My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 356

"——Even if I, like Senior Biqigu, never come back, it doesn't matter, does it?"

"Well, I don’t mean that. I think that small companies will probably have their own reasons. If Xiaohe, Xiaohe always thinks farther than me and thinks deeply, so Xiaohe doesn’t come back. It must have its own reason."

This is obviously what I said to take care of my mood.However, when listening to these words, I felt extremely heavy.

A long time ago, Yuihama Yui was a girl who would act impulsively on the other side of her for Yubihama Kazuya-even at the expense of destroying the image she had worked so hard to create in the collective.Even not long ago, even when Yubihama Kazuo stubbornly refused her help, she would still try very hard to help chase him in her own way.

But why did Yui sister become like this?

"Uh, so, Xiaohe—" my sister said to me with a little trembling, "I really know what I did wrong."

——What did you do wrong?It's obviously me who did the wrong, isn't it

Like I took the initiative to admit my mistakes, it's like carefully maintaining the unity of the group. You are just trying to maintain the connection between brother and sister in this way, right?

"Now, Yui sister, I will only say the following words once." I suddenly remembered what Ishiki said to me before.


"Sister Yui, what is your truth?" I asked softly.

"My sincere words. Just the ones I just said--"

"—Sister Yui, so, I said, what I said just now, I only say it once, I only give you this opportunity, I hope, if you really want us to reconcile, you know what you should say of."

Sister Yui was silent.

To be honest, I am really the worst brother. I need to apologize now, but I use such a strong tone to force my sister, as if it was not me who made the mistake, but sister Yui.

However, I am still very angry. I am angry that the sister Yui who will never just cater to me in front of me has become like this, and I am angry and forced her to be like this.

So, if the older sister is really that older sister, really the older sister I was familiar with before, I think she will know the answer I want.

Sister Yui fell silent, her face, including the dumplings on her head, quivered regularly, and then became a little ruddy.

"Xiaohe, did you do this on purpose?" she asked in a low voice.

"Well, as you think."

"In that case, there will probably be no worries!" Yui sister gave a wry smile.

"I think what I am looking forward to is probably this."

"Xiaohe you are shaking M?"

"In certain circumstances."

"Xiaohe is really good at saying these things!"

"Sorry, old sister."

"Do you really think that a simple'apology, old sister' can solve the problem?" Yui sister's voice became sharp, "You fool, Yuihama, when did you treat me as you? My sister, while saying something like "This is for the good of my old sister", while doing things to hurt myself-oh do you think that is not hurting yourself, but what the so-called price must be paid, then It's even more laughable. Did your arrogance hurt me? You didn't pay the price yourself, but you hurt me. Why did you help me? It's ridiculous, isn't it?"

"Sorry, sister."

"When did He become an apologetic worm? This is different from your arrogant impression, isn't it? Don't think about my feelings when you help me, why refuse my help? Obviously Xiao and you can’t be alone. You are very strenuous by yourself, but why do you want to be strong by yourself. Was the reminder I gave you wrong? I noticed Xiaoxue’s problem, I reminded Xiaohe, Did I do something wrong? Not at all? Then Xiaohe has any right to lose his temper at me. You always treat your Xiao Muxiao as your sister, the same way, when Xiao Muxiao accuses you, you will agree, but if Did I propose it? You might ignore it completely, right? Now, Xiao Muzhen-senpai can no longer play the role of your sister, so you don’t think about other people’s ideas. Is that right? You think you just You can rampage unscrupulously, isn't it?"

"Xiaohe probably thinks he is great, right? Well, everyone thinks Xiaohe is very powerful. Didn’t Xiaohe once talked about the boring theory of'capacity destruction' for a while? Why don’t you insist now? Are you wrong? If you know that you did something wrong at the time, why are you always so sure that you can't do it wrong now? Didn't you at the time also feel that you have discovered the truth of the universe?"

"Remember that classmate from the small enterprise called Caimuza who had been to the Ministry of Service before? You, Xiaohe, are not much better than that fellow!"

It was almost a complete vent. My sister just lost her image and yelled at me—even my mother pushed us away, implying that I was asking what happened.

However, nothing actually happened.I agree with what my sister said, and some disagree, but I will accept it, because this is the true thought of Yui sister who has always cared about me.

I don't know since when, my sister's voice became softer, maybe because she was a little tired from venting, maybe because she was finished.After fully expressing her emotions, she was stunned, then squatted down and buried her head in her knees.

"It's over, these words are too embarrassing. I don't look like my sister at all. I lose my composure. Isn't this just venting? Doesn't it make my impression in Xiaohe's heart even more broken? Xiaohe Was it to stimulate me like this? Xiaohe, ooh—"

Seeing this, I suddenly fell into a self-blaming state, and smiled.

This is probably my most comfortable smile in this time.

The one who was so angry just now was the real Yui sister, and the one who regretted it now was the real Yui sister, who together belonged to my gentle Yui sister.

"Now, Yui sister, I did say those things just because I wanted to stimulate you!"

"Sure enough, Xiaohe, your character is really bad enough, ah oh-"

"However, I am irritating you to say these things because I have a request!"


"Yes, please," I nodded, and I found that my voice became a little trembling.

It turns out that asking for help from my sister is such an important thing?It turns out that seeing Yuihama Yui like this is something that makes people feel so relieved?So, after disguising your calmness and strength for so long, is it such a joyful thing to relax?

"Sister Yui, I think I can't hold it anymore. Whether it's Yukinoshita, Sonoda, Senior Ogishao, or everyone, I think I did too much wrong, and I don't know what to do. Up."

"So?" My sister was stunned, then she slammed her mouth.

She understands what I mean.

"So, um—"

"——So, to tell you what you really want, I will only give you one chance, Xiaohe." However, even though I was covering my mouth, even though I saw tears in her eyes, my sister still showed up. A somewhat weird smile.

What a nasty old lady!

"So, Yui sister, now, the person who can help me is you."

——No matter when, no matter how serious the betrayal is, there will always be people on my side.

"Yeah." This time, Sister Yui didn't delay the incident, she just nodded gently.

However, such nodding is tantamount to my greatest salvation.

"Really, is it okay? After I have done such an excessive thing, is it okay?"

"Of course, because I am Xiaohe, elder sister!" The tears in Yui sister's eyes flowed slowly, and she hugged me a little hard.

Really, I don't know when, I have already hid in the arms of Yui sister who is a head shorter than me-if it was the previous me, I would definitely feel ashamed?

But if it’s a sister, it’s okay, right?

It's really bad, why, I also cry at this time?

The world also favors Yubihama Kazuya, so it kindly keeps Yuihama Yui for him.