My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 361

"——Even if there are any thoughts, probably, it is already irretrievable, right?"

"Uh, I just want to ask Xiaohe's thoughts."

"It's just an idea, if it can't be realized, it's better not to think about it."

"Sorry, I think too much."

"At least for now, there are some things that cannot be considered."

"Well," my sister nodded, then raised her hand and opened her mouth with some hesitation, "Xiaohe, I mean, if--"

"--in case?"

"No, nothing. Xiaohe was right. There are some things that I can't think about now." My sister shook her head and stopped her speech.

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Chapter Three: Unsatisfactory Exciting General Method

Everyone who comes to the classroom of the Ministry of Service will be impressed by the peace and inviolability of the classroom of the community. If you want to give an explanation for this phenomenon, the snow under the snow is undoubtedly the biggest. The reason is that looking at the girl with a natural literary girl temperament holding a book, people can't help lowering their voices, unwilling to disturb the peace.

Therefore, when I re-entered this familiar and unfamiliar classroom after many days, I couldn't help lowering my voice like a new guest visiting here.

However, the similarity is only the appearance. Both the community and the people in the community have undergone tremendous changes.

What was the reason why Hiratsuka-teacher encouraged me to join this club in the first place?There seems to be a serious dispute about the way to solve the problem. I joined this club to prove my right and fight against other people who believe in my right.However, in the end, the correctness of all of us has fallen apart-maybe this is the result that Hiratsuka-sensei wanted to achieve at the beginning, but even she did not expect that to achieve this result, the need to pay Will the price be so great?

When I walked into the classroom, I didn't hear any noise under Xuexia, whether it was the attack and poisonous tongue long ago, or the kindness with a touch of restraint not long ago, except that it seemed that I couldn't hold it in that moment. She did nothing except the library book in her hands.

This reminds me of my sister’s words: “Xiaoxue will still appear in the club’s classroom well now, but it feels like she doesn’t know what she should do or what she can do, she just Reading desperately, but, I know, she actually didn't see anything."

Of course, the inevitable result when one's own ideals are disillusioned.

"Now, Xiaoxue, I have tried my best to bring Xiaohe back!" said the sister who was hiding behind me with her habitual smile.

However, Xuexia still didn't make any response.

She just continued to stare at the book in her hand, squeezing the pages of the book with her fingers, making her white fingers paler.

"It's really bad, I thought you should at least rush up to ask me'why', don't you? I've been waiting for you for a long time!" I tentatively threw out the stimulating remarks.

However, Xuexia Xuena, who has always been arrogant, still did not respond, and even her expression did not change in any way. There was no anxiousness to forcibly hold back her anger, only chaotic eyes.

After initially resisting my appearance and my name, she returned to the state her sister said before.

For a person who is already numb, the radical method is useless.

My sister reluctantly spread her hands at me, presumably, during my absence, she has made countless attempts, and the final outcome is obvious.

"Teacher Hiratsuka also came to the club before," pulling me aside, my sister said in a low voice, "I asked Xiaohe about your situation and warned Xiaoxue that if he couldn't find other members, the club might not be able to maintain it. Xiaoxue responded well at the time, but after that, she actually did nothing. I am now worried that Xiaoxue has given up."

"If you give up, then she won't continue to come here."

"So, in Xiaoxue's heart, would anyone still hope that someone would save her?"

"Yes, not right."

"What does it mean?"

"From the very beginning, only Xuexia himself was the only one who could save Xuexiaxueno." I replied solemnly.

Her own entanglement, her own shackles, can only get rid of when she is fully awakened. Others can help on the way to get rid of, but if she needs other people to provide even her determination, it means that nothing has changed.

"I know it's like this," my sister nodded, and at the same time, she glanced at Xuexia unwillingly, "but, this is too painful, isn't it?"

"When I was in agony, I gave her a determination out of temporary pride and indiscretion, and the result is the current result. If there is another person to provide her with a new confidence, wouldn't it? Did it lead to a worse ending?"

"That's it, but—"

"--But?" I looked at my sister a little uneasy, and her rhetorical question gave me an ominous premonition, "Will there be any problems?"

"No, it's nothing," my sister shook her head, "Xiaohe doesn't have to doubt his judgment so much, you are right."

"But old sister, you still have questions?"

"No, I just think that in fact, there is nothing wrong with such an ending. Maybe some people will like that established life and choice, right?"

"Probably so? So—"

"--However, what Xiaohe said is right. I think, at least for Xiaoxue, what she wants is not such a life. She is actually trying to avoid such a life, but in the end, she doesn't know it. I feel I am in this state."

"So, life will always fall into such a paradox."

"Well, so, Xiaohe," my sister put her hands on her chest and looked at me with gleaming eyes, "this time, we must let Xiaoxue find her best state!"

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Although Xuexia almost ignored my appearance, I still noticed several fleeting glances during the communication with my sister.

As I said before, Xuexia Xuena was hit hard, but she didn't give up. She used her persistence in the Ministry of Service classroom as a signal for help. In the subconscious, she must be expecting, If possible, who can come here to help her.

I admire her for being able to persist despite such a setback and betrayal, but such persistence is not enough.It is not enough to insist on appearing in the classroom of the Ministry of Service and passively waiting for the rescue of others. Only when Yukoshita forces herself to stand up independently is the time for her to be saved.

And I believe that Yukoshita knows this. In the long time that has passed since my betrayal, she shouldn't have been thoughtless.She will think about why I did this, she will think about what she has done wrong, and when she thinks about it, she will realize her own problems.

This is also the result I wanted to achieve in the initial plan.The biggest accident of this plan is that I ignored Yuxiexia’s feelings for me. The mixture of feelings and reason made her lose the direction of thinking, and also made me at a loss. However, as long as Xuexiaxue is my understanding She was able to respond to the words of Yukino under the snow.She will prioritize the issues, rather than confuse these matters.

Of course, what I want to do is not to obliterate Xuexia's feelings. I just want her to put this kind of thing aside first-if her sister may not be able to do this, but for Xuexia, it should be possible.

Of course, I am not the right person to complete this task.I couldn't do anything with enough weight to force Xuexia to act.

And the other person can.

There is only one person, no matter how much Xuexia hates her, how much he wants to ignore her, but he can't ignore her request, nor can he turn a blind eye to the battle she provoked.

Xuexiaxue is the object to surpass-Xuexiayang is.

"It should be almost time, right?" I glanced at my watch.

"Aha! Everyone, long time no see!" The door of the classroom opened without warning, and then a cheerful voice that did not match the heavy atmosphere in the classroom rang.

Generally speaking, those who enter this classroom will be involuntarily affected by the frosty atmosphere under the snow, and will soften their own voices. However, the snow under the sun is the only one who does not One of the exceptions that will be affected.

At the moment it appeared, it was like the sun in winter, and the cold snow began to melt.