My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 363

"Well, if it was before, I think that after doing such an excessive thing, only the stimulation of me alone can arouse her fighting spirit, but now maybe I am not enough alone, so for the time being I think about it. The two objects that are easy for Xuexia to have fighting spirit, one is Yang is senior, and the other is Isse."

"Is the girl who defeated Yukino-chan and became the president of the student council? It is said that she also has a strange relationship with brother Kazuki?"

"Ahem, it should be gone now."

"So you have convinced me now, but what about Isshiki-san?"

"This needs to be combined with her student union work, and it is also a very important part of getting seniors to participate in this plan." Kazuya said confidently, "As far as I know, the Christmas event scheduled by the student union was originally It is co-organized with another high school, but now, the co-organized school seems to have some problems, and the two sides have some disagreements on the leadership of the activities. So, what if you can change to another school?"

"It would be ridiculous if you want to say that it was changed to our school. If you don't talk about changing to a university, it is basically our dominance. The difference between high school and university is not the difference between the middle school and high school you previously ran. It's simple, the student union of college students doesn't look down on your elementary school."

"Of course this is the case, so the role of senior's school is just a cover, just a bargaining chip for negotiation." He also spread his hand, "Just make the other party believe that Sou Takeo is contacting the university and that it is really possible to succeed. . And there is only one contact for the seniors."

"Are you using the relationship between Yukino-chan and me again? It is similar to the big news after the cultural festival-even if the relationship between Yukino-chan and I is not that good, as long as others believe that I and her are sisters , It’s enough if you have close contacts, right?"


"So, there are two questions next," Yang Nai raised his eyebrows and continued, "One is that since this matter actually doesn't need Xue Nao sauce to play a role, to achieve the goal, we only need to create It’s just the appearance of discussing with me. This is just using the superficial relationship between me and her. Why did she agree to your plan? Even if you agree, will it help her to tell her that she should solve the problem by herself? The second is as As you know, Xue Nao-chan has been unconvinced with my sister. How do you persuade her to ask me for help on this issue?"

"A wonderful analysis, senior, these are indeed two big issues. Therefore, letting Xuexia negotiate with you is actually not the ultimate goal of this plan — the ultimate goal is to make Xuexia give up and Your negotiation." Kazuya nodded, chuckled, and said, "First of all, we will not tell Yukinoshita that her role is just a pawn, but will create an atmosphere that really wants to cooperate with the school of the predecessors. Forced her to accept the task of negotiation driven by a sense of responsibility. Then, as long as the seniors continue to make things difficult, her distrust of this plan will continue to deepen, which will force her to make arrangements for Isshiki-or put forward this plan. I am dissatisfied with my arrangement. The ultimate goal to be achieved is to make Xuexia abandon my plan and propose his own plan to solve the problem."

"So, the ultimate goal is for Xue Nao to negotiate with another middle school student council?"

"It's almost like this. The reason for taking a big detour is to get rid of her superstition about me. Although she is disappointed with me now, she probably still thinks that I can make no mistakes. With this feeling, she doesn't I will consider her own, so I need to make a mistake first and be attacked by her, and the next step is to make her think about herself. In order to prove that I was wrong, in order to fight the guy who hurt her, Yukinoshita Will definitely work hard?"

"Well, so Brother Heye still considers himself a villain, is that right?"

"Roughly so, but isn't it the same for seniors?"

"Indeed, if everything is as you deduced." Yang Nai nodded, thinking.

"What's wrong in the middle, seniors can adapt to the situation, this should be your best ability, right?"

"Meaning that something went wrong and I have to make up for you?"

"Ahem, but this time I have made the plan clear to you. If something goes wrong in the middle, do you need to work together to solve it?" He also smiled awkwardly.

However, this made Yang Nai feel relieved.

Although he was still confident in the construction of the plan, this time, the other party would at least make a risk plan, which is much better than the absolute conceit of his own path before.

So, this time, maybe you can trust him again?

"I have to say, this time, your thoughts convinced me!"

"Is that so?" He couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. He didn't absolutely convince Yukoshita Yono's self-confidence. This time, he was not guiding the other party to act according to his own ideas, rather, he was not persuading. He was just proposing a plan, he did not emphasize the uniqueness of his plan, and if Yang Nai had other more ideal ways, then his own work would probably be rejected.

Fortunately, however, such a thing does not seem to happen.

"Well, as long as there is no error in the execution of Brother Heye, I think this plan is fine." Yang Nai said with a smile.

"Is there no error in execution?"

"Oh, there is actually a problem—"


"Well, let me think about it. Actually, the importance of this matter depends on your attitude," Yang Nao narrowed her eyes, and after showing that unpredictable expression again, she asked in a low voice. After the whole thing is over, how is Brother Heye going to face Xue Nao-chan's feelings?"

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Chapter 4: Reversed Collaborators

If I can go back to the situation at the time and calm down and think again, the problem under Xuexia is actually the easiest to solve.If she really has special feelings for me, it would be just one more step of rejection for solving the problem.The reason why I was too pessimistic about this at the time was just that my thoughts were disturbed by a series of accidents and blows.

Therefore, when Xuexia Yangna asked that question, my answer was obvious, and I felt that with Xuexia Yangna’s ability, she could also estimate the result, so she was able to do it after that. Still participating in my plan calmly.

I have never regarded Xuexiaxue as a possible love object. In my concept, the feelings between such girls and men and women should be completely opposed.Even now, I would wonder if, as my sister said, Yukoshita had a strange feeling for me, whether this feeling was between a man and a woman, or was it the first time I had confidence in the opposite sex The misunderstanding caused.

In any case, when all the objects that can stimulate Xuexia's self-esteem are gathered together, if Xuexia still has a little effort to save her, she should not continue to be confused.Even if there is mistrust and doubt about myself, if I can't face such provocations at this time, then I don't have the need to help her.

To be saved, you must not give up yourself first.

After I said that in an extremely provocative way, even my sister and Isshiki, who were not clear about my plan before, stared at Yukoshita with wide eyes.My sister's eyes were expected and anxious, while Isshiki was relatively nervous.Of course, Xuexiayang is still the kind of neat and leisure she is used to.

The long-haired girl who everyone was paying attention to lowered her head subconsciously. This seemed to be her first reaction to the demands of others after the betrayal, lost confidence.But, obviously this was not her final reaction. Xuexia's right index finger tapped the table regularly. As the atmosphere became more silent, she tapped the table faster and faster. Finally, she simply put her hand down. , She twisted her hands together and stretched forward, as if to push something away.

However, in the end, Xuexia still raised his head.Although her face was pale and she looked shaky, but she still turned her gaze to me-not the initial timid and scared gaze, nor the angry and dissatisfied gaze before, but her most common, calm and somewhat proud Gaze.

"Yuhihama, I think your goal has been achieved." She said calmly.

There is amazing power in calmness.

"Then, listen to my entrustment to you? Minister Yukinoshita?"

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With a one-color explanation, I informed Xuexia about the difficulties currently faced by the Zongwu High Student Union. I quickly put out the plan agreed upon with Xuexia Yangna: to conduct high school and university Christmas activities. Cooperation.

"This plan is not feasible." After listening to my thoughts calmly, Yukoshita categorically denied my opinion. "If the object of cooperation is college students, then the Shogun High School Student Union will basically lose the right to suggest. The difference between universities is not as simple as the difference between middle school and high school. Our previous activities have no reference value for this activity, and the student union of college students looks down on us."

"To be honest, if you say that this solution is yours, I don't believe it." Finally, raising his eyebrows, Yukoshita made such a concluding statement.

"Since I did it by myself, it was naturally because I felt there was a possibility of success-and I also chose the right university, didn't I?"

"Sorry, don't you think your sister is the kind of person who will accommodate us because of simple family relationships? Isn't this too simple?" After a quick glance at his sister, Yukinoshita replied with a higher tone.

"Of course I don’t think that Senior Yonano is such a person-but I think Senior Yonano is someone who will join because of interesting things, is that okay? Of course, she is willing to stand with us in this club now Isn’t that proof in the classroom?"

After being silent for a while, Xuexia nodded.

"If it's an interesting project, I can join in at any time-and Xue Nao said before that I will not compromise for my dear sister. This is really too much. If Xue Nao really wants it strongly, I will also It's not impossible to think about doing some work in this area!" Very timely, Yukoshita Yono also expressed his approval of my reasoning.

"Only this point does not need to be considered."

"Tsk tusk, I thought Xue Nao-chan had changed a little, but it turned out to be so unkind to my sister, a little bit sad!"

"If I really want to persuade, I will persuade you in my own way, rather than using this relationship."

"So, Xuexia, do you approve this plan?"

"Anyway, you guy probably included my recognition in your plan, right? I'm not the kind of person who deliberately refuses to ruin your plan-since you so believe that I can solve the problem. That means you tried before and failed, right?"

"Uh, if it must be said, it should be so."

"Really?" The corner of Xuexia's mouth conjured up an arc that was not easily noticeable.