My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 355

So I turned my head and continued to think about the question for which I still couldn't find an answer.

"Now, I said, do you really think I am the kind of girl who doesn't want to give up?" But after a while, she still asked.

"To be honest, this has nothing to do with my judgment. Recently, my judgment has been wrong, so it is better to eliminate all possibilities as much as possible."

"It seems that you have really had a hard time lately-your terrible face was not acted out."

"Do you think I still need to pretend to be pathetic to win your sympathy?"

"Uh-" Yishi paused with a bit of embarrassment.

This is the second time she was interrupted by me.

However, don't know why, she seems to have not given up.

"By the way, should I thank you for being able to get the position of student council president?"

"Don't thank me, I didn't do this for you, I was originally going to attack Xuexia, helping you is only an objective result."

"Really a very blunt answer!"

"It's just explaining the facts."

"So, what about Senior Xuexia? Why did you do this? Have you forgiven her now?"

I did not answer immediately. When Isshiki asked this question, I felt that all her questions were to prepare for this question. Whether it was answering "yes" or "no", I would fall into Very embarrassing.

However, it seems that the result of not answering is the same.

"Hey, Kazuya, I'll only say the next thing," Isshiki whispered with his back to me, "First of all, you really don't have to worry about what I will do to you, even if it is as you worry. If I like you, I won’t do the stupid things I did at that time. I don’t need a second time to experience the failure. Don’t forget, I’m a proud girl, prouder than you think. Many. So, I will not help you."

——Is this Isshiki's idea?However, it is indeed in line with her character.

"Secondly, no matter what you do, no matter how you conceal it, everyone can feel your current state of depression-even Senior Ye Shan asked me what happened to you, people who care about you. It’s more than you think. People who care about you don’t want to keep your appearance."

——So, is this comfort?However, this is actually a greater burden, right?There are more people who care about me, so I can feel how big my fault is. This comfort is not your smart style at all, it is too rigid!

"Third, I can probably guess what you did to Senior Xuexia, and I can also think of why you blamed yourself on Senior Xuexia. Of course, other people and other things may be involved. For example, the elementary school girl from Qingquan Middle School who had a quarrel with you, you would think you hurt them-but it's funny, and Kazuya, didn't you always hurt others in order to achieve your goals? Don’t you always feel that, for the higher, all, common interests, you are helping us make the best choice for us? If you are still the person who is so confident in yourself, now you want to Yes, how should this bad enough ending be reversed?"

——But, there is no way to reverse it!I have tried all the ways, not to mention, before me, didn't I always want to reverse the bad ending?As a result, a worse ending can only be used to fill the vacancy of the previous problem. This is the reason why the problem has become out of control.

"Finally, if you find that you can’t solve it yourself, there is actually a way—in fact, what I mainly want to say is this sentence, and also. I can repeat the other things, but only this sentence is really true. I only say it once, "Even when I look at her from behind, I can feel Yishi's tone becoming serious. This is the tone she rarely has, when she is really serious, "I can't help you anymore. , Maybe most people can't help you anymore-but one person can."

"Only that person will stand by your side again and again when encountering your betrayal. Only that person will always consider you when being left out by you, and only that person, even if When you abandon, you will not abandon."

I know who Isshiki is talking about, but--

"--But if you refuse that person's help because of your damn, your boredom, and your sad self-esteem, if you just treat that person as someone who only you can protect, no one else can hurt Yes, an inviolable person, what you do is the biggest offense to her. You are trampling on her mind with pride." Isshiki's voice was very soft, but his words were very powerful.

I don't know why she said such things, but I can hardly refute her words.

Have I been trampling on Yui sister's heart?

"Why can you say that?"

"Why can I say that," the girl turned around, her expression complicated, "because, only when she wants to help but finds that she can't do anything, can we see the most suitable person who can help you!"

Only when you are separated from the environment of the person concerned, you can see the truth of the problem more clearly, is it true?

Sure enough, Isshiki you are also a gentle enough girl!


When I was about to speak, Isshi stretched out a finger and pressed my lips.

"You just need to tell me, do you accept my words or not?"

I nodded.

"Then needless to say more." She showed a satisfied, somewhat fragile smile, "I will be shaken if I say more."

"This can be regarded as repaying you for your help in the presidential election-whether you did it on purpose or not, I will treat it as if you helped me. I don't want to owe you this favor, so now, I miss us It's already cleared up, Heya!"

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It is said that Bing Jiaogu was blocked, and Dianniang is really boring enough to be lazy to appeal, so let's do it...


Chapter 50: Yuihama Yui really is an angel!

As she herself said, after that, Isshiki didn't say a word to me—as if it was really just to report my help.

Maybe two months later, when we rearrange our positions in the new semester, the two of us will no longer be next to each other. After a while, when we are in the second grade, we will not even be divided into the same Class, maybe after that, the two will be like passers-by.So, this may be Isshiki's last assistance.

Maybe also her last willfulness.

I should not live up to her willfulness this time.

Actually, this is very obvious-Yuihama Yui has her own ideas. She can't always look forward to hiding behind me. She has told me that she wants to truly become my sister, but I Why would you ignore this?Haven't I noticed her efforts a long time ago?Why does it make me think that Yui sister's efforts are just a little joke of her own words?

It turns out that my mistakes even go back so far away!

When I stood at the door of Yui sister's room, I thought so with a bit of self-deprecating.

It is not shameful to ask for help from my sister. When people are fragile, the first thing people think of is their family. Before, whether they were turning to Isseki for help or turning to Sonoda, and ignoring the help of my sister close at hand, it was an act of putting the cart before the horse.

However, I still dare not knock on the door.As the same color said, Yuihama Yui will forgive me unconditionally?

However, at this moment, Yui sister's door opened.

The two of us looked at each other unexpectedly.

My sister leaned back slightly, showing a reluctant, grinning smile, and then she was about to pass through the gap between my side and the door.

I don't like my sister's smile like this, obedient, obedient, and don't care about my own smile-but this kind of smile is shown to me, this is the biggest irony.

I gently tilted my body to the side to block the space for Yui sister to go out.

She was stunned, and quickly turned to the other side.

I stopped her again.

Finally, a little embarrassed Yuihama Yui said: "Uh, Oto, what's the matter?"

Then, as if worried that I would get angry with her, she quickly added: "Well, Xiaohe doesn't care about my feelings, don't care about that, I know, I won't be so in the future. I interfered in Xiaohe's affairs without authorization. Anyway, I also know that Xiaohe doesn't need me, so, that."

"I really won't be nosy anymore!" She said with a little cringe, "Actually, there are activities in the ministry these days. Well, in front of Xiaoxue, I didn't mention Xiaohe. Everyone gets along. It's very good, very good, although Xiaohe and small enterprises are not in a lot of loneliness, ah-actually not lonely, because Xiao Caiyu does not know why she will come to us these few days, but, in short, we have all lived It's very good, so even if Xiaohe—"