My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 375

However, until the voice of my mother urging to eat, I did not hear the slightest movement of my sister.

In the end, I could only leave the room and come to the dinner table.

So, this feeling is really strange. On the one hand, I am really sad, I don’t want people to know this sadness, but on the other hand, the only thing I think I can talk about is the only one who is allowed to know my sadness. People accidentally ignored me, but I was a little proactive in asking her to notice me.

What kind of complicated mood is this?

In fact, Yui sister did seem to be absent-minded, and she did not seem to notice my abnormality at all.After eating hastily, she quickly returned to her room.

Therefore, I, who wanted to seek the comfort of Yui sister, was like experiencing a farce.

However, thanks to this way of diverting attention, the sense of depression in my heart has indeed reduced a lot. My sister has alleviated my problems in a way of inaction. If I didn’t believe in her thinking mode, I would not have thought of this. The thought of making such a big bend, I almost feel that all this is a conspiracy of my sister.

It’s not always difficult to fall asleep when we’re sad. We want to convince ourselves that it’s a nightmare. In many cases, we’re too emotionally exhausted, even though we close our eyes and think of things that we regret. , However, when sleepiness strikes, we will still accept it without hesitation, and hope that tomorrow is a new day.

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When I got up, my sister had already gone to school ahead of time. The explanation she left to her family was that there was a day job in the class.In fact, since I went to school in the most decadent period since I went to Wu Gao, I went to school with my sister and left on the so-called duty. This is indeed not like my sister's style.

It felt like she was avoiding me deliberately.

"Is it awkward with Yui? Although your sister always accommodates you, but you still have to respect your sister when necessary, don't always let her bear so much alone!" Mom told me so seriously.

——If I did something wrong, I also want to apologize, but the problem is that since yesterday, I have not had a normal communication with my sister, and I don’t know that during the earth-shaking emotional changes I experienced, What happened to my sister.

In fact, I think it is more reliable to say that she is in love than to say that I offended her.

It is true that my sister is deliberately avoiding me-this is proved in the ministry activities after school.

"Yuhihama - well, your sister said that the projection equipment in today's class is broken. As a day-time student, she is responsible for finding someone to repair it, so she may come later, or even not come." That's how I explained my sister's absence.

The reason is as bad as the morning. Believe it or not, Yukoshita and I will definitely use this as a reason not to participate in club activities. This should be Yui Hama’s first unexcused absence from work. The degree of positivity even surpassed Xuexia as the minister.

"What's wrong with her?" After reading her sister's email, Yukinoshita asked me of course.

"I do not know."

"Well, let's be more specific, did you do anything to make her angry?"

"Why does each of you think I made her angry? Am I such an unreliable brother in your eyes?"

"It's probably just because your sister has always wanted to create the image of your sister. This impressed us too deeply." Xuexia spread his hands.

"But I really didn't offend her. I didn't talk to her much yesterday."

——Thanks to the troubles of the old lady, I don’t even have time to blame myself for being rejected, and I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

"Well, well, I just feel a little curious, so ask."

Fortunately, Xuexia is not the kind of character who resolutely pursues after identifying a possibility without evidence. Her relatively rigorous style makes me feel at ease at this time.

The atmosphere in the classroom quieted down instantly.

Without Yui sister's efforts to liven up the atmosphere and noisy, the ministerial classroom was instantly quiet a little unreasonable.All that was left was the sound of Xuexiaxia's silently flipping through books and the sound of the hands of the classroom clock moving.

I feel a little embarrassed-being alone with Yukoshita is no stranger to me. What embarrassed me was that I suddenly remembered what happened some time ago.

About Xuexia's thoughts, about my thoughts.

The so-called relationship problem.

When the possibilities were laid before, and the boys and girls were alone in a closed space, the atmosphere suddenly became a bit ambiguous.

"I'll go find Yui sister to see what's wrong with her—"

"—Uh, Yubihama, to you, um, it’s you, not your sister, I have something to say—"

I stood up and spoke almost simultaneously with Xuexia.

"Uh, you go and see your sister's situation first, I can come back to talk about my affairs." Xuexia was stunned, and quickly reacted, lowered his head and said in a low voice.

"Ah, well, I'll be back soon."

I left with some embarrassment.

Why, it feels that everyone's performance in the past two days is somewhat unreasonable?

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Originally, it’s better to follow the beginning of this paragraph after Chapter 12, but the third part is a new plot, which will make Yui’s plot not know where to insert it. This is what I was struggling with when I wrote the 13th chapter. The reason for a long time.(In fact, this is solved as long as the problem is removed from the last third of this chapter and reduced to 2k, but I don’t want to cut corners. After all, the author of conscience (squinting smile))

In addition, someone in the group yesterday said that the first two chapters are too fast. Normally, these plots can drag ten chapters, emmmmm, but sometimes I also think that sometimes I will write one chapter for a psychological description. , The rhythm is too slow and so on. In short, this still has to be weighed, but I can definitely grasp the big rhythm.


Chapter 15: Yukino's Doubts

My sister is not in the classroom. This is a matter of course. I knew that Yuihama Yui was the first to leave the classroom after school, as if I was avoiding someone.

"Probably you did something to offend her again, right?" So, for the third time, someone said to me.

"Do I look like I will cause trouble for her?"

Biqigu spread his hands and looked like this should be.

"Then your judgment made a big mistake."

So when did this strange impression come into being?

I didn't communicate with Biqigu for too long. He quickly showed an impatient look of wanting to go home, as if he had stayed in the classroom to tell me the news.

"Really? Then when Yubihama arrives tomorrow, you should ask her carefully." After listening to my report in the ministry classroom, Yukoshita blinked and replied symbolically.

If you want to ask, you can pick up your phone and dial her phone now instead of waiting until tomorrow to ask this question.

"Well, I mean, your sister may be busy with things that are inconvenient for us to know, so there must be questions if you ask directly. It's better to wait until tomorrow when you come to the club classroom." It seems to have noticed me. With Can Nian's eyes, she immediately added another sentence.

"Uh, actually I can ask Yui sister myself after I go back."

"Well, this is also a good plan."

After a painless conversation, the classroom became silent again.

Yukinoshita didn't seem to want to take the initiative to speak out again—as if the words she just wanted to say to me didn't exist at all. In that case, I was happy to assume that nothing happened.

As a result, the two can only do their own things awkwardly, waiting for the passage of time.

The clock on the wall indicated that when the club activities were about to end, I waited for Xuexia’s response-under normal circumstances, she would take a look at the time, close her library, and then say in a steady tone, "Today should not be There will be a commission, so let's end it first!" and so on, so everyone stood up while complimenting "deserving of the minister, understanding," and so on.

Although I am the only member present, if Yukoshita can end this embarrassing situation as soon as possible, I will not hesitate to praise.