My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 371

If this email appeared a day earlier, I might be ecstatic and my heartbeat would accelerate.

Of course, my heartbeat is indeed speeding up now, but it is because of panic and helplessness.

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In order to write this story, I re-watched the idol who forgot to sing (emmmmm is exactly this routine), and then deeply felt that Maruto's introductory three points of emotional portrayal, wanted to write his emotions more intensely—— Then I found that Yubihama Kazuya's character is still too suppressing emotions, so I decided to switch the perspective of Yukina to write.Well, in short, this plot of death seems to be under control....


Chapter 11.5: Darkness

When the first snow came, Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai lost her love.In fact, she has never thought about this, even if it is possible, she has never considered it. Although the boy is indeed a little slow, although he does sometimes think about some strange things, but after all, it is Xiaomu Xuecai. Confession!

However, she was still rejected, even when Xue Cai lowered her posture and signaled forgiveness to the other party for the second time, she was rejected.

Rejecting Xiao Mu Su Xuecai twice in a row, even if it was put two months ago, it was enough to stay in the headlines of Zou Wu Gao’s gossip circle for a month, but the election a month ago made the aura of the goddess of the school fade It’s not a long time since this news has become a topic in the crowd.

After that, Xuecai never contacted Heya again - at least for now, Xiaomuzhen Xuecai still has her own self-esteem, she will fight for it, but she will not give in unprincipled.Kazuya naturally wouldn't contact him. If everything went on like this, the intersection between the two might end here.

She would still watch Kazuya's behavior occasionally and would not deliberately look for it, but when she found something related to him, she would naturally try to inquire about what the boy was doing.

In addition, as always, people who refuse to confess to themselves — it seems that recently because they heard that they are broken in love, there are more idiots who feel that they can take advantage of the emptiness. As always, they seem to be serious but learn more or less absent-mindedly, as always. The people around him maintain basic amiable relationships.

It was at this time that the rumors rose.

The rumor that "Xucai Xiaomu and Haruki Kitahara may be dating".

The good deed once vowed to say that "this couple who was close in the light music club once went to the second music room for a date together." Xuecai recalled for a long time before remembering that it was another member of the Beiyuan Gang that she promised. , What happened when Dongma and Sa made up classes together, but even with this incident, she was a little disappointed after agreeing to help twice, and never participated in this activity afterwards.

As for other bad and even vulgar remarks, such as "Haruki Kitahara knew the secret of XX of Xiaomu Yu Xuecai", "Actually Xiaomu Yu is very fragile, and Beiyuan only gave her a little comfort and gave her a hug". She also heard everything in her ears.

The classmates always stand firmly on the side of Yukcai, and they will not mention those despicable rumors, but they will still ask Yukcai's views on Chunxi-Kitahara is a very reliable one. Boys are at least much better than the unknown first-year student. This seems to be the consensus of the "friends" around him.

If we were a little cautiously tentative at the beginning, then, these discussions even became a little unscrupulous, such as "Such vegetables are already with Kitahara, right", "Sure enough, compared with the second-year illness in the first grade, Kitahara only "It's a more reliable object" and other words that don't know if it is a joke or speculation began to spread.

It was as if the original man was worthless.

Obviously he didn't know his efforts or his thoughts, but he still felt that he was worthless.Harmony is also very powerful, although awkwardly, but trying to help everyone, just because the behavior shown is a little strange, they are looked down on and laughed at. Is this too ridiculous?

Now, if it were you, if I met my confession, I would probably agree incoherently, and then touch my head with a smirk in unknown circumstances-I refused, which means he thinks more and he needs to bear more. You are more like a predecessor than the carefree now laughing at him!

——But why do you have to think so much?Why do you have to carry so much?It’s not necessary to think too much about the so-called rational, the so-called collective, the so-called higher ideas and so on?Even if it’s just in front of me, it’s okay if you can be dizzy and incoherent like these idiots, touch your head and smirk and agree, right?

Not as good as these fools-that fool!

The dark, obscure feelings rustled out.

"Now, Xuecai actually thinks Beiyuan is very good, right?"

"Well, now, Beiyuan-student is a very reliable person." She replied casually.Her impression of Kitahara Haruki probably remained in the category of “this person is really a hard worker”. In the impression of club activities, it seemed that he had cared about himself several times, and was rejected by Heya for the first time. When tutoring for Dongma and Sasha together, he seemed to have said several times to comfort him, so what?Kitahara's comfort is no better than others. Why does he feel that his comfort will have an effect on him?

Sure enough, because this person's image is better, well, Kitahara has done a lot of things that are helpful to everyone, so everyone likes him?However, other people just don't know what Kazuya does?Just because I didn’t know, I made such an evaluation without authorization——

"To be honest, if it's Beiyuan, it will make people feel like,'Sure enough, but there is really no way!' and so on, so if Xuecai really wants to be with Beiyuan, everyone will still support it!"

"Yeah, obviously better than the former second-year idiot in the first grade, right?"

——Ah, here again, such words of instigation, words that strike Kazuki's image.Xuecai became a little unhappy. She could understand the excitement of these people because of this rumor, but only to slander, only to slander that person, doing so repeatedly would make her feel unhappy.

However, she couldn't tear her face directly with the other party, so she turned her head a little irritably and looked at the window.

Then she saw the shadow that flashed by.

That boy, are you here?Are you here to find yourself?

Ah, that's it-scared?Jealous?Is it because of such feelings that I came to see the situation?However, because of her sensitive identity, she could not rush in directly to find her.

But did he hear the conversation in the classroom?Does he know this is being discussed?If you hear--

Xuecai turned her head, frowned slightly, and showed a just right smile: "Student Beiyuan also explained, right? We just happen to be partners in the club, and there is no other contact."

The guy on the opposite side was obviously a little excited because he seemed to have answered his question more patiently. There was a blush on his face. He continued to explain eloquently, as if showing off that his source was very reliable: " But Xuecai, you have joined that club, is it amazing? There are so many clubs that have invited you before, but you all refused. Why do you want to join the light music club at the busiest time in the third grade? And I listened. Say that before you joined, that club was about to disband, right?"

"Well, there are various reasons for this."

Folding her hands under her chin, she turned around somewhat deliberately-in case the other party found out that she had seen him, she seemed to answer the question seriously.

"But at that time Kitahara invited you, right? Although he refused at first, he finally agreed. Is he still moved by his perseverance?"

It seems that because Xuecai finally began to answer the questions seriously, the discussion scene became heated, the goddess of the school, or at least the current class goddess, finally began to be interested in this question, let everyone think they know some inside information, Or the nerves of all people who think they can get closer to Xuecai through this opportunity are jumping.

"Well, it is indeed a reason why Kitahara-student never gave up—"

"——Oh, I caught the handle, I was really moved, right?"

"So, it's just one of the reasons!"

"Well, can you talk about other more important reasons?"

"Well, the keyboardist girl is very powerful and handsome. Want to work hard with her or something?"

"But you don't want to believe this sentence yourself?"

——Yes, I don’t want to believe it myself, because the reason for joining that club is the same as the reason for doing it now!

With a smile that was even a bit coquettish, but shockingly beautiful, Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai still sat firmly in her place.

"I'm telling the truth! I will be troubled if I deny it like this!"

——Also, if you do not act, I will be a little troubled!

But then, she heard the commotion at the door of the classroom.

As long as I am called, I will go out, and then, whether it is hysterical complaints or some unfounded apologies, I will understand.Continuing to face him with her back, she pretended not to know anything.

However, she never waited for the shouts of the people beside her.

When she couldn't help turning around, she met his eyes--what kind of eyes should I look at him?She was found to be wrong and looked panicked-but she was not wrong?Finally saw him again, looking ecstatic--but wouldn't you just pull your identity down?Feeling sad because he couldn't get in touch-but didn't he come here?Why pretend to be sad?

In the end, she just looked at him, showing a calm look.

However, seeming to be shocked by himself, the boy took a few steps back with earthy faces, and then left the classroom with a little bit of depression.

"Is that first year embarrassed like this? He came to the door aggressively, but he left without even the last level!"

The noisy voice beside him rang again.

"Yes, just leave like this!"

"Yes, if it's Kitahara--"