My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 352

"Yeah." I clenched the CD in my hand.

"So, that's it, I think, Kazuya, this time, it should be the last, right?"

Without waiting for my answer, she just turned and left.

This time, everything should be over.

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Um, the next chapter is the girls side of Xiaochun and Haiye. This time should be the last time. Xiaochun will not be lashed afterwards. Xiaochun Party let me QAQ; by the way, everyone can guess which song it is. The ed of these two people, um, let me rule out the answer for everyone


Chapter 48.5: twinkle snow

She still remembers that nearly a year ago, on that somewhat cold winter night, she watched that person go to a battle that was almost certainly defeated, and then she saw the indifferent expression of the returning senior.

"Everything is over." Senior said so, and then staggered away with some trembling.She didn't know if Senior was trembling because of fear or the cold, but at that time, she didn't dare to catch up with Senior.

Later, she thought, she probably felt that she was not qualified to evaluate the contributions of seniors!

Now, a year later, in the same cold late autumn, she watched that man go to the battle that was almost defeated again, and then she saw the same indifferent expression of the returning senior.

"Everything is over." Senior said, and then left steadily.

At that time, and this time, nothing seems to have changed, but at that time and this time, it seems that a lot has changed.

So, she caught up in the footsteps of the predecessors, walked side by side with her with a soft "um".

"Sorry, Umi, I still haven't been able to do anything." Senior Sugiura who walked beside him suddenly said.

"Senior don't have to apologize. I didn't expect any results at all—or, I shouldn't expect any results."

"However, in this way, we will be people of the same disease."

"Yes, pity the same disease."

Once, she was extremely eager to be able to walk shoulder to shoulder with Sugiura Koharu-senpai, but in the end, when the two could really do this, it turned out to be through this mode, which can not help but feel a bit ironic.

"Um, Senior Sugiura--" she hesitated.


"That, I'm sorry."

"Oh, it's nothing."

"It's not that I asked Senpai to help Senpai Yuihama to talk about it and I'm sorry. I didn't expect a result. I was sorry for other things."

She tried to explain.To be honest, Sonoda Umi felt that her appearance yesterday was too bad. After running away from Yubihama Kazuya incoherently like that, she made a choice that made her self-sufficient more angry. She went straight to Sugiura Koharu. , Expressing her complex and entangled feelings to her predecessors, her kind of things she doesn’t want to like, but she likes, she wants to give up after she likes, but she has a fluke mentality that she doesn’t want to give up Bad feelings.

But, most importantly, after saying so many things, she even forgot to apologize to Sugiura-senpai.Although senior did not know, she obviously took the risk for the sake of senior. As a result, because of her arrogance, she liked someone she shouldn't like without authorization. She did such a thing of betraying senior, but she forgot to be with senior apologize.

What kind of mood and intention did Sugiura Koharu go to meet Yubihama Kazuya?The things she didn't dare to do, the results she didn't dare to think about, in the end, the seniors were responsible for herself. This is the real purpose of her apology.

In the end, Senior was still solving the problem for herself, she really did nothing.

"I also know about another apology!"

"Huh?" She raised her head in surprise and looked at Sugiura Koharu with a gentle smile.

"Hai Wei thinks that he shouldn't like Heya? Probably because he thinks he just wants to use him, he just wants him to reconcile with me, and finally loves him is very despicable, right?"

She grew her mouth in surprise-so, is her cover-up really so bad?

"Then I guessed it right, but it's not that hard to guess, isn't it? Although reasoning based on known conditions is a little unrealistic, but now that the answer is already known, combine the previously known conditions. , It's not very difficult, right?"


"--However, you don't need to apologize for this! Emotional matters are always selfish."

"But!" she retorted with some excitement, "this is not just a question of selfishness, it is a question of trampling on the minds of my favorite predecessor, this is a question of betraying my favorite predecessor for a boy, Really, it's not that simple."

"But, if you really betrayed, you wouldn't tell me these things? So, I thank you very much, thank you, Hai Wei, thank you for respecting my predecessor, thank you for your love My predecessor-at least, it makes me feel that my three years of middle school life is not as bad as I thought before."

Xiaochun's voice finally showed a little sadness.

"Senior is a great senior, I have always admired, excellent senior."

"However, good seniors actually did nothing. In three years, the most important relationship was useless, completely failed, learning was so-so, even the student union, in fact, I did not become the president, right? ?"

"However, Sugiura-senpai is obviously better than President Kimura—"

"——No matter what the reason, from the resume, it is actually quite a failure, isn't it?"

"But success doesn't depend on your resume!"

"So I think the three-year middle school life is more successful than I thought, because I met a junior like you," Xiaochun gave Hai Wei a gentle look and said, "Also, if you really feel sad If you do, then I can tell you that I have done something I am sorry for you too, so shall we be even?"

"Senior did something sorry for me?"

"Yes, in fact, you should be able to realize it? Why, I still like that guy, I will support you so hard and provide you with help."

She blinked subconsciously.

"Actually, it's for selfishness!" Sugiura Koharu closed her eyes, turned her head, and whispered, "I, who had to stay away from that guy because of my anxiety, if I want to work hard or fight for it. , Then I can only use you who can still be close to him? So, I just used you as a bargaining chip for me and Xiaomu Yuxuecai. I didn’t really care about your feelings. At that time, I, I’m just thinking about how to use you to defeat that person. I’m like this, compared to you who betrayed me for irresistible reasons, I’m actually much worse, right?”

Speaking of the end, Xiaochun's voice became trembling. This is the first time she made such a voice today-even at the very beginning, when she announced the result of the final trial to herself, her voice never happened. Variety.

"Even if I went to find peace for you today, part of the reason is because of my bad reason. So, when you see me like this, you still need it. Do you feel guilty for betraying me?"

"Of course it will!" However, she replied without hesitation.

She did not think that there would be such a reason-but what about such a reason?

"Hey, I'm using you!"

"However, if it were me, it wouldn't matter even if it was used by seniors." She said resolutely like that.

"Don't say this so lightly, do you really know what I mean?"

"I know, seniors want to eliminate my guilt - but is it really okay to use this method to eliminate my guilt, to use such a way to discredit and degrade myself?"

"I'm telling the truth!"

"But, isn't it exactly the truth?"

Xiaochun was stunned.