My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 372

"——What would happen if it was Kitahara-student?" She raised her head and stared straight at the classmate who wanted to continue teasing.

At that moment, her appearance might be terrible.

"Uh, if it's Beiyuan--" Maybe it was because of the horror in his eyes, the other party didn't know how to react for a while.

"You don't have to compare Kitahara and Kato every time." She retracted her eyes and said softly.

"Um, ah, um, yes."

"Class is about to start, I think I should study!" As always, she said with a polite but not unpleasant smile, as if the rich expression just now did not exist.

"Now, ah, yes."

——Did you go too far?Before or after?Did it really make him misunderstand me and Kitahara, or did he just shrink back?What is Heya's idea?So, he came to see me, right?

After everyone had dispersed, Xuecai opened the book and read it pretentiously, but every word in the book was like a foreign alphabet that she had never learned before, which made her feel particularly troubled.

Can't that be it?She turned on the phone with some entanglement, but didn't know what to say.

"After school, let's meet!"

Finally, she wrote this, and then collapsed on the table.

Really, what kind of tone is this!

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Sure enough, there is no need to write about the protagonist's perspective. The whole style of writing is more natural. Learning Marudo will make the emotional description more intense. Of course, Xuecai’s mood is definitely different from that of Wangge idols. Wangge idols are actually a little sick, or The snow vegetables are good now (laughs)


Chapter 12: Distortion

When she arrived at the agreed place, the boys were already waiting there.Punctuality is his strength, and it has always been.

His face is not good-looking, some are blue, and some are cramped-it's almost the same as many stunned blue characters who confessed to him before.

Since when did Yubihama become so intimidated in front of him?When did the kind of relaxation that she liked at first, the one that didn't regard herself as higher, and the confident one disappeared?

Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai suddenly discovered that when the wall between the two of them was constantly expanding, the tacit understanding and ease of getting along with each other were also disappearing. She began to frequently use suggestive and unclear behaviors to express Occasionally, my own thoughts are clearly stated, when they are really unbearable and passive.And Heya began to consider his answers for a longer period of time, and it seemed that he would not dare to make the same easily if he hadn't been refined and polished for every reply he made.

Why did it become like this?Obviously, I just want to become a more intimate relationship, and I just want to go a step further above the status quo, but why can't even the previous goodness be maintained?

Or is this the real ending of Yukiya Yukina and Kazuya Yukiya?

Before she could think of the answers to these questions, she had already come to He Ye.

"Senior." The boy said with a fairly normal smile—yes, it is true. Before meeting himself, he was nervous, he was cramped, but he would not show such nervousness when talking to himself. .

Yubihama is also very good at this seemingly calm disguise, no matter how nervous he is, he can at least calm himself on the surface-long ago, when they were still talking about it, they seemed to have discussed this problem.

"If I behave nervously, then my teammates will be even more nervous?" At that time, as if showing off his status on the football field, he replied, "Moreover, I am actually an easy self-confidence As a hypnotist, many times as long as I am not nervous, I can really calm down after that."

——So, that was his true psychological state of rejecting himself twice, right?Although he may be entangled to the extreme, he calmly said "I'm sorry", and then constantly hinted that he himself "he did the right thing."

Suddenly she was a little disgusted and disgusted-she could trust herself more, and she could think of ways with herself as before, but he wanted to do it.

Obviously knowing that rejecting oneself is the most harmful to oneself, but for the sake of "collective benefit", "relatively good ending" and other self-talking ideas, I choose not to care about myself.

Also, you have already rejected it, but you are still appearing now. This is not clear-you were lying to me before, didn't you?

"Well, this afternoon, do you have anything to look for me?" Like a boy, she concealed her inner complex feelings and answered with a calm face.

"Hmm, right?"

"So, what's the matter?" She narrowed her eyes and looked at Heya, she asked.

Of course she knows what it is, and she also knows and knows that she understands this, but she still wants to ask this question, she still wants to see Heye's embarrassment.

This is Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai's small revenge-revenge for your previous excessive actions.

Sure enough, the boy finally showed a tangled expression, but it seems that after adjusting his mood, he still made up his mind.

"Senior, have you heard some rumors about you recently?"

"Um, but I have a lot of rumors!" She raised her eyebrows, and looked at Kazunari with a little arrogance. At that moment, Yuuki Ogi showed her reserved and conceited side as a school idol, not The tolerant and considerate look that has always been in front of Yubihama Kazuya.

"I mean, it's different from the rumors of chasing shadows, maybe it's true—well, it's not right, more precisely the kind that looks alike and makes people have to be suspicious."

"Well, is it about classmate Kitahara?"

"Yeah." The boy nodded quickly.

"Do you believe?"

"Do not believe."

"Since you don't believe it, what can you ask? You know me better than those people, my thoughts, and my interpersonal relationships?" She put her arms around her chest, and she asked the boys casually.

"Although I don't believe it—"

"——Although I don’t believe it, I always worry and doubt, is it true?"

The boy nodded silently.

"So why?"

"I know, I know I am not qualified now, and I know that after those two times, I can still make these rude behaviors." She looked at the boy and lowered her head in a tangled manner.

Really, how embarrassed this is!

There are also times when there is nothing to do with peace, and when there is panic, she has seen such peace many times. In the past, she would comfort him and encourage him. In fact, peace is not that fragile. Maybe, he only needs one. A smile, or a word, let him confirm his own mind, that's enough.

She knew that as long as at that moment, she whispered "No problem", maybe all the contradictions would be resolved.

She didn't even need to speak, she just stretched out a hand for peace and showed a smile, and he could cheer up.

——As long as she can express kind words.

But why doesn't she want to do this?

Just show kind words like my sister—just like my sister.

Yes, she immediately understood the reason for her hesitation.

If you reach out at this time, what is the difference from the past?What's the difference from the past, when you played the role of Yubihama Kazuya's sister and provided him with a gentle harbor?

If I were your sister, I would forgive you, Kazuya-unfortunately I am not.