My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 376

However, this time, Xuexia was just staring at the book in his hand, without any intention to announce the end of the event.

"Well, Minister, Xuexia?"


"It's a bit late now, so—"

"--yesterday afternoon--"

Yukoshita said abruptly, her eyes still fixed on the book in front of her, but her attention was clearly not there.

Sure enough, I still can't escape!

When Xuexia had something to say to me, I guessed that she was going to talk to me about it. I thought she could get through with this, but it was obviously impossible.

I do need someone to share with me the depression in my heart, but Xuexiaxue is not a qualified candidate.

But I have no reason to stop her.

"Yesterday afternoon—" After a pause and realizing that I didn't respond much, Yukoshita continued, "You didn't come to club activities, right?"

"Well, something is a little bit."

——Then the next step is "what happened", so I can only try to pretend to be an understatement to recall the bad memories of yesterday.

"Well, but your absence yesterday caused me a lot of trouble."

"Sorry, you just understand that yesterday I was the same as today's sister?"

"I mean, I have some new ideas about the previous commission from the Student Union, and I want to discuss it with you."

"Oh, that's it—huh?"

what's the situation?Shouldn't it be mentioned what I did yesterday afternoon?Or at least, the questions raised in the ambiguous atmosphere just now should at least be more sensitive questions, right?Such a proper question about work is Xuexia's style, but I always feel that it should not be the current Xuexia's style.

I looked up under the snow, but she buried her head deeper in the book, as if she wanted to cover her entire face with the book.

"Is there any problem?" Xuexia asked dullly behind the book.

"Yes, no problem. If you have any ideas, just tell me."

"Well, with regard to the last time the student union cooperated, Yubihama’s thinking must not be wrong. When one partner fails, he immediately changes to another partner. While putting pressure on the existing partner, it also gives Find a way out for yourself."

Xuexia's tone was natural and steady, as if she really wanted to discuss this matter.

Is the ambiguous atmosphere just now really my own misunderstanding?

"But, to be honest, is it too difficult to cooperate with my sister and their college club?"

"Uh, that's why it depends on you to convince your sister."

"But even if it is me, the effect is very limited, right? You should know this."

I can no longer deal with Yukoshita's question half-heartedly. Whether I accept it or not, Yukino Yukoshita has the reaction I want her to appear on this somewhat unexpected occasion.

This is not a bad thing, but it still leaves me at a loss.

"You won’t know if you don’t try it? As far as I know, you only talked with your sister once, and once failed to convince her, then give up? This is not the style of Yukino I know Yeah!"

"Some people only need to talk once to know the follow-up. You know this, Yuihama?"

"So, what do you want to say?"

"I mean, from the very beginning, Yubihama, you asked me to persuade sister, it was a scam, right?"

I raised my eyebrows.

"You actually want me to do other things, right?"

"Well, who knows?"

It was also an unexpected reaction. In my prediction, after I found that my sister's plan did not work, Xuexia should naturally propose other plans.

Therefore, thinking about "Why Yubihama Kazuya also imposes such an unreliable plan on himself" is not in my plan at all.

Considering the reasons for my behavior too much, the seed that Xuexiayang planted on her sister was also sprouting at this time.

"If Yubihama has other plans, just put them forward at the beginning? Why do you have to propose an unreliable plan, as if you deliberately wanted me to veto it."

"That's not the case. You think too much, Minister. The solution I proposed at the time was the most appropriate solution. If you can't convince your sister, I can only say that I have overestimated you."

I continued to reply to Xuexia with a cold face, absolutely not admitting my intentions at this time.But, to be honest, if Xuexia continues to reason or find some stronger evidence, I don't know how long my resistance will last.

However, facing the destitute me, Xuexia did not continue to hunt down.

"Do you mean you made a mistake this time?" I don't know when she has taken away the book that had been placed in front of her face to cover her, still keeping her eyelids down, she asked softly.

"Yes, in short, my judgment is wrong. I am not the kind of person who is not good at admitting my mistakes."

"Okay, I see." Yukinoshita seemed to accept my explanation and continued, "Then, if I propose a new solution, you won't have any objections, right?"

"That's right."

Although I don't know why Xuexia suddenly gave up the idea of ​​probing at the last moment, it is fortunate that the current dialogue can return to the expected track.

In fact, this is the second time Xuexia made an unexpected reaction tonight.Recalling that I once said arrogantly like "I can fully anticipate the reaction under the snow", I couldn't help but want to slap myself twice.

"I think the choice of changing the partner school is feasible. In fact, I had a question at the beginning. After Isshiki became the president of the student union, wouldn't the cooperation with Qingquan Middle School exist anymore? If you want to host a Christmas event, the most suitable Isn’t it Qingquan Middle School, which had a good relationship before?"

"I'm not very clear about this. Maybe the student union has its own considerations?"

"Even if the students feel that Qingquan Middle School is not suitable, it is okay to use Qingquan as an object of pressure when negotiating with another school? As long as we have a little bit of wind, we have reached an agreement with Qingquan, and the opposite high school is easy. Believe it, I think it’s much simpler than choosing your sisters from the beginning. It’s hard to imagine that you would not take this into consideration.”

"A lot of things have happened recently, and the idea of ​​dealing with the problem is not very clear."

"Moreover, I was looking for my sister's school, as if I wanted to participate in this matter specially."

"This is your illusion."

"Is it an illusion?" Xuexia shook his head non-committal. The lightly lifted expression made a trace of cold sweat on my forehead.

She strategized and lifted the weight lightly. The one in front of me was nothing like the Yukino I knew. At this moment, she seemed to have some of her sister's charm.

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I won’t write a single chapter about Yukino’s mentality. It’s uncomfortable to change the angle of view too much. It’s up to everyone to experience it (laughs)