, you are only a middle school student!

"Yuhihama-senpai, don't you think you are a bit too confident? Or, too arrogant?" However, this second-year junior high school girl who was two years younger than me stared at me with her piercing eyes , For a while, I also felt that the opposite person was a bit too dazzling.

"Always believe that the solution you propose is the best, and always do something troublesome without discussing it with others. Even if you are a senior, you will not succeed every time. Right?"

Sonoda's words fell heavily on my heart-this is something I have been avoiding.Yes, I am not always right, even if I am awake enough, even if I am sane enough, even if I have been correcting my mistakes, I cannot always be right.My own solution has brought such serious consequences, isn’t this my problem?

"And, even if it's only temporary, I'm still senior's girlfriend? These things, discuss with me, there is no problem." Finally, she blushed and said such a sentence.