My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 374

——Of course, this time Xiaohe was able to cheer up so quickly, relying on her own sister. From this point of view, Senior Xiaomuzhen might also be grateful to her!

Yui curled her lips unconsciously. Although she thought so, she was still a little uncomfortable. Just as she cheered up Xiaohe, the child ran to the senior she liked so quickly, it always felt a little like betrayal. The look of yourself.

——What do you think?She couldn't help but laugh at her strange thoughts.In fact, it's good for you to do it, isn't it?At least, in the battle between herself and the older sister’s sister, she was the one who won. She is Xiaohe’s sister. From the perspective of her sister, from the perspective of more trust, Xiaohe chose herself, because she was the first Forgave him unconditionally and help him as quickly as possible.

Not long ago, she made that bold decision because of anger, and the final result was announced in this way.This is really strange too!

Then, in this strange, somewhat relaxed, and somewhat tangled mood, she saw the senior who refused Xiaohe.

She was stunned. It was obvious that the main problem of Xiaohe had been solved. As long as Xiaohe no longer struggled, there would be no problems with those two people, right?But why is this happening now?

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Watching her brother pursing his mouth in a dull manner, he took a few steps back, and then bowed his head and left. She almost rushed out at the first time and Ye left her time.

"Why refuse?" Yuihama Yui probably never thought that she would speak to a senior in school like this.

Because of her sudden appearance, Xiaomu Yuxuna was a little stunned for a while, and she didn't react until Yui almost pressed her entire face to her face fiercely.

"Have you been listening?"

Yui nodded embarrassedly, but then explained confidently: "I just saw the scene of my brother's confession. I want to stay and pay attention. Is there anything wrong?"

"Of course, it's not impossible, Yuihama-san is very concerned about it!"

"Yes, I am very concerned about Xiaohe!" Yui raised her head proudly, "I care more than the predecessors thought."

"Well, I can see it!"

"Besides, I care more than the predecessors!" With a little energy and blood, she said such anxiously.

Although she soon realized that she was doing something wrong, Yui did not weaken her aura.

She is caring about her younger brother, she is seeking justice for her younger brother, everything is for the sake of small reconciliation, so Senior Xiao Muzhen can't compare with me!She thought confidently.

"Yes, maybe you care more than me?"

"Yes, I'm more concerned." She emphasized this forcefully, but Xuecai didn't mean to refute at all but weakened her aura.

She didn't know why this happened. It was obviously she was questioning the other party, and the other party did not refute herself, but why did she feel that she was becoming more and more rude?

Although I don't know why, at least I have to seek justice for Xiaohe while he is still alive.

"So, why can't senior forgive Xiaohe? Xiaohe obviously admitted his mistake, didn't he?"

"You can't forgive that simply."

"——It can be forgiven so simply! Before, not long ago, I forgave Xiaohe for putting me aside before, and I forgave Xiaohe and refused my help. I did it! "

She raised her head proudly again. This is perhaps Yuihama Yui’s most proud thing in recent times-when everyone has given up Xiaohe, she is the only one who insists on standing behind Xiaohe and giving Xiaohe support, only then can Xiaohe stand up again.

"Don't you know how Xiaohe collapsed some time ago?" She asked - and then immediately realized that her brother's refusal of Xuecai was also an important inducement in this matter, and quickly shook her head. "In short, At that time, Senior couldn't help Xiaohe, I helped him!"

Like a child who can’t wait to announce her victory, she continued: “Senior couldn’t help Xiaohe at that time, I understand, but if it is now, now Xiaohe actively wants to reconcile, if the senior is still If you are worried about Xiaohe's behavior and cannot forgive him, it can only show that the predecessors like Xiaohe and nothing more. If the seniors really treat Xiaohe in this way, I will stop Xiaohe, because This kind of liking is not enough. This kind of selfishness, those who want to pursue rewards, and want some kind of liking, are not as good as my liking for Xiaohe."

She did her best to say this.

After saying this, she suddenly felt that all the complicated and entangled feelings she had had before were gone-because she finally discovered her true thoughts.

In fact, she didn't want Xiaohe to like Xiao Muzhen's predecessor-but before, she had to support Xiaohe's like, she was the sister who supported Xiaohe.But now it's different. She has discovered that Senior Xiao Muzhen is not worthy of Xiaohe's liking, so she can stop him rightfully, right, rightly, as a sister who cares about Xiaohe.

Not more than what you like, that is not enough!

She rekindled her self-confidence and looked at Xuecai with a smile.

However, the other party just looked at her with indifferent to elusive eyes, making her suddenly feel whether she had fallen into another trap.

"Yuhihama-student's love for Xiaohe, is it your sister's favorite?"

"That's right, as a sister, the unreserved likes-stronger likes than predecessors, you can always forgive Xiaohe's likes."

"Yes, that's what the family likes," Xuecai stroked the temples of her forehead, smiled and retorted, "But, I don't want to be his family!"

"My liking for him is a more exclusive selfish liking. What I want to seek from him is also this kind of liking. This is completely different from my family!"

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This chapter doesn't feel very good...I changed several ways of writing, and finally I can barely look at it from Yui's perspective...


Chapter 14: Collective Anomaly

In literary works, when the so-called "critical moment" appears, it is often accompanied by special scene descriptions, such as "on the slope of spring where cherry blossoms are flying, the boy and the girl met for the first time", or "it seems to be in him At the point of disagreement with her fate, it will always snow."If the encounter is beautiful, then the scene of the encounter must also be beautiful. If the relationship is heavy, then the matching background will also make people feel a little bit chill.

Therefore, on this rare warm winter day, when I say everything I want to say in a jerky tone, I have reason to expect a nice reply.Perhaps it does not need to greet each other vigorously. The most likely scenario is to look at each other and smile, then hold hands, sit down on the bank of the river, look at the unfrozen river, and chat casually.Say some apologies first, followed by jokes and indifferent forgiveness-the same as in similar days before.

A good imagination has always been like this.

Only when the words of refusal came through, I suddenly realized that there is no connection between beautiful weather and beautiful scenes-even in literary works, "writing grief with music and scenery" seems to be very common. phenomenon.Just like now, when the warm winter sun hits me, it contrasts with the coldness in my heart.

When rejected, one cannot think. Only when one's prudent mind is really rejected can one experience the sense of loss.I used to sneer at the scene of "fleeing from the wild after being rejected" in the animation, but when I encountered this situation, I realized how "want to escape from the wild" is like Real feelings.

After reacting, I will also think of how senior Xiao Muzhen, who was in the same mood as me, maintained his grace and grace when I was rejected. However, at least at the time, all I could do was try my best. Suppress the urge to cry, and then bid farewell in the most appropriate way.

I don’t know if Senior Xiao Muzhen has said anything else. I didn’t even see any of her movements. I just remember that I bowed as hard as possible with a stiff posture, and forced it out of my throat very hard. Say "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," and then turn to leave.

I tried my best to restrain the urge to run away, pretending to be as calm as possible and walking away slowly, my head kept staring at the ground, because I was worried that if I raised my head and saw Senior Xiao Mu Shu in front of me , I will lose control of my emotions.

Really, Yubihama Kazuya's persona broke down!

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It's not that I haven't considered the result of rejection.However, subconsciously, I don’t think this should be the case. My impression of Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai has always been that gentle and will choose to forgive seniors, so I am very greedy and want to exchange it with a simple sentence of sorry. All the daily.

I couldn't think about the reasons for this situation, so after returning home, I just plunged back into my room and stared in a daze on the bed.

Although he didn't have the feeling of walking dead some time ago, the pain in his heart could not be contained.

When I heard another door closing sound, I suddenly felt a sense of relief.Sister Yui is back. After discovering my anomaly, my nosy old sister will definitely knock on my door tirelessly, yelling "Xiaohe, Xiaohe" innocently, and then trying awkwardly. Care about me and try to make me happy, as she has done countless times before.

I unlocked the door of the room, lay on the bed like a little girl and hugged the pillow, waiting for my sister to knock on the door, and then let her in in a casual tone as much as possible and confided to her.

I know this is a completely immature performance, but I really need such a vent now.

However, there was no knock on the door familiar to my sister.

Well, this is understandable. Sometimes I will be busy, so when I get home, I will bury my head and do my own things. Generally, my sister will not notice my strangeness when I am not eating.