My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 367

Maybe they are doing a lot of interesting things in places I don’t know about, and maybe even these things will be communicated to me in the form of butterfly effect in the near future, but no one can think of this potential butterfly effect. And bother, what we can do is to pay attention to what we can pay attention to now, to pay attention to the people we need to pay attention to.

So I didn't tell my sister about the fact that I had found Biqigu, not deliberately trying to conceal it, but just because I thought it was not important.

For us, the important thing is Xuexia.

I still don’t know what Yukinoshita said when he called her sister home. Even if she asked her herself, she wouldn’t answer. However, Xuexia did not seem to disappear like the last time she went home. For a long time, she came to the school as usual the next day, and performed the club activities as usual. She didn't seem to be greatly stimulated. The only exception was that she often began to daze during the activities.

——As for the feeling that sometimes I occasionally glance at me or something, I think it’s an illusion caused by me observing the snow too closely.

So, of course, we don't know if Xuexia has succeeded in persuading her sister.

According to the predetermined plan, Xuexia Yangna would not agree to Xuexia's request no matter what-this was to make Xuexia dare to deny my plan, first deny me, and then propose her own brand new things.However, after that Miss Yang Nai took advantage of me by surprise, I even had some doubts about whether she would follow my plan.

Therefore, at this time, the question that Yui sister boldly raised seemed like the sound of nature to me.

"So, Xiaoxue and Yono-senpai discussed the previous matter, right? What was the result?"

Yukoshita looked at Yui sister in surprise, as if she was surprised that she would ask this question so decisively.

To be honest, I was also surprised that Yui didn’t even ask a question after a long conversation like she usually did. Instead, she threw a straight ball—presumably because she also realized that she was pulling. After crap, the problem will always go wrong, right?

"No." After a short pause, she replied somewhat casually.

"Xiaoyue won't just give up so easily, right?" Yui sister asked quickly.

"Well, maybe not." Xuexia was surprised again, and then replied somewhat vaguely.

I suddenly had an ominous premonition. I don’t know what Xuexia Yangnai said to her sister. However, judging from the current situation of Xuexiaxia, her kind of rebirth was reproduced by the radical method. The vigorous and resolute manner seems to have disappeared, and the present way of answering questions in a light and flamboyant manner is not so much a carelessness because of calmness, as it is not paying attention to this question.

"Then Xiaoxue is now continuing to think about the way to persuade Senior Yono?" I can't help but thank my sister again for the direct contact this time. No matter what reason my sister became so decisive, I think this pair is asking now. Yukoshita helped a lot-after all, it was probably only when facing Yui sister, Yukoshita would be patient, and not just answer questions in a cohesive manner.

"It's not like that now."

"But I think Xiaoxue spent a lot more time in a daze today than usual! And it's not the pure daze like before, it's obviously a daze thinking about something, right?"

"Ha, well, um." Xuexia lowered his head vaguely.

I don't know why, I think she looked at me again.

This time it should not be my illusion-then, why should she look at me?

Certainly not because he liked me, after being betrayed by me in such a bad way, and stimulated by all kinds of people, with Xuexia's arrogant temperament, he would no longer pay attention to me.

So, is it another better result I envisioned?

"Do you think there is something wrong with my plan?" I tried to ask-if it was really as I expected, then what Yukoshita Yono said may have caused a stronger stimulus to Xuexia. Let her think of the possibility of breaking the game earlier.

However, things did not go as smoothly as I thought.

Faced with my question, Yukoshita just blinked in surprise, and finally, he even asked in a daze, "I haven't thought about it, but does Yuhihama think there is a problem with your plan? ?"

I suddenly felt that the persona of Yukoshita and Yui sister had been reversed today.

"No, no, I just feel that in accordance with your previous attitude, the priority is not to act according to my plan, but to find a solution that belongs to you that is better than mine. You just gave me It feels like this is possible."

"What Yubihama said should be a thing of the past, right?"

"Well, when we first met."

"Compared with that time, we have all changed a lot."

——Does it hurt the spring and sadness at this time?Again, unlike Yuukishita's style, the words jumped out of Yuukixia's mouth—did Yuukixiayango reshape her sister's character?

"Well, so if Koyuki is not trying to persuade Yono-senpai, nor is he thinking that Kowa is wrong, then what is Koyuki thinking?" Yuihama Yui wanted to drag the topic back to the right track. Come up-it's great, Yui sister, this is the third time I thank you today.

"Uh-" Yukoshita looked at me awkwardly again, and this time, it was obvious that Yui sister could see it.

"Is it related to Xiaohe?"

Xuexia was still silent.

"It's related to Xiaohe?"

This seems to be an indisputable fact-but the question is, why?After both of the two possibilities I could think of were rejected, I couldn't think of what else Xuexia could consider for me, especially that this matter could even be more important than the immediate problem solving.

"If it's related to Xiaohe, isn't it inconvenient to talk in front of Xiaohe?" My sister gave me a thoughtful look.

Uh, old sister, I remember you worked so hard to call me back to this ministry, right?Although I am not saying that I have to be paid because you did this, but what you mean now, right?

However, almost at the same time Yuukishita looked out the window with some embarrassment, Yui sister spoke again.

"Well, Xiaohe, I'm sorry to trouble you, can you go outside?"

The expected speech.

"Uh, I said—" I tilted my face and squinted reluctantly. My sister, although she seems to value me very much, but when facing a good girlfriend, she is very skillful in handling her brother. It was sold.

"——Xiaohe, girls always have a lot of things that are inconvenient to say, and girls also have a lot of things that cannot be heard by boys, do you understand?"

Understand and understand, but old sister, you are so decisive-even if the other party actively proposed this matter before the other party did not propose, it still hurt your brother very much!

"So, Xiaohe, please be-good-go out for a while, right? Soon, soon." Sister Yui smiled, but with a toughness that cannot be denied, this is probably her time. When she acted most like her sister, she was the first to awaken her sister's attributes in a strange way!

My protest hardly had any effect. In the end, I was still heavily shut outside the classroom of the Ministry of Service.

It’s actually a shame for boys to be kicked out of the classroom by girls. Fortunately, the classrooms of the Ministry of Service are relatively remote. Recently, because of the personal issues of the Minister, there have been fewer people asking for some boring issues. This makes me embarrassed by myself. No one noticed standing outside the classroom.

Of course, I was put back into the classroom soon.

However, this time, I was faced with another pair of eyes staring at me in a puzzled manner—the confused eyes from Yui sister.

Different from the dodge under the snow, Yui sister's curiosity appeared more open.

So, what is the strange situation?

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Chapter 9: Confusion

Although it is fortunate that my sister's curiosity did not last long, after Xuexia sat down and began to read the book, she withdrew her gaze.However, after this confusion, the person who urged Xuexia to do what should be done disappeared.

Although delaying a day is actually not a big deal, if Xuexia has maintained this state, it may not just be a problem of delaying a day.Therefore, even if Yui sister does not come to my room at night, I guess I will go to her room to find her.

"Hey, Xiaohe, today I chatted with Xiaoxue about you, and I want to make sure of some questions." As in the club activity classroom before, my sister still asked questions straightforwardly.