My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 365

"Of course." Ye Shan nodded contentedly.

Ye Shan's invitation was definitely not unintentional, but it was obviously beyond his expectations that I could agree to him so easily.From my point of view, I am not dealing with each other. After negating the logic, it is a matter of course to regain my interest.

"By the way, can you tell me about the things that I am busy with recently?" Unexpectedly, after achieving his own goals, Ye Shan Hayato raised another question.

"Of course, if you don't want to agree, don't mention it," he quickly explained with a wry smile when he saw my questioning eyes, "I just heard something from Sister Yang Nai."

"Tsk, is that guy trying to make everyone know?"

"It's not like that, it's just that my own curiosity is a bit heavy."

"Even if you do this, it won't change that guy's impression in my heart."

"Well," Ye Shan nodded, and continued to ask, "So, are you helping the snow?"

"Is that so for the time being?"

"That's it!"

After getting a positive answer, Ye Shan stopped talking instead.

"You always need a reason to ask, right? It's a very irresponsible thing to ask if you want to join, or you want to stop, just because of curiosity."

"Ah, it's nothing, I just feel that I can feel more at ease if I leave it to you this time."

"I just got into trouble before!"

"I’ve been in trouble before, but now I can get myself back up and try again, that’s even more remarkable, right? It’s only the kind that shrinks from previous failures and doesn’t even know what to do from the beginning. Talent is truly untrustworthy."

"Wow, what's the matter with your statement like'I can't treat my girlfriend well, then I can only give her to you'?"

"I don't have that kind of relationship with Yukoshita, and even if it's that kind of relationship, will you accept it?"

"Not really."

"So your complaint is meaningless." Ye Shan spread his hands and said with a smile.

I don’t know if it is because my ability to attack others has weakened during this period of time, or whether other people’s speaking ability has improved to a higher level without me noticing. I’ve been refuted so dumb too many times. less.

"Training is about to start, right? There may not be enough time for such small talks!"

"Well, so there is one more question at the end."

"Senior Ye Shan, have you been talking to me for too long, so you want to finish telling me all the words you have saved before-it's okay I should stay in the football club for a few days, so I think you can Speak slowly."

"The last question!" However, Ye Shan insisted.


"One more person, have you considered how to solve it?"

"Do I still need to consider the overlap between my social network and yours, then find the person you are talking about, and then see if he is worthy of attention—"

"——That person doesn't need to search, he has been your friend before, but he has been forgotten for a while."


"um, yes."

"Well, Senior Ye Shan, is it inexplicably interested in that?" I know who that person is.

Sorry, Biqigu, I just forgot about you at the beginning, but later, it seems that everyone has forgotten you!

I didn't expect it was reminded by Ye Shan, you probably didn't expect it?

"I'm telling the truth." Ye Shan raised his eyebrows and said sternly.

"Well, I see." I felt his seriousness, although I don't know where it came from.

However, he was right. If he was remembered, he shouldn't be a neglected person, especially when he was also a victim of a series of previous events.

However, I still have to say one thing first: I don't like Higiya Hachiman. I haven't liked it since the beginning.

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Chapter 6: Correction of the self-satisfied

If there is a common pursuit, people of different personalities can run in with each other. In contrast, if the ideas are different, people with similar personalities will become the most uncompromising existence unless one party gives up his ideas.

Biqigu and I should be of the latter kind, and they also believe in their own ideas and abilities obsessively.Therefore, we can never like each other.

It is undeniable that Biqigu is actually a very charismatic person. If he is used as the protagonist to write a story and narrate his thoughts, there will be many people who like him, and even many people will say "I probably Just one such person."I certainly admit that his thinking is unique, but I don't think we should like such a person.After seeing Higiya’s thoughts, people who say they like him are mostly just because some of his views gave confidence to lonely people. The self-confidence that Higiya gives people is probably an illusion: if Higiya Hachiman can If it succeeds, it would not be difficult for me, who is so similar to him, to succeed, right?The so-called "I am very similar to Biqigu", it is probably just that I have some seemingly conceited conceit just like him, and I think that if Biqigu calls himself a sophomore, people who feel "like him" It's just a secondary disease.Even if it is put in an extreme state, assuming that Biqigu failed to solve the problem according to his philosophy from the beginning, will people who regard him as an idol still like him?

Of course, all of this is based on the assumption that "If Higiya Hachiman is the protagonist", Higiya Hachiman is not the protagonist, and he did not solve all the problems like the real Long Aotian, and it was even proved at the end of that scene. After the meaningless self-destruction, no one else has time to care about him.

It feels too much, even a little disgusting, isn't it?Sorry, this is reality.If a writer wants to create a story, no matter how miserable the protagonist is, he will never be completely ignored in the end, just like no matter how desperate the world is, there will be a little light in the end.From the point of view of the author's creation, this is a possibility of redemption. From the point of view of commercial publicity, no one would be interested in a novel about failure.

——Well, so I don’t mean I’m making excuses for ignoring Biqigu.After all, it’s normal to ignore men compared to women who interact more often, isn’t it?Besides, I remember that guy has a sister who likes him a lot and has been supporting him, and a cute senior who can bend men in every way?Even if that guy is really left alone, he may not become so miserable.

If I had to find a reason for my willingness to find Hachigaya Hachiman again, it was only because I was dissatisfied with this guy who had similar obsessions with me in the past and had not got rid of his obsessions.

When I saw Biqigu again, his condition was not much better than when we met before, and certainly not much worse.News topics among students spread quickly, and the title was fixed quickly. The impression of Higiya Hachiman as a "gloomy grandstander" among the people has been determined. As for how this title was obtained, no one cares. In addition to the final results and labels, people have no intention to entangle how tortuous and complicated the process is, and focus on new problems.

Biqigu obviously doesn’t care much about this kind of title. For him, this so-called title is not important. This is probably as indifferent as some strange nicknames for surnames given to him by others. When I go When looking for him, he seemed to be observing the texture of the table with great interest.

"Yuhihama, I have always been a little curious. If other people do graffiti on my desk, it is bullying, then what is it if I do graffiti on my own desk?" Like a born monk, he came to me Asked when he got to his table.

"I think there is a high probability that you will be criticized by the teacher as a bad student who destroys public appliances."

"Yes, I think so, so the question is, why are those bullies not criticized in this regard? Does this mean that if you have made some unforgivable mistakes, then some minor mistakes can be Forgiven, is that right?"

"It makes sense in a sense, but isn't this a broken jar in another sense? Anyway, I have made a mistake and will be criticized, so I might as well take this opportunity to do something that I don't usually dare to do. "

"So, when it comes to solving the problem, it means that some abnormal methods were used at the beginning, but as long as the final goal is justice, then you can continue to use some improper methods. If I score at the beginning It's 50 points, so as long as I can reach 100 points in the end, it doesn't matter if my performance turns into negative points?"

I frowned, always feeling that the objects of this remark were too rich, as if it was aimed at himself, and it seemed to be aimed at me.

"Well, I actually thought of this because I saw a very interesting point before. It is about those countries in Europe that have undergone economic transformation. In the process of changing their economic systems, their economies will inevitably decline. This is objective. Economic law has nothing to do with whether the government adopts shock therapy or gradual reform. Although shock therapy will bring more economic trauma than gradual reform. However, no matter the size of the trauma, as long as the economy is in recession, the people will ask the government to do so. Responsible, so the new government will generally adopt a more conservative economic reform strategy than the previous government. If the previous is a supporter of shock therapy, the new government will support gradual reforms. If the previous is a supporter of gradual reforms, then the new government I chose not to reform. In the end, it was the countries that used shock therapy that had made greater sacrifices at the beginning to establish a more effective economic system, while those countries that chose gradual reforms have been slow to make progress in system construction. From this perspective From a point of view, it’s important to do too much at the beginning. This gives your successor more room for maneuver and negotiation. Of course, the first person has to bear the greatest price.”

I somewhat understand what Biqigu meant. After our last discussion, he obviously realized that self-sacrifice cannot solve the problem once and for all. However, he did not deny the practice of self-sacrifice. He compared himself to those reforms. In the early days, the government that endured the necessary anger of the people, although self-sacrifice could not solve the problem, it could pave the way for later successors.And if no one is the victim at the beginning, and all try to solve the problem in a safe way, it will only make the solution of the problem stagnate until it can't be solved in the end.

This is not a wrong view, or it is just a version of Biqigu's previous view, which has reduced his personal role-without the necessary sacrifices, it is impossible to achieve the final goal.His personal sacrifice is no longer a means to an end, but a way to open a way to an end.

However, it is meaningless to just make such corrections.

"Let’s take the interesting transition theory just kicked by the predecessors of Biqigu? The success of the first government to endure the anger of the people is based on the following assumptions: The tolerance for the economic recession brought about by gradual reforms is the same, or at least similar. If people can tolerate the economic recession of the latter, then naturally they don’t have to bear the great pain of the former; subsequent governments will also adopt reforms. The plan-if the successors completely compromise with people and give up reforms, then the sacrifices before them are even more meaningless. Both of these points are debatable. You really think that those governments that implemented shock therapy from the beginning Is it purely to pave the way for future generations?"