My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 354

I really want to show you who is more dazzling than today

Looking up at the falling sky


Snowflakes give me a soft kiss

After looking for many different moods


I will continue to mature eventually

Just like the snow protecting it until the budding day

This feeling also surrounds me

this year see

Shining on the many moods I found this year

Snowflakes are floating and piled up

And in spring I will definitely change

Brand new me

This year

I am more dazzling than today


Hope to show you

Looking up at the falling sky

Wish to that snowflake, pray to that snowflake


A soft kiss to that snowflake

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Actually, the ed of ic doesn’t fit well as the ed here, but I think it’s almost the same only by looking at the lyrics, so let’s use it first?

In fact, neither Xiaochun nor Haiye are the expected appearances. Xiaochun is okay. I basically thought of Xiaochun's setting when I was writing Chapter 6. After that, the second volume was given a more complete set. Plot.Hai Ye was really unintentional. At the beginning, I wanted to write a more serious student council vice president. I wrote Hai Ye along the way, and then wrote that I think I can add more plot, so it’s like this, so many People might still think that Hai Ye's plot is quite unconventional. I actually feel this way occasionally, but in the end, it's the best to come back with a fair amount.

At the end of this chapter, you can make any suggestions. Anyway, I gave my response. Haiye is also a confession. Xiaochun is ambiguous. I think this pair depends on Lily's brains. By the way, I'm Lily Nao, and I'm just two Lily (laughs), which is actually quite good.


Chapter 49: Repayment of Debts

If the days before have always been long, then I don’t even know why time has become so fast.With the advent of December, there is already a lively atmosphere in the streets to prepare for the coming Christmas and New Year.

Of course, this atmosphere has nothing to do with me.

I am just a person, slowly advancing towards an unknown destination.I think I am not a person who fears loneliness, but when I am truly alone, I will find that my life has ceased, without any memorable traces.

It’s been a long time since I went to work. It is estimated that my position has long been replaced by others. It is no longer possible to return to my old career. The activities of the Ministry of Service have nothing to do with me whether or not they continue. Under the situation that there are few members left, this society should be on the verge of disbanding.After returning home, I maintained an apparently harmonious relationship with my sister at the dinner table. After dinner, they went back to their respective rooms without any communication.

Occasionally I would go to the football field to take a look. One day, I also saw the members who came to the club and the football club to say goodbye. After being elected as the president of the student council without any suspense, she also resigned as the manager of the football department. Duty, I don’t know if she asked Ye Shan to ask him to help herself.In my very distant and vague impression, I seem to think Isshiki likes Hayama, but now everything is completely different.I also occasionally agree to Ye Shan's idea of ​​letting me play some training games with everyone on the football team. What is ridiculous is that I, who resolutely refused this request, will now choose to compromise on this principle because of loneliness.

In the final analysis, some of the principles that have persisted for a long time are this kind of tatters that can be thrown away at will.

Occasionally I also think of Higiya Hachiman, the person I have forgotten for a long time-according to the scheduled plan, after the election of the student council president, I will talk to that guy, maybe with my unique conceited tone Tell him: You are too wrong.However, now, when I know I have been so wrong, I am not qualified to do such a thing.

There is no such thing as a world where no one can get hurt. Therefore, there are always some people who have to bear the responsibility, and some people will choose to bear the responsibility alone, but I am inclined to share the pain with everyone. The pain is very big and the wound It hurts, it hurts, but it’s for one person. If this pain is shared with everyone, and everyone accepts only a limited amount of suffering, it can be achieved within the range that everyone can accept. Satisfactory ending.

I used to think this way-this is not about sacrificing a few to save the majority, but letting everyone save themselves.In my vision, the biggest problem is that some people are unwilling to sacrifice, but now I see that when everyone is willing to sacrifice, splitting the pain will not make the pain less, but will make everyone The pain expanded to the original appearance, so everyone was burdened with a huge pain, and in the end everyone was seriously injured.

——Such a world is not as good as a wounded world!I could almost see Biqigu saying this with rotten eyes.

So, am I really doing something wrong?

I come to the classroom early every day and think about this question. It is just a "yes" or "no" question. I have been thinking about it for a long time.

"Good morning, Kazuya." The voice of the girl sitting next to me reached my ears.

I don't remember when Isshiki started to greet me again. Maybe after the student union election, maybe before that, I just remember that she had greeted me for a long time, and then I nodded slightly to signal that I heard it.Then the two began their respective work.

She is busy dealing with all kinds of interpersonal relationships-recently started sorting out all kinds of documents, and I continue to think about life.

"Hey, Kazuya, do you want to hear a proposal?" The girl's voice came over again.

Saying the second sentence after the greeting is a bit abnormal.

To be honest, I am now eagerly hoping that when I change positions next semester, the girl next to me is the girl who was hurt so badly by me, and I will be embarrassed.

"I don't want to."

"Hey, don't veto it without hearing it!"

"If you remember what happened after we regained a good relationship last time, I think you should understand what I think now." Although it is cruel-not less than the second rejection, but for some unnecessary appearance The possibility, I still can only do this.

I trust Xuexia and Sonoda so much, and it turns out that my trust has never been reliable.

Yishi took a deep breath, and his face became a little gloomy.Like being stabbed by a needle, she didn't speak any more.