My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 359

"To tell the truth, those reasons Yui sister-" When the debate was the most lively, I suddenly remembered a question.

"Now, Yui sister, I suddenly found a problem—"

"——Xiaohe don’t try to change the subject——"

"--No, no, it's a very important question," I withstood the fierce attack from my sister, "Old sister, no matter who we apologize to, we have to apologize in school, right?"

"Well, that's right."

"Don't you wear school uniforms at school? Does buying clothes make sense?"


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Sister Yui’s plan to buy clothes ended in a hurry. Although she tried to prove to me that "the best way to apologize is to go out to dinner and then apologize", but it seems that she herself is not willing to believe this sentence. The authenticity, so I finally gave up.

"In fact, I think it's good to buy Xiaohe a suit even if it's not for apology."

——Okay, I already know that you just want to buy clothes.

"I should find a better excuse next time."

——Is it okay to say that directly, old sister!

"However, apart from this matter," my sister raised her eyebrows and cheered up again, "There is another important thing today!"

There was an ominous hunch in my heart.

"The other thing is to prepare a birthday present for Xiaoxue!"

Again, if it wasn't for Yui sister on the other side, I would definitely turn around and leave.

"When is Xuexia's birthday?"

"January, remember it was the 3rd, right?"

"Isn't that still on holiday? You can't get your birthday present."

"It's okay, don't we already know where Xiaoxue's family lives?"

"For the New Year, Xuexia must go home to spend the New Year with her family, right? She obviously won't spend the New Year in that apartment, will she?"

"Then find out the address of Xiaoxue's house and send it to her."

"I have a feeling that what you send in the past will definitely be thrown away by her father or mother."

Thinking of the mysterious Yukino Yukoshita, and Yukoshita's parents who were able to give birth to such a pair of sisters, I think Yui sister's approach is a bit tricky.

However, this also made me suddenly remember that I had hurt Xuexia to such an extent that her sister would not move. I really don't know if she trusted me too much or was preparing for something more dangerous.

Hope it's not the latter-but this also gave me a reminder that in the muddled stage, I ignored many potential crises. If I can't cheer myself up, the problem may be more serious than I thought.

"Xiaohe?" My sister's panicked voice came over.

"What's the matter?" I shook my head, cast aside my doubts, and looked at Yui sister.

What caught my eyes was my sister's somewhat blue face.Although he was very careful to hide his panic, the worried look in his eyes could not be erased.

"Well, I just feel that Xiaohe's eyes were a little erratic."

"It's okay, I just thought of some interesting things."

"Is it related to Xiaoxue?"


"That's it," my sister's face became even more ugly, "If that's the case, um, we won't buy Xiaoxue's gift for now, after all--"

My sister opened her mouth, and stopped talking.

I realized why Yui sister became so strange.She was still worried that I hadn't adjusted, so she accidentally mentioned Xuexia and discovered that I was distracted because of Xuexia.

"It's okay!" I reached out and shook sister Yui's hand, just because of the tension in the moment, sweat seemed to ooze from her hand.

Yui sister may be under more pressure than I thought.

"Now, old sister—"

"--It's okay!" My sister interrupted me and looked at me firmly.She is keenly aware of my thoughts.

I nodded.

If it's someone else, I might question her bravery, but I won't question Yui's efforts.Because, I know, this is something that it took her sister to exchange for a long time, this is her own choice, this is what she clearly wants to do.

Therefore, I will not question it.

"Of course it's okay, old sister," I smiled softly, "this time, even if you feel you can't hold it, I won't give you breathing space."

"Xiaohe you are underestimating me?"

"Well, maybe it is."

"It seems that I haven't done enough--at least, if Xiaohe still underestimates me, it means Xiaohe hasn't completely convinced me as Xiaohe's sister."

I smiled and spread out my hands.

"Even if it is provocation, I will accept it without hesitation!" My sister stubbornly raised her head, and the ball in the back of her head shook rhythmically.

"Well, I'll watch it carefully, watching Yui sister's hard work."

"I will also work hard to make Xiaohe admire him."

My sister and I looked at each other and smiled.At this moment, I had a sense of relaxation that I could entrust myself to her.

If the previous confession was just to make up my mind, now is the time when I and Yui sister are truly in agreement.

"Sa, let's find a gift from Xuexia first!" I offered to offer.

"Huh?" My sister was stunned, and then she burst into a bright smile, "No problem!"

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