My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 368

Her expression looked a little heavy, not as curious as she was at the beginning-it gave the impression that she had been thinking about this issue for a long time and had come to some great conclusions.

"Wait, if I don't answer the question clearly, old sister, you're afraid you can't sleep, right?"

"Well, it's like this," my sister sighed and continued, "I didn't think about it before. Long, long ago, now, when Xiaohe was about to change Xiaoxue's mind, why did Xiaohe do this? What? Well, this question started from childhood and why did you change Xiaoxue?"

"If you want to change Yukoshita, it should be the goal from entering the department-after all, the Hiratsuka-sensei said that when I change other people's minds, I can leave the department."

"However, Xiaohe didn't put this goal into action at the beginning. I mean, when did Xiaohe start to have the current plan?"

"Now this whole set of plans should start from summer vacation, right?"

——After the summer stay, because she pierced the image of Xuexia on a whim, she was caught by her sister, met at the fireworks display, and then agreed to her request.

"Summer vacation, when we stay together?"

"Well, almost."

"That's almost as Xiaoxue feels."

"What did she feel?" There was an ominous premonition in my heart.

Of course, my sister did not answer my words, she just continued to ask: "So, was there any opportunity at that time? Why did Xiaohe suddenly decide to put the idea of ​​changing Xiaoxue into action?"


However, why is there such a strange question? I remember that at that time, I simply expressed my opinion and talked for a while with Xuexia who was awake at night. What kind of opportunity was this?Do I still have to find a reason for every word I say — it's better to say that this is the conspiracy of the founding god, let me say some things to break the principle of Xuexia at that time, there is no reason , Just said it by the way.

"Because if it was Xiaohe at that time, he always felt that everything he did was very logical, and he would definitely not talk nonsense. Therefore, if Xiaohe said these things at that time, it must be reasonable at the time." He rested his chin and said seriously-this does not seem to be her own conclusion. Judging from her previous discussions with Xuexia, this is probably also Xuexia's conclusion.

So my image at the time was already so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people?

"Well, why do you ask this question, why did I do these things in the first place, is this important?"

"Actually, I didn't think of it at first, but now that Xiaoxue asked this question, I think it might still be very important."

"So why does Xuexia ask such a question?"

——But, I think, I already know the answer.

"Well, it was Senior Yono who mentioned it to Xiaoxue. I don't know what they said specifically, but Senior Yono seems to say something like'Xiaohe's behavior is suspicious' to Xiaoxue."

——Sure enough, this guy who fears that the world will not be chaotic.

"I know that Xiaohe will be very angry when I hear this," I probably noticed that my face was getting a little worse, and my sister explained anxiously, "But, I think Senior Yang Nao said something else. It's not that Xiaohe is doing bad things relative to Xiaoxue. It should be said that Xiaohe's actions are a bit strange!"

"What can be weird!" I gritted my teeth and retorted.

"It's not surprising at first, but if you think about it carefully, Xiaohe did a super cumbersome thing for Xiaoxue's change? In the beginning, Xiaoxue gradually depended on you, and then he planned to disappoint Xiaoxue. Trust, and finally let Xiaoxue stand up again on her own strength. Although this plan looks good, the time span is actually a bit long, starting in September, it’s now December, and it’s three full months. And are planning this or something—"

"--Of course it's because I didn't think of a better method than this method."

"Right, right, I think so, but in any case, this plan is still a bit too cumbersome?"

"So, this is a helpless thing."

"Well, so, I mean, if this plan is so cumbersome, why not give up? With Xiaohe's character, would you really like to do such complicated things?"

My sister's question made me a little stunned.

"I know, Xiaohe is actually not the kind of person who is abusive to good people. He doesn't care about people and things that he is actually very reluctant to invest in, right?"


"So, it must be strange that Xiaohe put so much energy into Xiaoxue?"


Although I felt that there was a critical problem, I found that I seemed to be speechless about this problem of my sister.

"Well, in fact, at the beginning, I was just completing the task set by Xuexiayangna." In the end, I replied hesitantly.

"Although I know Senior Yono is very good, but in any case, she can't order Xiaohe? And it seems that she hasn't made any deal with Xiaohe. Only by her request, Xiaohe can Do you do so much?"

"So sister, do you think I can change Xuexia for what reason?"

"Uh, so I am not very clear about this. Although I have thought about some possibilities, I think I still know enough about Xiaohe's thoughts in this respect." My sister dodged a little while scratching her head. While looking at me with strange eyes.

"That possibility doesn't exist!" I flatly rejected my sister's ambiguous temptation.

"Well, I know that it's not reliable, so I just try it casually!"

"If you don't know it's not reliable, don't look at me like a curious baby!" I pinched my temple, feeling very speechless for the old sister's irresponsible conjecture.

However, I quickly realized a more dangerous possibility.

"Now, old sister, you just thought about that, isn't it under Xuexia yet?"

"Xiaoxue? Well, Xiaoxue is not there yet. She is probably considering Xiaohe's various possibilities for doing this, right? Xiaoxue may think more about it, but I think Xiaohe will not be malicious. Thoughts, so the malicious thoughts have been eliminated in advance."

"Unexpectedly, it means that there is still such a possibility? Especially now that the emotional fluctuations under the snow have become frequent."

"Well, then I don't know, right?"

I collapsed on the bed weakly.I gradually came to understand that Yukia Yonoi avoided the purpose of discussing the issue with her sister. As in the past, she just gave a vague but reminiscent possibility. She didn’t think about it. The possibility is to guide in any direction, but she knows that the possibility she put forward is most likely to make other people associate.

Although I don't know why I want to let Xuexia go home, the problem at the moment is already troublesome enough.

What I need is a Xuexia who hates me. She only needs to believe that I have unconditional malice towards her. The more out of this kind of dissatisfaction with me, the more likely she is to break through to her. Set the shackles and complete the rebirth.

I don’t need a Yukino who thinks about the possibility of my kindness. Let’s not talk about the most ambiguous possibility my sister imagined. Just a Yukino who thinks my approach is kind will let She began to look forward and backward, even because she believed in my kindness and reservations, so that she could not have the effect of breaking and standing up.

——However, this is a difficult problem to solve!From the corner of my eye, I glanced at my awkward sister who wrinkled her hands, and sighed silently.

Not to mention the fact that I did those things with good intentions.Moreover, the question raised by Yukoshita Yono made me even entangled.

What kind of mood did I take to help Xuexiaxia, and why I was able to implement such a complicated plan to the end after encountering so many setbacks, and finally did not give up?

To be honest, even I don't know the answer-even for a moment, I would doubt the possible correctness of what my sister said.

Moreover, once such seeds are planted, they are likely to take root and sprout-I can't even deny that maybe on the evening of summer vacation, facing the snow like night spirits, I might have a moment of heartbeat. .

This is probably in Yukino's plan, right?Although aware of this possibility, there is no way to resist.


"Sorry, let me calm down!" I covered my head with a pillow very childishly, and said dully to the older sister who cared about me.

Maybe, I need someone to calm down and think about it.