My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 369

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Chapter Ten: The Wind

The adolescent’s yearning for women doesn’t really need too many reasons. Maybe it’s just a glimpse, maybe it’s just a smile from the other person, maybe it’s just a few gentle lines from her, of course, it may also be unintentional from other people. A reminder, even a joke.

Some people may think that this kind of feeling is not real enough, just a momentary impulse, but the starting point of all feelings is actually this.

I would not be underestimated by this accidental and somewhat inexplicable feeling, but I did not expect that one day, this possibility will exist in me.

The reason why I reject this possibility is because I have a kind of worry. If my emotions can be affected by a suspicion of Yui sister so easily, it probably means that there will be a kind of unconscious emotion in my subconscious. The essence, and this is the most unacceptable to me.

Fortunately, this hesitation can be restrained through simple self-suggestion-I have already rejected many people, and it is no big deal to explicitly reject Xuexia. This problem can be suppressed with this behavior.

Not long after Yui sister left, I made this determination.

Of course I know that if my reaction is also in Yukoshita's plan, what she has done will certainly not be simple.

This makes it difficult for me not to connect these encounters the next day with her manipulation-after all, this is a bit too coincidental.

The starting point of the matter still started from Yi Hue Yu, the most informative source in the class. Her always sensitive gossip nerve and the current status of the president of the student union can allow her to get my experience with few other social activities. News that graders will never get.

"Hey, Kazuya, have you heard some strange rumors lately?" Although the relationship with me has basically returned to the level of a familiar stranger, after that, I didn't communicate much with Isshiki. I asked her to comment on the activities organized by the Student Union. This was the first time I took the initiative to talk to her other than normal neighbor relations. On the contrary, this time she took the initiative to speak to me for the first time since then.

"This way of provoking topics is pretty bad, I think it has lowered your level, classmate Isshiki."

"I didn't talk about it to talk to you specifically, I just heard some rumors and thought it should be more important to you, so I want to remind you that your attitude doesn't need to be so rigid."

"Ah, sorry, something happened yesterday, so I have some allergies now." I responded awkwardly.After being disturbed by Yui sister's words last night, my spirit was indeed in a state of a little too nervous, which made me feel hostile to Isshiki's initiative to talk to me.

"To be honest, I'm not interested in the reason for your reaction, but you really don't seem to know the rumor I heard." Isshiki raised his eyebrows, and shook his head reluctantly, "I can only Say, if you know the seniors in the third grade, then you can understand the gossip among the most popular students in the third grade."

"The third grade?"

"Yes, it's in the third grade, and it should be what you think. As for the specifics, I don't know the inside story, so I don't bother to tell you-lest you worry that I am looking for something deliberately. "

"Uh—" I felt like I was poked hard, but it was true that the attitude I just refused to be thousands of miles away made her a little bit hurt. I touched my nose and looked around. The last smiling face chatting with other people created a strange sense of embarrassment.

But this feeling was quickly wiped away by me, and the news mentioned by Isshiki made me a little nervous.

What made this tension further strengthened was an email from another person who had not been in contact for a long time: "After school, come to the second music room."

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Compared to when I came to the second music room before, there are obviously a lot more things in this classroom. There is a guitar next to the piano and there is not much dust on the guitar, which means that it was frequent not long ago. The ground is used by people.But the most eye-catching is the two small tables and three chairs. There are a few textbooks scattered on the table, and there are even notes full of words.At least, judging from the current situation, this should not belong to Dongma and Sha alone.

Of course, the only person in this classroom is Dongma and Sa. It seems to have noticed that after I walked into the classroom, I looked at the books and notes on the desk for a long time. She obviously felt a little uncomfortable. Before talking to me First, I swept all the messy things on the table into my schoolbag, and then, I probably felt that the schoolbag was placed here again, and I hesitated for a long time, and finally put it on the back of the piano.

If these somewhat boring behaviors are placed on me in the past, it is probably an indispensable complaint, but today I don’t have this mood, just as the expressions of Dongma and Sae opposite me are not very good-looking—— Although in my impression, her expression has not been very good-looking.

"So, have you heard that rumor?"

"I only know that there is such a rumor, but what exactly is this rumor? I don't know what the situation is—but seeing your appearance, plus some of my own understanding, I can roughly guess. To some."

"Now in the third grade, it is rumored that that guy and Xiaomu Shuxuena are a couple." Dongma and Sasha replied blankly.

Although I was somewhat mentally prepared, when Touma and Sae really confirmed the news, my heart was still grasped by science.It was as if there were tens of thousands of ants crawling on my chest, depressed, uneasy, angry, worried, all kinds of emotions filled my heart, and the whole person seemed to explode.

And one of the things that frustrated me the most was that Senior Xiao Muzhen didn’t seem to have the slightest idea to explain to me—although this was normal and normal, I rejected her, hurt her, and deliberately wanted to ignore her, I The relationship with her now or even the previous friends is not counted, she has no need to explain to me at all.However, this still annoys me very much-although I am completely disqualified, this emotion cannot be restrained.

Only then did I realize that I was such a despicable person—it seemed that the reason why I was able to reject Senior Xiao Muzhen was not because I made enough determination for myself, but because I had an inexplicable confidence, just like, except for me Besides, it is impossible for Senior to be with others.I rejected her with this terrible idea of ​​"Even if it doesn't belong to me, seniors will not belong to other people". This is the reason why I am surprisingly uncomfortable now.

"You rejected Xiao Muzhu's matter before and it made a lot of trouble. I was worried at first that you might not care so much about this matter, but your appearance looks even more embarrassing than I thought!" Dong Mahe Sae hugged her arms and looked at me with interest, "In that case, why did you do that to Xiao Muzhen in the first place? After accepting the kindness, all the problems now disappear, don't they?"

"Before pitying me, think about yourself first? It can be seen that you and Kitahara-senior have had a lot of contacts and exchanges after the cultural festival, but there is no progress now, and it has become like this. Actually You can't beat the dog, aren't you?

Dongma Hesha's face turned pale.

"I didn't think I could be with that guy, it was just your own wishful thinking, Yuihama." Finally, she replied with a cold face.

"You can only do it here. If you really don't care, you won't call me here." I waved my hand, "Stop this meaningless act of harming each other!" Can you tell me what exactly happened?"

"Who knows?" Dongma and Sa frowned. In the end, she seemed to have accepted my armistice agreement. She spread her hands helplessly, "I don't know when it will start. Replay the old things, and then naturally mentioned the performance of the Light Music Club.

"Is that the buried performance?"

"Yes, naturally there are also buried singers and buried guitarists, they are a natural pair!"

"Where is the keyboard player?"

"The keyboard player is not well-known!" Touma and Sa showed a mocking smile, "This kind of thing, of course, it is interesting to connect with a certain well-known person!"

Having said that, I also remembered it, because the song sound -of -destiny was temporarily cancelled, which best reflects Dongma Kazuya's musical skills, and the section that best demonstrates her ability seems to have been deleted, so that It was normal for her to fail to impress anyone at the end.

"In the end, it's Yubihama, your pot. The incident that you rejected Xiao Mu Shu was so violent. After Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai was comforted by her friends in the club after she was broken in love, she cheered up again and had a relationship with the partner who encouraged her. Xiang Yue, this story is the perfect ending that everyone loves to hear!"

"So you mean I'm the villain, right?"

"If you stay in the corridor of the third grade for a while, and then be recognized, you will become the target of others."

"Well, at this time, Senior Beiyuan will probably come out and say a few words for me. In the end, my image has not been improved. Maybe he can still get a good reputation?"

"It's almost like this." Dongma and yarn spread their hands.

To be honest, this is really a terrible situation!


Chapter Eleven: Joker

Dongma and Sa sat at the piano, doing the kind of indifferent expression she usually has when dealing with others, seeming to look at me patiently—but this is just her appearance.

"I think Yubihama, you should do something." Finally, she grabbed the index finger of her left hand with her right hand, and said helplessly first.

"I have no reason and no qualification."

"But Yubihama, you definitely want to do something."

"There are many things you want to do but you can't do. It's Dongma yourself. I believe that if you confess to Kitahara Haruki immediately, this problem will be resolved."

"This is impossible."

"Why is it impossible? You have admitted that you like Senior Kitahara? You have even come to me to discuss a solution to the problem because of this unrealized scandal. To be honest, I think you are already proactive enough now. At this level, why don't you work harder to pierce the last layer of window paper?"

"A person like me—"

"——Believe me, if you confess to him, he will accept it, there is no possibility of rejection."