My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 357

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Chapter Final

200 years ago, people began to admire the power of science. What followed was a carnival of rationalism that lasted for a century. People tried to use science to infer everything, use science to infer the direction of human history, and use science to speculate. From the context of human thinking, using science to explain the feelings and ethics that humans once felt could not be measured by reason. People believe that based on everything we know, we can infer all unknown affairs.

Therefore, some people say that history is over.All of us know the direction of historical development, as long as we start with that direction, we can reach a perfect ending.

Therefore, the task of mankind is actually very simple, to speculate when we will reach the end of historical development.Optimistic people think that it only takes 20 years for history to be rewritten, and pessimistic people dare not make assertions-but everyone believes that history will reach its final peak sooner or later.

Knowing the happy ending in advance, are people more willing to believe in the predictions of optimists or those of pessimists?The answer is obvious. Everyone can't wait to look forward to a happy ending-so when optimists tell us that we can work hard for another 20 years, utopia can be built, people follow the optimists without hesitation.

Of course, it is obvious that even now, 100 years later, we still cannot see the end of history predicted by science.

As a result, the behemoth named rationality, the huge theory that tried to give a rational explanation to history collapsed.No one believes in the so-called ending history. Everyone starts to pay attention to reality. However, the obsession with reason still dominates our thinking. If history is too large to be predicted by reason, then, if it is just a trivial matter, if it is just Reality, we think we can grasp it.

Too many people believe that this world is composed of rational people, and rational people will only pursue the options that are best for them. Until now, many people still believe in this and believe that they have the truth of the world.

The so-called, as a rational being, everything I do is just repeating the history of human arrogance.

Just as someone felt that they had discovered the laws of historical development a hundred years ago, and confidently declared that they had derived the history of human development through their own rationality, I felt that I had discovered the best solution for those around me. , Thus pushing everyone to move forward in the direction of this optimal solution.Both are the same arrogance.

Of course, I am actually much worse.Because, theoretically speaking, at the end of history, people will not know whether history has an end until the end. All previous mistakes do not prove that history has no end. It can only prove that history is not in the prophecies. That moment is over.The person who created the theory of the end of history is still waiting for history to give himself a proof, and I, who gave the best solution to everyone around me, have proved that the result is not the best at the moment of getting the result. Maybe it is the worst.

Of course, if we must compare me with the prophet, what we have in common is probably that we ignore human emotions.When you use a rationalist thinking model to understand humans as highly rational people, the results may be different. However, people are never part of a simple collective, and for humans, emotions are easy Earth defeats rationality-this is not because people who pay attention to emotions are doing something wrong, but because only when both develop at the same time can a person's true thinking mode be constructed.

Humans are not just creatures that pursue interests—of course, in a broad sense, all human behaviors can be explained by interests. My definition of interests here is mainly non-emotional satisfaction.Compared with economic needs, people may pay more attention to their ethnic and cultural identity. Compared to the improvement of status, people may pay more attention to the bonds between relatives. Therefore, when a prophet simply regards people as a He made mistakes when he was a homogeneous actor.The same goes for the mistakes I made.

I never think that reason is not important-but if there must be a so-called "correct" conclusion, this conclusion is not just based on reason.

As for how to get it-in fact, I should have known it a long time ago.

Follow your inner thoughts, nothing more.Your greedy and evil ideas that will hurt others and the collective will eventually be denied and sanctioned. At that time, you will know that your ideas are wrong.However, if you prescribe an absolutely correct idea in advance, you will not compromise when you are denied or sanctioned, and your uncompromising will sometimes lead to wrong behemoths.

Ideals are not wrong, but if you believe too much in your own rationality, the resulting monsters may be even more terrifying.Because, when you pretend to know everything through reason, reason itself is lying to you.

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Chapter 1: First Contact

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My mind is open to writing, my two books, the cultivation method of Bing Jiao brother control, and my youth love story do not need the linkage of white album.Originally, I was just going to write a short story of the kind of interlocking Fanwai type like You Shao X Student Union, but in the process of writing, I found out that if this Fanwai was written down, it would be possible to write anything. Healing direction, happy wind, expensive chaos direction, depends on In my mood, and this extravaganza is the same as that of the student union extravaganza of the year. It is probably just a whim to write two chapters and then let go, so don't expect it to end.

Then there is the basic setting. The big setting is that the white Yubihama Kazuya was born in 1991, and the sickly Aragaki Kazuya was born in 1994. The ages of the others are estimated based on the ages of these two people.The timeline of this work that you can see right away is that Yubihama is already in college, and Aragaki is also a third year in high school. In fact, the plot is equivalent to the beginning of the story shortly after Yan Jiaowen was finally together with Inari.If everyone feels that there is a strong sense of violation, it will be regarded as another world line. If everyone is indifferent, it can be regarded as a magical continuation after the end of the white text.

---------------------------------------Beginning of text--------- -----------------------------

"So, the so-called light novel writers nowadays have become gossip reporters-they would even dig up things four years ago and still have to do meaningful interviews?" Yubihama, a junior in college, was also helpless. Tapping on the screen of his laptop, there was an e-mail that wanted to interview him in high school.

"Well, I'm a novelist after all-in this era, no matter what kind of work it is, it is very hard!" Having entered the final year of university, Xiaomu Shuxuena joked, enjoying the vacation before entering the job. "But You are also a celebrity, haven’t you? Someone comes to interview you, enough to make you proud, right?"

"I don't want to be a celebrity in this regard, and you are sure that you don't care about it, senior? You are also the protagonist when it comes to things four years ago!"

"Well," she stroked her bangs in front of her forehead with style, Xuecai blinked ambiguously, and moved her head close to Kazuya. "After all, she is a cheeky senior who has experienced those things. Only those who always evade their own black history will be afraid of this, right?"

"Um, senior, this is in the library, uh, it's in a public place, it's dangerous."

"So why does He care so much about not being discovered by others?"

"It's mainly because I don't want to let the senior--" he muttered softly, seeing the ridiculous smile on Xuecai's face, and realizing that he had been tricked and sighed helplessly, "Uh, let us return. Come on to this email, right?"

"Yeah, let me take a look. Dear Yubihama Kazuya, hello, I am Kazuya Aragaki of Toyonosaki Academy——Ah, it’s another Kazuya——"

"--Well, keep reading." Yubihama Kazuya nodded with a gloomy face, seeming to feel unexpectedly upset at the writer and his own name.

"Through a very accidental opportunity, I heard about senior's experience in high school. As a light novel writer, I am very interested in some things about senior, so I don't know if senior has time to accept my interview. ——It's really a bold email, isn't it?" Xuecai narrowed her eyes and said thoughtfully.

"I'm just wondering if this guy will actually write my story as a novel if he interviews me. I refuse this kind of public execution."

"Then reject the other party's interview." Xuecai raised her eyebrows.

"I also want to refuse--" He also knocked on the table angrily. "However, this guy's network is a bit too strong. I found my contact information through my previous coach in the U17 national team, you know Dangdang The coach who took good care of you in the year said something, “Now there is a player who admires you very much. I think he can become the country’s strongest player in the future. Although you don’t want to play in professional leagues, your peers always have no idea. Isn't it the problem?' How do you reject the other party when it comes to things like this?"

"Well, isn't this Aragaki Kazuo claiming to be a writer of light novels?"

"At the same time, I am also U17. It seems that I recently jumped into the U19 national team. This guy has more information than me on the Internet-of course I think that based on his scandal number, using himself as the material is a good light novel. ."

"I started to understand and why you don't like him."


"You are essentially a proud guy. A peer with the same name as your own has achieved greater success than you, and now I have to meet with you. This will definitely embarrass you."

"The direction may be right," Heya frowned. "But, I always feel that the'Heya' on the other end of the email gives me the feeling that he still has no real purpose."

-------------------------------------split line----------- -----------------------------------

If the other party is not inquiring about his privacy as a light novel writer, but really just wants to ask himself to guide his skills as the coach said, Yuhihama may not be disgusted with the black-haired boy in front of him.He doesn't hate someone who likes to play football, but also asks for advice and wants to improve himself.

However, the other party stated his goal so clearly in the email. Although this reflects the other party's uprightness, some things can actually make people feel embarrassed.

In any case, he gave his old coach a face, and Yubihama decided to leave as far as possible after the conversation with Aragaki Kazuya. From then on, he still shouldn't have too much contact with this boy who is three years younger than him.

However, after interacting with Kazuya Aragaki, his thoughts quickly changed-although the positions of the two on the field are different, it is very difficult to meet someone who is surprisingly consistent with his understanding and preferences in football. , This also made him understand what the coach said to himself. He can indeed give his junior a lot of advice-if his goal is really so.

That's right, the idea of ​​trying to inquire about his privacy in the email still made him a little bit brooding.When chatting with friends, he can more or less make jokes about these things about himself, but let more strangers who he doesn’t know know about these things, even if it’s adapted, it will make him feel uncomfortable. The embarrassment of being publicly executed.

However, the young Kazuya Aragaki on the opposite side seemed to be completely unaware of this. Although he could see that he was having a good chat with himself, his hesitant eyes showed that he tried to shift the topic to what he wanted. On the question.

——Just play well, what light novels should you write?

Shaking his head regretfully, Yubihama also sighed in his heart.However, he was also aware of the predicament of his junior. Since this step had to be discussed, it would be better to end it all quickly.

"I understand the e-mail sent to me by the younger brother Aragaki. In fact, I'm very curious who you heard about my experience in high school."

"Well, it's like this. Before, I went to the team to play a friendly match at Zong Wu Gao, and Zong Wu Gao gave us the now-abandoned drama department classroom as the team’s locker room, and then in the corner of the acting department. I came across a piece of material that records the cultural festival of Sou Takehaka in those days, and then saw the name of Yubihama-senpai, so I was a little curious—"

"The acting department?" Yubihama also shook his head with some doubts. So Takehaka's acting department, in his second year of high school, announced that it was abolished because of the departure of the last member before. So if Aragaki’s statement is true, it is only the members of the acting department who recorded all this, but he did not have much impression of the members of the acting department at that time.