My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 360

Chapter 2: The Unthinkable Future

Facts have proved that I am powerless after all on the problem that I am not good at-if it weren't for the huge difficulties in choosing gifts, I almost forgot that I still have this setting.

Only when the old lady denies my proposal with a wry smile time and time again, I will realize that Lord God is still fair to me in this respect.I'm really not good at choosing gifts. Although I can learn to send some gifts that make girls happy through some tips on choosing gifts on the Internet, I still can't tell my sister that "gifts are the most important thing to convey my feelings". grasp.

It’s as dirty as it is often played in TV dramas, but the purely handmade dolls finally won the favor of the other party. I firmly believe that this will not happen in reality, so I will never use that rough Handicraft skills to show ugliness.In the final analysis, this is probably because a realist does not believe in a momentary emotional touch-even now.

So, in the end, my sister simply gave up and asked me to make suggestions. I became the role I most wanted to be when I went out shopping. The simple old sister's bag-carrying machine, although boring, won't give me a headache.

——Although I really don’t know the surroundings of Mr. Pan, the panda that was also selected, what is the difference between a doll that my sister bought in Xuexia’s home that is no longer able to fit in, and the homework paper I chose with Mr. Pan painted on it.

However, looking at Yui sister who was satisfied at the checkout, I will assume that she has completed a very important task!

This "date" with Yui sister is a long-lost date without any accidents.

It's a coincidence that I didn't meet various acquaintances on the road and made the situation worse.No date, both parties brought their own cautiousness and small thoughts, which finally led to a crisis of irreversible consequences.Of course, there was no accident that I was interrupted by a phone call during the date, so I had to turn around and leave.

On the way home, even my sister made a little joke about it: "I always feel that it has been a long time since He Xiaohe strolled the streets so peacefully for a whole day!"

"Yes, it is true." I replied with a small smile.

In fact, this should be the daily day of a normal male high school student, without any interruption from other people, just a day spent at his own pace.

"Actually, when I was in the mall, I was really worried. I was worried that the girl Xiaohe knew would suddenly jump out. Xiaohe and her looked at each other awkwardly, and then I had to find a way to relieve Xiaohe. It's troublesome."

"It seems you have done this many times before."

"Eh, not much?"

"It really doesn't feel much."

"Uh, then why does it feel like I often do these things."

"Even if it's the old lady, you often think about how to relieve me in your own fantasies-you have been planning how to help me before, thinking about it by day and dreaming by night, right?"

"Wow-it would be shameful to treat dreams as reality or something."

"Well, actually, it's okay to treat dreams as reality," I nodded and looked at Yui sister. "At least, now, sister, it's my help, isn't it?"

"Yes," my sister murmured and nodded, "Now, it belongs to Yubihama's family. It's the family's turn!"

--------------------------------------split line---------- ------------------------------

After school, before I finished packing my schoolbag, I saw sister Yui waiting anxiously at the door of the class.

Holding the backpack strap of the schoolbag tightly, she carefully watched into the classroom.There is no such aura of the new Miss Chief Wu Gao-but, perhaps for this reason, many other first-year students who secretly watched her, probably because they felt that such a person lacking the temperament of a goddess and the cultural sacrifice Ogata Rina’s girls will never be the same, so after a long time curiously curious about Yui sister, she gave up the idea of ​​chatting with her.

However, for a classmate who is in my class and who knows the relationship between Yui Yui and I, Yuihama Yui's appearance is not deceiving.It seems that within a few seconds when I was about to stand up to meet Yui sister, a few good guys greeted me, probably saying nonsense like "Senior sister is here to find Yuihama?" Earn a good impression in front of you.

So, you guys who like senior sisters shouldn’t be a little measured. Can you pay attention to the impact?

I separated the boys around Yui sister in twos and threes, took her hand, and walked away from the eyes of everyone.

"Actually, I already know how to deal with these boys!" Maybe it was because the younger brother's hand would hurt her authority as a sister in full view. After leaving the class, Yui sister quickly blushed and broke free. Took my hand.

"Well, Yui sister, are you showing off?"

"Not really," she said softly, gathering the tips of her hair, "that means Xiaohe doesn't have to be so anxious to rescue me from the boys in your class."


"——Uh, it’s definitely not that I would enjoy this feeling, um, surrounded by so many unknown boys, I would be embarrassed too, I just meant to say, uh, uh, Xiao and you understand me Mean?"

"Understand and understand." I held back a smile, "It means that although I can handle it, it's best if I can drag you out."

"Yeah, it's good if Xiaohe understands-well, how come it feels a little weird?"

"It's nothing, it just proves that what I just did is right." I spread my hands. "Besides, you don't have to come to my classroom to pick me up. You think I will run away this afternoon after I promise you. ?"

"It's not for this reason," said my sister with her hands folded and her head lowered. "I just think that if Xiaohe is not ready, I can give you some support before I go to see Xiaoxue."

"Xuexia is only the first level, and there will be others next-if Xuexia can't handle it, then how about apologizing to others?"

"That's right! At this time, Xiaohe has always been very confident!" My sister stuck out her tongue, "It seems that I am too worried."

"Worrying is not a bad thing."

Perhaps because the atmosphere is too relaxed, there will be some surprises.

After all, schools and shopping malls are different, and the possibility of accidents is much higher.

When passing the corridor of the third grade, the face of the former college idol appeared in front of us.

Xiaomu Yu Xuecai's expression without too much glamour, and the extremely deep pupils when facing each other, compared with my stretched expression when communicating with my sister, a great sense of guilt rose in my heart.

Make Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai the culprit of this appearance, just because of the forgiveness of her relatives, can she show such an unscrupulous smile?

The elder sister beside me noticed my strangeness, and she quietly stretched out the right hand that had just been retracted, and held my hand again.And the eyes of the predecessor Xiao Mu Shu quickly shifted from my body to the body of Yui sister next to me.

"Yuhihama-student, long time no see." Senpai was talking to her sister.

"Well, so is Senior Xiao Muzhen." My sister tightly grasped my hand, and the sweat oozing from her palm made me wonder whether she was supporting me or supporting herself with my hand.

"Is going to, club activities?"


"Sa, if you can go to club activities, then that means," Senior Xiao Muzhen gave me a quick glance, "Everyone gets along well, isn't it?"

"Should be okay?" My sister replied vaguely, "Where's Senior? Are you going to a cram school or something? I heard that Senior Xiao Muzhen chose to go to school—"

"For the time being, I choose to go to school. I feel that I don't have confidence in working now?"

"Well, there will indeed be such a situation. I think there will be problems with the job after graduating from high school, so I think about going to school first, at least temporarily, to make my own path more clear."

"Yes, so, sometimes some choices are just to temporarily let yourself know what to do, right?"

I don't know why, I feel that when I said this, Senior Xiao Muzhen looked at me intentionally or unintentionally.

"At least I think it will be like this." My sister raised her eyebrows with some uncertainty. She didn't seem to think that Senior's words were aimed at me.

"Well, let's do that first. It's nice to see you today, Yuihama-san."

Senior Xiao Muzhen nodded gently, and walked past us like this.The communication time is very short, she may have a message that she wants to convey to me, but from the beginning to the end, she didn't mean to talk to me.

My sister and I just silently watched the back of Senior Xiao Muzhen leaving.

"Now, Xiaohe," my sister said hesitantly, "Xiaohe's words to Senior Xiaomuzhen--"