My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 370

"Now the opportunity is not suitable."

"What's not suitable? The person you like already has a clear target for the scandal. If you don't work hard, you will be finished!"

"Never mind then? If you don't consider your feelings, that guy and Xiao Muyan are actually quite suitable, I still can't compare to Xiao Muyan."

I held my forehead—so Dongma and Sae are such a character that the more persecution, the more retreat?With this expression on her, even if the rival in love clearly told her "I want to confess to the person you like" in front of her, she would not care to say "whatever you like" and so on. Right?

"I think I was dazzled by the situation at the time. Actually, there is nothing wrong with this matter. You see that the guy has denied the rumor for the time being. Xiao Muyan should not like that guy. So, I think I am a little worried. It's too much, just assume that nothing happened today!"

On the contrary, after uttering the words to give up, Dongma and Sa's expression became more and more fluent. I really hope that she can use this determination to express her feelings.

"Also, after thinking about it carefully, that guy actually has many problems, such as—"

"——Stop, stop, so paralyzed to start speaking bad things about the person you like?"

Before doing too much, Dongma still stopped, but the dodge look still proved that it is too difficult for her to take the initiative to break the deadlock-it should be said that if she can do this, This stalemate will never occur.

"Anyway, thank you for being able to provide me with this information."

"I don't think this matter is really a big deal. Maybe after a while, this craze will pass and the problem will be solved." But obviously, under the stimulating attack I just made, Dongma and yarn became more Cowardly, the suggestion she is making now is the opposite of the hurried look she had when she first looked for me.

This is indeed a possibility, but it is only a possibility. As long as there are other possibilities, I can’t feel at ease—the same is true of Dongma Kazuya on the opposite side. This is the reason she came to me, although She now only used her pale face and hypocritical assumptions to hide this anxiety.

And as long as this anxiety exists--

"I'll go to Senior Xiao Muzhen."

I don't know in what capacity to face it, why to ask, or even how to ask this question-but I still do it.

There is no principle and no bottom line to do this.

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In fact, there are not too many people in the corridors of the third grade. No matter how enthusiastic people are for gossip and news, tension and depression or the main theme of the third grade during the exam preparation period, there may be twos and threes leaning against the classroom door and chatting casually. People, but more people, still sit in the classroom, talking to their neighbors and front and rear desks that don’t make much sense, as if doing so can restore them to learning at any time—or, let them Pretend that you can immediately devote yourself to intense study.

I chose the most unsuitable time for chat between classes-but this also means that Senior Xiao Muzhen will definitely be in the classroom-even if he has made a bottomless behavior, but if he fails once and fails to find the other party, I I feel that my courage will also be squeezed out at that moment without another action.

No matter what time, no matter what the impact is, the place where Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai is located must be the most active place. At least miss Zong Wu Gao has not won three consecutive championships without affecting her popularity in Class A of the third year. Looking from a distance, The excited expressions of the people around her, especially the boys, were exactly the same as before.

"To be honest, if it's Beiyuan, it will make people feel like,'Sure enough, but there is really no way!' and so on, so if Xuecai really wants to be with Beiyuan, everyone will still support it!"

"Yeah, obviously better than the former second-year idiot in the first grade, right?"

The discussion is not very loud, but in the slightly quiet atmosphere at the end of the term, this kind of pink topic itself is easy to attract people’s attention. When these words are said, the speaker next to the speaker is obviously quiet for a while. Let me in the distance hear their topics clearly.

As expected, it really became an object of dislike!

"Student Beiyuan also explained it? We just happen to be partners in the club, and there is no other connection."

"But Xuecai, you have joined that club, is it amazing? There are so many clubs that have invited you before, but you all refused. Why do you want to join the light music club during the busiest time in the third grade? And I I heard that before you joined, the club was about to disband, right?"

"Well, there are various reasons for this."

"But at that time Kitahara invited you, right? Although he refused at first, he finally agreed. Is he still moved by his perseverance?"

"Well, it is indeed a reason why Kitahara-student never gave up—"

"——Oh, I caught the handle, I was really moved, right?"

"So, it's just one of the reasons!"

"Well, can you talk about other more important reasons?"

"Well, the keyboardist girl is very powerful and handsome. Want to work hard with her or something?"

"But you don't want to believe this sentence yourself?"

"I'm telling the truth! I will be troubled if I deny it like this!"

The discussion was intense, some noisy, and even some harsh conversations constantly impacted my eardrums.

I should have known this a long time ago. I should have known that Xiaomu Yu Xuecai plays the role of a good girl who gets along well with everyone in the class, so she will be troubled by these words, but not Will show it to other people around me.

Therefore, the dialogue is naturally in this form-the world seamlessly denies all possibilities, but it does not make others feel that they are a thousand miles away.

Even, in my eyes, this is not just a category of amiability, but more like making a vague suggestion. From the people around her, it can be seen that the denial of the senior is not convincing at all. People are still keen on their own speculation and self-righteous cognition.

Will Haruki Kitahara on the other side also face a similar situation?Dongma and Sa, do they feel disgusted by seeing similar scenes, or are they helpless by such a situation that makes the insiders who are bystanders feel uncomfortable?

Suddenly, I understood Dongma’s previous escape mentality. Facing such a scene, the negative emotions in my heart are enough to make people collapse.

"You-- are you Yubihama from before?" This was the voice of Mizusawa Yoshio, who had a relationship, "Come for Yukina?"

Afterwards, she frowned, raised her voice and asked again: "Do you still want to find Xue Cai?"

The sound of the latter sentence is loud enough to make everyone's eyes focus on me.

I took a step back unconsciously, and then faced the sight of Senior Xiao Muzhen in the distance.

"Ah, uh."

"Sorry, class is about to start now, the time you chose is not good, brother?"

"Well, I also know, I should say that I chose this time—"

I shouldn't be afraid of the contemptuous glances my classmates cast at me. I have seen scenes worse than this. During the competition, I have enjoyed boos and blows hundreds of times more than this.

What made me panicked and overwhelmed was the calm eyes of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen. Until not long ago, when I saw her, I could still feel the suppressed sadness in her.That kind of makes me feel heartache, sorry, but there is some ecstatic breath in the subconscious.

However, now, that feeling is completely gone.

If this is not the case, if there will be no emotional fluctuations when you see me, then my straightforward questioning, my aggressive approach, is not just a clown who feels too good about himself?

"I don't know what reason you chose this time, Yubihama, but the fact is that we should be in class soon. What can I say later?"

"Ah, um, good."

He rushed forward with great momentum, and was kicked out of the classroom in disgrace. If this is a story, it is really the standard treatment for villains.

For a moment, I felt that all the changes I made before were meaningless.

I'm still the bad boy who can only show all kinds of ugliness in front of Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai.

Just then, the voice of the phone rang.

Unexpected, but logically, an email from Senior Xiao Muzhen.

"After school, let's meet!"