My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 373

Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai can be a gentle and kind big sister-she is also very good at it, or she is born to be such a role.However, the Yubihama Kazuya she prefers is definitely not the Kazuya who habitually asks her for help.

It could be that when she saw him for the first time, Yubihama Kazuya, who was on the court, who gave up her awe of her identity and made unscrupulous complaints about what she said, even, It could be because of his so-called weird logic, Yubihama Kazuya who made some choices she couldn't understand.

That's right, she would even prefer to reject her own Heya, instead of being overwhelmed by her coercion, and only relying on her gentleness to save Heya.

"Not qualified—is it?"

"Well, I am not qualified, but—"


Her eyes lit up.

Even if it is unreasonable to say "Even if I am not qualified, I would like to know the news of seniors", she will feel satisfied.

For emotional matters, there is no need for so many qualifications and so many worries-after being shocked, and then expressing it, that's fine.This is slowly, Xiaomu Yu Xuecai realizes the thought of handling feelings.

"Well, but, if Senior can forgive me for my previous mistakes." The boy said slowly.

Her mood dimmed.

"I mean, I did a lot of things to seniors before. I don't know how to ask seniors for forgiveness, so I don't know what capacity to use to speak."

Obviously, he can behave a little bit better, obviously, he can behave more resolutely, obviously, he can behave a little more excessively.

"If seniors forgive me, I may, not, I should, and I can give a better answer to the previous question."

"The previous question?"

"Well, it's not today's, it's earlier, that." The boy was obviously also very hard to express himself.

"The earlier one?"

She was stunned, and then reacted.

"So, is this a confession?" She pondered carefully and asked tentatively.

"Well, more precisely, to correct the answer, uh, or say—"

She didn't say something very clearly.

In any case, although very clumsy, although very euphemistic, perhaps due to helplessness, or impulsively, the boy who had rejected him twice, confessed to himself again.

Really happy-it should be so.

But why is it so sad?

This is obviously the result I want, isn't it?The purpose of deliberately being vague about the scandal was to let him know, make him angry, and provoke his reaction.

Now, isn't this a success?

The result is the same reason as goodwill, right?

All reactions were carried out at his own urging, and he had not taken the initiative.He actively rejected himself, but he didn't take the initiative to seek his forgiveness-if she hadn't done so many things, he would have persisted, and parted ways with him, right?

Really, why am I such a greedy and bad person?

Obviously, after doing so much, I have achieved the desired result, but after the result came out, I wanted more.

Just like before, it is good enough to be a sister, but I want to deepen the relationship further.

However, it can't stop!

"Heya, do you want my forgiveness?"

——As long as you forgive him, you can cross over, right?

She used to think so, and he thinks so now.

However, this is not enough.

She was too gentle to him, she was too tolerant to him, so she gave him countless opportunities, so when he prayed for forgiveness, she could almost agree without hesitation.

However, this tolerance belongs to the sister—not to the lover.

Yukina wants to be Yubihama's lover. What she wants to have is not only the emotion of thorough dedication, but also selfishness and wanting to reciprocate.

She wanted him to pursue himself proactively, rather than follow suit under his own stimulation.

"Sorry, you haven't been able to forgive me."

Obviously he likes it. He has rejected him twice. She obviously likes it, but now she still rejects him.

Really, what a twisted feeling this is!

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emmmmmmm What should I say, okay, anyway, Xuecai has the capital, let her go with her (laugh).After all, Xuecai is accustomed to dealing with emotional problems, habitually playing off (not)


Chapter 13: The Meaning of Like

Although I have been sisters and brothers for a long time, although I have been trying to show each other's hearts, many times Yuihama still does not understand his brother's thoughts.

Usually, when looking at problems, she has to think deeply. Of course, she knows that, although she often complains about "Do you want to be a politician in the future, Xiaohe?" However, in general, she still feels like Xiaohe did this One thing is to consider the results after the event, and prepare for the results after the result is not wrong.

What she didn't understand was feelings.She may be the person who knows Xiaohe’s feelings best. After all, she can understand Xiaohe best when he is stuffed in the room at home after school and eating, or when he can’t bear to talk to himself. And other thoughts hidden under the stated calmness.

Therefore, she is incomprehensible. She obviously likes each other and can express her intentions. But why does Xiaohe always lie to Xiaomu Shuxuecai and hide her feelings.

Like it should be a very beautiful feeling!If you like it, just give it to that person wholeheartedly. If you like it, just be gentle with his mistakes forever. If you like it, just express your heart boldly.If the opponent keeps evading, try to let the attacker know about it. If the opponent also opens up, then you can tell him your feelings without reservation.

There is only one situation that cannot be saved, and that is when one's own mind is completely rejected by the other party.

She didn’t know when she noticed that Xiaohe liked Senior Xiao Muzhen--perhaps when Xiaohe introduced herself in an awkward tone when meeting for the first time, or during the cultural festival light music club event. When I was determined not to involve the senior, however, no matter how small the perception was, when Xiaomu Yu Xuecai confessed in that way, Xiaohe did not accept it. From then on, she was a little strange.

Of course she can convince herself to understand, and it is indeed the case-Xiaohe has some more important things to do, and when these things are resolved, he will regret his past behavior, and he will also ask for forgiveness from the other party. Once they come, they can be together.

Yui felt that she should be happy, so when Xiaohe didn't show up in the club in the afternoon, and she heard the news that Xiaohe was already meeting with senior through other channels, she was really happy.Because, at least this problem, everything should be solved, right?

She didn't intentionally look for a place where the two might meet. She just happened to come to some of the places Xiaohe often mentioned for walking with Senior Xiao Muzhen, and she was lucky to see the conversation between the two.

Xiaohe is very clumsy. Senior Xiaomuzhen is very calm. This seems to be the normal way the two get along in his impression. Xiaohe will talk about his own affairs with eloquence, but when he really needs to express his feelings, or Is it to seal off his emotions and put on a poker face, or to blush as it is now, as if to bet everything on it.

She quietly took out her phone and took a picture of her brother-when Xiaohe went back to show off to herself-or more likely pretended to "tell" herself the news seriously, she would use it This picture went to laugh at him.

Unexpectedly, Xiaohe didn't say too much boring words, but straightforwardly expressed his expectation of the other party's forgiveness. According to Yui's understanding, Xiaomu Yuxina would definitely agree.

That senior is not weaker than himself in tenderness at all, and it is precisely because of this that Xiaohe feels that senior is more like his sister.