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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 366

"Or, to put it another way, although they are all failing, a 40-point failure and a 0-point failure give people a different sense of despair? That is to say-have you tried all the mildness? The sacrifice chosen for the way of solving the problem is still inevitable and impatiently approached at the beginning. On the other hand, since you have sacrificed yourself, how can you ensure that your successor will inherit you? The idea of ​​inheriting your so-called will, you cannot influence your heirs. If your heirs fail you, then you can only look at them helplessly."

"So, what you are doing at Biqigu is just trying to justify your sacrifice. Compared with the previous theory that sacrifice can solve the problem, you have reduced the meaning that your sacrifice may bring. However, If the meaning of your sacrifice becomes smaller, it is not as absolute as it was at the beginning. The meaning of self-sacrifice, hovering indefinitely from 0 to 100, you really think that you can do it for an uncertain possibility Sacrifice your reputation, even your life?"

"Of course, when accomplishing some necessary major events, even if the possibility is very small, you must continue to persist, but, Senior Biqigu, are you really facing such a major event that is worth paying for this uncertain possibility? If it is not, it can only prove that my initial judgment is not wrong, and your approach is nothing more than self-satisfaction."

It is difficult for people to admit their mistakes. Therefore, people will always find a new excuse for their actions after recognizing their mistakes. However, in general, this new legitimacy will only be better than the original one. The legitimacy after careful consideration is more fragile.

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Chapter 7: People who can't go back

Acknowledging mistakes is far more difficult than we think. The more people age and the stronger their ability to recognize the world, the more confident they will be in their own judgments. At this time, admitting mistakes is not what we called them when we were young. The simple situation of “make a mistake, be educated by the teacher, and then correct” is to deny the self-confidence that he has accumulated, which is inexcusable.

On the other hand, it is far more difficult to admit your mistakes when you are forced by others to desperate than to discover your own mistakes-this is contrary to our general perception.The reason is actually not complicated. Finding our own mistakes and correcting them will bring us an extra sense of accomplishment that offsets the frustration of failure. We can be complacent about our willingness to admit our mistakes and show that we are an enlightened person. , You can also feel complacent about getting lost in time, showing that although you are incorrect at the beginning, you can correct it in time. This is at least the second-class excellence.On the other hand, admitting mistakes when being forced to desperate by others is a complete failure, leaving no room for remedy.So even if it is proved that they are completely wrong, people will do their best to defend themselves.

Biqigu is now facing probably the worst situation.If it was worse, it was not his sister or Totsuka-senpai who comforted him who said these things to him, but Yubihama Kazuya who stood in front of him with a cold face.

Not like the villain in the movie, after being exposed to his own failure, he did not madly defend and evade, nor was he hurried like a cowardly character who was told the secret. Biqigu was probably doing his best to maintain his calmness.He stared at his table more closely, as if trying to get enlightenment through the table again.The pencil in his hand kept turning, and faster and faster.

In the end, the speed of Biqigu's hand finally couldn't keep up with the speed of the pen's rotation, and just like the same announcement, the pencil fell to the ground with a "slap".

When Biqigu picked up the pencil that fell on the ground, his head also lifted.

Trying to refute at this time is just doing some weak repairs for a proof that is inherently unreasonable.Biqigu is a smart enough person that he would not do this.

"I said, if I were a little stupid, Yubihama would actually be more difficult for you, right?" he asked.

"This assumption is meaningless."

"Well, I just assumed that the most troublesome thing is usually not to explain the correctness of the proposition to smart people, but to deal with stupid messes!"

"Senior Biqigu seems to have a deep understanding?"

"That's not the case. I just imagined in my heart that if I were to mess around, Yuihama's headaches would be very interesting."

"Please don't do that."

——So in fact, Biqigu’s words are only half right. What makes people even more troublesome than the idiot’s stubbornness is the wise people’s stubbornness. This means that the other party already knows his problem but is unwilling to admit it. This is no longer It's just a question of right and wrong judgment, but a perceptual question. This kind of question can't be solved by ordinary communication.

"The previous student council president's questioning of Xuexia during the election, I saw that you did a very good job, but Xuexia's response was really bad. Even if she could not refute, she should deal with it even more. Be decent." Biqigu changed the subject somewhat unexpectedly.

"Yes, if it was Xuexia when we first met, I might not be able to take into account my doubts, but at least I would respond more fully to this unexpected situation."

"Have you worked hard to create this kind of result?"

"Actually, it's not too much. It's just taking advantage of the situation. I only made some designs in the last few steps. Under the snow, even if you don't gradually rely on me, you will rely on other people. If you are a little positive, it may be you Not necessarily, as you did during your leave of absence."

"I understand," Biqigu nodded, "So even though I didn't understand the situation until the election of the president of the student union, I was not surprised by the result. However, after that, your plan seemed to be not executed properly. As expected!"

"To be precise, it was not the plan itself that had a problem, but that the person implementing the plan had an accident and was almost in the same state as the predecessor now!

Biqigu raised his eyebrows, but he still restrained his ironic dissatisfaction with me very well.

"Isn't it because the people who implemented this plan are as overconfident as me? What's weird about ending up like me?"

"Yes, I am indeed overconfident. In fact, the three of us are overconfident."

"three people?"

"Yes, three people, including Yukoshita," I nodded and said, "So, Senior Biqigu, don't you miss the situation when the three of us first got together in the ministry?"

"I miss that time?"

"In fact, I think Hiratsuka-sensei’s plan is quite a failure. She brought together three people who were a little overconfident. Her initial plan was to let us slowly compromise in our mutual exchanges and mutual attacks. Looking for a centered and relatively gentle way of looking at the world? But the final result is not like that. We will compromise with each other when we start activities, and adopt the most suitable solutions when appropriate, but slowly Slowly, in order to prove that we are correct, we started to be a little bit persistent, and even a little harder to implement our own ideas. The end result is that some people's ideas are dominated by others, and some people's ideas finally go to extremes. This is exactly the opposite of what Hiratsuka-sensei wants us to achieve!"

"So she didn't show up lately? That guy, don't care if you make a big deal? Show me something like a teacher when it's critical!" Biqigu complained.

"Perhaps it is thinking about the way to solve the problem-to be honest, our extreme tendency almost broke out after the cultural festival. The teacher must be overwhelmed to face this situation. Of course she is Your second-grade teacher, you have more say."

"Maybe this kind of guess is closer?" Biqigu said with a wry smile.

"So, returning to the question at the beginning, I am not denying the predecessor’s point of view, just like the theoretical hypothesis of transformation, as long as certain conditions are met, it is still applicable. As an ultimate theory that can explain all problems, maybe Does not exist, but for a particular problem, it will eventually have a relatively suitable methodology-whether it is me, my predecessors, or even Xuexia, the mistakes made are trying to put a theory The model has become universal. Not all problems can be solved through self-sacrifice, but in the same way, there may be some problems that must be solved at the expense of oneself. More importantly, it is not the first to think of a universal solution to the problem. Instead, consider the specific background first, right?"

"Is this Yubihama what you think now?"

"Of course, not all problems can be solved in the way of'considering the specific background'. According to this explanation, the theory is meaningless. The value of the theory lies in abstracting certain thinking under a specific background. The problem and the mode of handling the problem depend on the focus of your view of the problem, and also on the purpose you want to achieve. Of course, in addition to this, there are also some common values ​​that need to be observed, and one of these The key value is people’s own ideas and their own judgments."

"But, you know, people can't always make the right choice. Socrates' story is already well known, right?"

"The ending of the story of Socrates is also well known-he accepted the trial of the mob. Socrates knew the harm of the mob, but did not deny their freedom to choose. If you think that the mob, or someone else If you can’t make the right choice, and the choice always puts the power to make a choice in your own hands, we have both experienced the results that have resulted, haven’t we?”

"Are you sure you didn't go from one extreme to the other?"

"Of course not. Giving the right of choice to others is definitely not all right. It's just that we have no right to deprive them of this right, do we?"

"So, what you want Xuexia to achieve now is this state, right?"

"Not only Xuexia, there are others."

"The result may not be what you want, Yubihama."

"There is no way, right? This is also the price I have to pay for the choices I make for myself."

"Well, if that's the case, then you work hard!"

"Senior Biqigu, don't you consider going back and work hard together?"

"Me?" Biqigu raised his eyebrows, and finally shook his head complicatedly. "At least for now, I shouldn't be able to do it anymore. After all, I have been away from that place for too long. I don't know how to go back. What can I do when I go back."

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Although my article has been criticizing the big teacher, I am not disliked by the big teacher. My criticism of the big teacher is not so much directed at him as it is directed at those who regard the big teacher as an idol. It is probably a barrage. Those who brush "just like me".Biqigu is a very charismatic character, but I have always felt that he is not an object worthy of emulation. He doesn't look like Long Aotian, but if we look closely, he is simply Long Aotian. Often used some very bad choices to achieve some relatively good results, which is also very protagonist.

Of course, in addition to this, I recognize the depth of thinking of the character of the great teacher, so in the original setting, I planned a few rival scenes for the conflict between Heye and Biqigu. There are more written in the first two volumes, of course. Since the fourth volume, I can't hold on to the more and more complicated relationship between the characters, so I can only try to write clearly the interaction between Heye and the heroines, and the other branches can be cut.The main victims here are probably Chunge Dongma and Biqigu, including the big teacher’s pit, that is, I can barely explain it, I can only say that my writing is insufficient-the problem of marginalization of the supporting role seems to have been unable to overcome. Next It was supposed to be in the genre of Lily group drama, the protagonist is not so clear, try to correct this problem.

The last part is the second half. The protagonist’s idea is basically the same. There will be no major changes. For the time being, this can be regarded as a vernacular summary of the private goods that this book wants to fall. There should not be such a big fragment in the future. These words, well, write the plot obediently.


Chapter 8: Under the Snow with Abnormal Painting Style

The dialogue with Biqigu is actually not as important as imagined. At best, it is just a small episode in the troubled future.Although he seemed to accept my explanation, he refused to return to the Ministry of Service in the end. For Biqigu, whether it was a salvation or just a brief setback in his mind, I don’t know, I only know. However, when Higiya Hachiman refused to return to the Ministry of Service, my understanding of him would only become vague, and my level of concern for him would also decrease.

This is not because I have any prejudice against him, but just because people’s attention is limited. People are more inclined to pay attention to the information they can get at hand. Although with the advancement of technology, it is not difficult to obtain other information, but As long as there is an intermediate link of "searching for information", people will feel indifferent to the people they have been unable to reach.

For me, the person who inadvertently alienated or no longer pays attention to is not only Qigu. After the cultural festival, I have not seen Dongma and Sasha, nor know that my once fragile ally and her admiration After the election of the president of the student council, I have not seen the person that Dongma and Sa admire, just because he seems to be no longer interested in "doing some interesting things smoothly".