My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 362

However, in contrast, when the snow is melting, it is also the coldest time.

The bright-faced Yukino Yukina formed a sharp contrast with the gloomy Yukoshita Yukino.

However, this also makes the latter have more obvious mood swings.

"As Brother Yubihama wished, Koyuki, I'm here to see you!"

Yukoshita glared at me fiercely, but the piercing look in his eyes made me feel more comfortable.

This is of course not because I am shaking m, but because Xuexia finally has the emotion of confrontation with me.Confrontation is always one of the simplest and basic human emotions. If the general agitation method does not work, then use the most excessive agitation method to get you into the bait.I believe Xuexia must understand what I mean, but she has no choice.

That's right, as long as there is a little bit of the pride rooted in her heart, she will react to it.

However, this alone is not enough.

"The so-called suggestion about student union activities is that a group of people gather for a meeting? This is different from what you said at the beginning, Heya!" The voice of dissatisfaction with the new student union president sounded.

"I think you came here precisely because I thought I wouldn't lie to you, didn't you, Isshi?"

"But—" Yi Shiyu gritted his teeth, but finally did not speak.

Yukoshita's expression became even more embarrassing.

The person who wanted to surpass the most was the person who had unexpectedly defeated him, except for me, at this stage, this is the person who can make Xuexia most angry.

"Yuhihama Kazuya, do you think it's interesting to keep playing with me?" Finally, the voice of gaffe came over.

"What if my answer is'indeed'?" I turned my head and looked at Xuexia, "Senior Xuexia, do you remember what you said to me when I first saw you? "

"We said a lot at the time."

"Well, it's mainly the sentence, the sentence about'You will correct my false thoughts'."

Xuexia gritted his teeth.

"If you believe that I am playing with you now, then, dare you to correct the current vain or arrogant thinking of Yubihama Kazuya?"

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Of course, the other proposal is also very attractive. It feels great to learn from Feidu's glorious example, leave the last volume without writing, and then open some new pits that are not doing business properly (laughs)


Chapter 3.5: Negotiation

"I really didn't expect you to come to me!" Xuexiayangna looked at the red-haired boy in front of him with interest, his frowning eyebrows did not change the firm expression on his face, and Yang Nai raised her interest. You know, as far as she knows, this guy still looked self-blaming and self-satisfied not long ago, which also made her a little regretful that she had handed over the task to this child rashly.

However, it now appears that the situation has changed again!

"I'm worried. If I don't take the initiative to find me, you should take the initiative to find me."

"Oh, please don't worry, Brother Kazuya, that kind of situation can't exist." Xuexiayangna politely picked her own beauty, but what she said was obviously tougher, "I don't have time to go. Question someone who can't clean up the mess."

"So, Yono-senpai meant that he would not pay attention to people who have become defeated dogs, is that right?" Yubihama Kazuya's expression became complicated, but he still restrained himself very well. He knew that in this meeting, he was relatively weak.

"As long as you want, you can understand that."

"So, do I need to prove to you that I'm not a defeated dog anymore?" He sighed and watched Yukoshita Yono and Yukoshita with an unfathomable gaze with his squinted eyes. Also poked his own temple.

He knew that this meeting would not go smoothly, but it was a bit too bad to start with this situation.

"Well, it doesn't really need to be proved." However, like almost all the previous dialogues, Yukihama Kazuya always seemed unable to steal the rhythm of the dialogue from Yukoshita Yono. "Because Kazuya took the initiative to find I am, I just want to hear what you can do to make up for the mistakes you made. Whether you have adjusted your mood now has nothing to do with me. Of course, for example, you are holding a self-deprecating attitude. To solve this problem and make the problem more complicated and generate new risks, I think it is necessary for me to stop it, nothing more."

"Really, I spoke ruthlessly!"

"Considering your past, my sister thinks it's better not to be too gentle--too gentle and trusting to you, but it almost caused a disaster!"

Kazuya has always disliked this kind of insightful gaze. The reason why he dislikes Yukoshita Yono is because he dislikes her seemingly inattentive, but actually in control of everything. He doesn’t know when the other party is there. Seriously answer, when is it just dealt with?

However, this time, he discovered a loophole in Yukoshita Yono who made almost no mistakes.

"If you think in this direction, considering the history that I have made a big mistake, let me make up for it. Don't Senior Yono think you are also an adventurous person?"

"People who like to take risks, this is very interesting."

"Of course, I don't think this is necessarily the case. The reason why I am willing to listen to someone who has already made a mistake is not because Yukoshita is very challenging, or that you are a noble person who will change things. People who have a chance to renew," Kazuya pursed his lips and smiled, "It’s because Senior Yono has expectations of me. The reason why Seniors have expectations of me is because, temporarily, Seniors cannot find Get rid of my way of solving your sister's plight, is that right?"

"Brother Heye has a good reasoning! Now I believe you have come out of self-pity."

"It doesn't make sense to change the subject. If the predecessors recognize the correctness of my judgment, then, can our status be more equal?"

"Oh, what brother Na Kazuya meant: Although you caused my lovely sister to fall into a tragedy because of your mistakes, not only did you not feel guilty in front of my sister, but also said with confidence that we two People must cooperate on an equal footing in order to avoid tragedies. It is not even necessary to cooperate on an equal footing. You still need to lead the solution to the problem, right?"

"Is it not?"

"I will refuse!"

"No, you won't refuse."

Kazuya looked at Yukoshita Yono with a steady and cautious gaze. Although he still can’t judge what Yukoshita Yono’s thoughts are, he has already made the difference based on the momentary mistake that the other party revealed. After all, if his judgment is wrong, it means that the negotiation has broken down.

However, if his judgment is correct--

"—Well, sister is in a good mood today, so if brother Heye really wants to cooperate with me on an equal basis, then tell me what you think?"

He also clenched his fists secretly.He did not underestimate the importance Xuexiayangnai attached to her sister. Similarly, he did not overestimate the omnipotence of Xuexiayangnai. Combining these two points, he could win the other party to deal with Xuezhi again. Xuexue is the support of the problem.As Yang Nai said, it is absurd to want to lead the solution to the problem after he made a big mistake.However, he still did it.

This was Yubihama Kazuya's first victory against Yukoshita Yono.

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To be fair, Yukoshita Yono did not despise Yubihama Kazuya. Rather, it was precisely because she was confused by the over-confident aura of Kazuya at the time that she basically let the other party solve the problem. I just mixed it up where I found it interesting.However, it turns out that she did not overestimate Heye's ability, but she overestimated Heye's psychological calmness, which also led to her being unable to find a suitable breakthrough for a while after realizing that her sister was in a trough. , Which also made her relatively easy to accept the proposal of reviving Heya.

"Although I agree, but relatively, this time you can't let you do it all alone, but I have to participate in your plan." Xuexiayang rarely makes such compromises. The act of being forced to say such words also shows that she has indeed lost her rhythm this time.

"No problem, I have already anticipated this. The next plan, seniors will participate in the whole process." Seeing Yubihama Kazuya's full expression, she couldn't help frowning, not because it was between the two. For the first time in the dialogue, I lost the dominance, but because she was aware of this surplus and relaxed her vigilance.

If you simply cheer yourself up without thinking about your previous mistakes, the same problem will recur.But let's listen to his plan for the time being, right?

"Actually, Xuexia's current situation is not much different from what I estimated. In the previous prediction, she should be as at a loss as she is now. If there must be a difference--" He also looked awkwardly. At first glance, Yono, after all, if he said something like "The biggest difference is that Yukino may like me" in front of the person's sister, then he might not be able to accept this conversation peacefully.

"Ha—" However, as smart as Yangnao, she quickly understood what Heya meant and showed a meaningful smile. She said calmly, "Go on!"

"Well," Kazuna nodded and continued, "A temporary compromise is the best result. "In the original plan, what I wanted to do was to let Yukoshita know the problem of relying on others after this betrayal. The next step is to create an environment that isolates all other external forces and let her solve the problem alone."

"——Question, how to get Xiaoxuna to get out of that state of confusion, so as to'solve the problem alone'?"