My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 364

Her unwillingness to admit defeat has played a huge role here.Her sister, Isshiki, and I were the ones she had competed with and then lost. If Yukoshita Yoshino can be persuaded this time, it means that she won a direct dialogue with her sister and did what I did not. Things also helped Ise.As long as she is unwilling to admit defeat, she will not miss this opportunity.

"I can agree to your plan. Do you want my sister to come over and let us start negotiations now?"

——Well, in fact, it is mainly for her to supervise the implementation of the plan.

"If you are ready for it--"

"--Ah, I'm sorry I need to say one more thing here," Yukoshita Yangna interrupted the conversation between me and her sister with a smile, "Although my sister really wants to exchange feelings with Yukino-chan now, But there seems to be some temporary activities on my side! If you can, can we stop here for today?"

"Actually, it's not impossible." Xuexia nodded in confusion.

Not only Xuexia, I also looked at Xuexia Yangna in a puzzled way—this is not exactly the same as what we discussed before.According to the original plan, Yukoshita Yono should use her skilled negotiation skills to push her sister into desperation in this classroom, thereby forcing her to start thinking about other solutions.

However, Xuexiayangna ignored my questioning gaze, and continued: "I personally prefer to let Xuenajiang return home and discuss this matter with me face to face. You haven't returned since the summer vacation. Home?"

Xuexia's brows frowned.The matter of going home has always been her unfavorable scale, and it is obvious that her sister's behavior is to stir her dissatisfaction.

"Ah, of course, if Xue Nao doesn't want to, I can go to your side too, it's just—"

"——Nothing unwilling!" Xuexia agreed impulsively.

Moreover, while agreeing, she also looked at me with a more grim look.

I know that she should have mistakenly thought that Yukoshita's provocation was part of my plan.

This guy, Yukoshita Yono is really good at using the favorable environment created by others.Now is the time when Xuexia is most impulsively trying to prove herself, so she will interpret all the requirements of her as a provocation that she can't complete the work.In other words, he is jumping from the extreme inability to move to the other extreme in accepting almost all demands.Yukoshita Yono made good use of this to stimulate his sister to go home.

As for why she did this, I don't know. Obviously, the other party was not so kind enough to take the initiative to tell me—at least not to tell me the truth.

I originally thought that nothing would happen, but I didn't expect to be put by my teammates!

"It's good to be able to agree, you know, mother will also be very happy if you go back." Raised his eyebrows, and gave his sister a satisfied glance, Yukoshita Yangna stretched out. Lazy, stood up and said, "Then I'll go back first, there are still some urgent things waiting for me to deal with the club!"

The others in the classroom can only watch her leave.

Just as when Yukoshita Yono appeared before, when she left, there didn't seem to be any other victors besides herself.

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Regarding Xue Nao's recovery so quickly, everyone should understand that, after all, the second lady is not so fragile in the first place, and of course she can get up after Kazuya quit her.The problem between these two people on this issue is far less serious than it appears, eh.

One of the main lines of this volume is the duel between Yukina and Danzi, and the other line is Yono's behavior. To be honest, it is the same as before deliberately did not write Qianjing, Yono is a character I think I haven't gotten the point completely. I dare not write, but she is not someone like Qianjing who can ignore, so she can only bite the bullet. If there is any problem, emmmmm I will shirk responsibility.

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Chapter 5: The Forgotten

The sailing ship belonging to the Ministry of Service controlled by the captain named Yukoshita Yukino was refurbished for a while and then set sail again, and this time it was challenging a more dangerous sea area.The captain had already lost the courage to go to sea, but, under the provocation of various people, she still resolutely left the safe harbor.

"Is it really okay to do this?" My sister looked at me hesitantly, "Although Xiaohe succeeded in getting Xiaoxue to act again, but even I know that there is not much rationality for actions led by anger, Xiaoxue. There is no chance of success!"

"The most important thing now is to get her to act, instead of hiding under her own mask as before. As for the possibility of success, I didn't expect her to succeed in this matter, but hope she can pass this time. The failure under no brain attack, and calmly experience another possible solution, isn’t it?"

"Can't Xiao and you talk well?"

"Well, it probably means to let Xuexia act first and then calm her down. This is a step."

"Although I still don't know what Xiaohe really wants to do, it seems that you are still taking great pains!"

"Well, is it like the story of that animal? I have driven my child away from home since I was a child to exercise its survivability. Now letting Xuexia act again and let her encounter setbacks is to re-mobilize her. She hasn’t used the thinking ability for a long time."

"This is really a terrible metaphor," Yui sister stuck out her tongue. "It's as if we are working hard for Koyuki's parents."

"Uh, you have said so, it seems that there is indeed some sense of violation—"

"--But it's still a very interesting metaphor!" However, I don't know why, after thinking about it, my sister still seems to think this metaphor is quite good.

——No, it should be said that it is pretty bad in every way, right?

"Anyway, don't you think that when the genuine family members under Xuexia have participated in this project, mentioning their parents will have a strong sense of disobedience?"

"That's true, Senior Yono is here too!" Yui sister's expression suddenly became a little strange, "Sure enough, she always feels very troublesome with her."

"Then you still cooperated with that guy during the cultural festival? Why didn't you feel troubled and scared at that time?"

"Of course I feel troubled and worried, but aren't there more important things to do at that time?"

What's more important?I smiled helplessly-I also remembered Yui sister's weird obsession at the time, and wanted to prove that I was more suitable to be my sister than Xiao Mu Shou, so I needed to beat the senior in every aspect.

Of course, it was just taking the predecessor herself as her target of war, and even the sister herself did not think that the victory of the Miss Chief Military High election was something to boast about.

However, since then, although only a month has passed, the interpersonal relationship around me has undergone tremendous changes.One of the biggest changes is that Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai has become a forbidden area in the discussion of the topic of Yubihama.

If there were no special circumstances, we would not mention this important person, the senior whom the sister had confronted, and the senior whom the younger brother had dreamed of.

If nothing special happens, this situation may continue.After the seniors in the third grade graduate, and there is even more lack of contact channels, maybe time can really smooth out all emotions.

Thinking of this, I felt a strange uncomfortable feeling in my heart.

"Go home first today?" My sister also obviously noticed my psychological changes and took my hand, she whispered.

"Yeah." I responded briefly, and then temporarily suppressed this emotion in my heart a little too much.

I thought I had recovered my normal self-development direction, but why is there still this kind of emotion that makes me doubt my choice?

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It will take some time to wait for the changes in Xuexia. Although I don't know what her sister's purpose is to let her go home, I can't inquire into Xuexia's thoughts, so I can only watch the changes.But what is certain is that the sister-in-law should not make too many changes to my plan, otherwise she does not have to agree to my plan, just handle it according to her own ideas.

So, although I was ambitiously trying to cheer up at the beginning, I accidentally fell into a state of stability that was rare in this period of time, and it seemed a bit embarrassing to recall the previous process from decadence to cheer up.

But Yui sister didn’t seem to mind it. She even started to pull me out shopping more and more frequently. Reminiscent of the shopping when I first recovered, I have every reason to believe that my sister was because I was her transporter before. The number of jobs is too few, so I'm trying my best to squeeze me during my most obedient period.

——This directly forced me to turn to Yeshan Hayato’s football club many times after school to avoid the old sister’s tracking by acting as a free sparring partner.

"I said, why don't you join the football club now?" This is a joke he made when I made a request to Ye Shan with a bitter face. "You practice every day and everyone treats you as your teammate. Didn’t it always feel strange to have such a reliable teammate missing? And I heard that you have given up the idea of ​​rejecting me in the first place, right?"

"I don't think about it for the time being, there have been many things recently."

"It doesn't seem like a lot of things to be able to come and practice every day."

"It's just a temporary situation. I will consider joining the football club when I was in the second grade. What do you think?"

"Then I hope you can think about it, I still want to enter a national competition before graduation! This year I lost in the semi-finals of the county qualifiers, I am really unwilling!"

"Well, I will give you an answer next semester, okay, Mr. Minister?"