My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 377

Chapter 16: Pretending to be normal

If Yukoshita really becomes her sister's appearance, can this be regarded as my completion of Yukoshita's commission?Maybe.Do not rely on other people, use his amazing logical reasoning ability and judgment, and outstanding ability to make decisions and solve problems, even without the mysterious and unpredictable temperament of Xuexiayang, honest and stable, it seems that It's really beautiful.

But, would I like this kind of under the snow?Obviously not, if Yukinoshita becomes such a person, then she will become an image on a flat cardboard, rigid and lifeless, and also the "Yukixia Yukino that can be predicted by me".

"That's probably an illusion." Just when I was uneasy about the changes under Xuexia, she pressed her temple and turned her head.

No matter if she takes my words seriously or temporarily unwilling to care about it, at least Xuexia did not push me further, which gave me room for buffer. In fact, since yesterday, a lot of information and various events have been It's about to crush me to the ground, at this time I don't want to be exposed to my thoughts naked-naked-naked under the snow.

Although it will not collapse like before, it is enough to make me feel unhappy.

I didn't think about the reason why Xuexiaxue accepted my explanation, and I didn't have the energy to deal with her anomaly. Therefore, as long as Xuexiaxue is normal, even if it only behaves normally, I am satisfied.

"Then return to the topic at the beginning? Yuihama, your solution to the problem is wrong, do you admit it?"


"Then, if I want to correct your mistakes according to my own ideas, don't you have other opinions?"

"There will be no comments."

"So, do I need to discuss with you?"

"Uh, no need," I waved my hand. "This in itself is what I do to help the student association. If my plan is not feasible, you can discuss it directly without asking me."

"Well, I see, then I should contact Isshiki directly?"

"You can communicate directly with Isshiki, right?"

"Which aspect do you mean?" Xuexia raised his eyebrows and looked at me thoughtfully.

"Uh-forget it when I didn't say anything."

Still adhering to the attitude of not knowing what I should do if the other party doesn't say anything, I decided to ignore the possible estrangement between Yukoshita and Isshiki.

Although with my status as the culprit who caused this gap between them, it seems that I am even less qualified to ask this question.

"In addition to the commission, in fact, there is another problem--" Xuexia's voice rang again.

I stared at her dark pupils in surprise, her eyes were not very flustered.

"--still have a question?"

"But it may not be very convenient to say today, will I have a chance to talk later?" Xuexia said.

"Well, if nothing happens, I won't be absent from club activities. The minister also has my email address. If there are other important things, he can always find me." I responded politely.

——If I am not mistaken, this should be the third time she has let me go today.Although I don't know why, I can only express my gratitude to Xuexia.

"If necessary, I will."

——Uh, it feels like I dug a big hole for myself.

"Then come here today? Tonight-if your sister is not at school, she should have gone home?"

"I don't know very well either. This is the case if no surprises."

"Sa, then I wish you good luck." Xuexia said, pursing his lips.

"Well, I will."

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Today's Xuexia is abnormal. It's not the way I was dependent on others but hesitated some time ago, nor was it the way I was unreasonable when I first met. However, no matter how strange she is, her last sentence The reminder is true-if my sister is at home, I need to talk to her.

The irony is that it is me who obviously needs comfort, but now it has become the reason why I am busy looking for Yui sister.

After confirming from my mother that my sister had returned home, I knocked on my sister's room door unscrupulously.

If you knock on the door gently and beggingly, the old sister who wants to avoid me will pretend not to hear it, or just refuse it. So, it is better to use this somewhat crude method to show that I must see her. At this time, Yui sister would finally give in because she didn’t know how to refuse my tough request.

My judgment was correct. It didn't take long for Yui sister's helpless voice came from the room: "Xiaohe, don't knock on the door anymore. I won't run away no matter how much I knock on the door."

And when the familiar dumpling head reappeared in front of me, I suddenly felt a strange sense of stability-as if I was sure that Yui sister would not leave me.

When I came to my sister's room before, my deepest impression was the music scores scattered on the bed. After the cultural festival performance was a thing of the past, my sister's bed was much cleaner.

The only book on display seems to be about girls' love or something-but this is also normal, after all, it is this age!

It seemed that I had noticed the gaze I was looking at the book. Sister Yui jumped onto the bed overreacted and pressed the book with her whole body. Then, she carefully pulled the book out of her body and deliberately covered it. He put on the cover and hid it in his own quilt.

"Uh, in fact, if the old lady reads that kind of book, I can understand--"

"——Understand what? Did you see it?"

"See a little bit—"

"—What did you see? More specific?"

"In fact, I didn't read it clearly, did you? But it looks like a book about young girls' love skills. If the old lady has a boy she likes, I have no problem with what she wants to pursue."

——Although this sentence is very awkward, Yui sister is in love, it is totally unimaginable and totally unacceptable.

But this sentence has already been said, and it is embarrassing to take it back.

"Well, although I think Yui sister can't find her boyfriend through this kind of book, but if I find it, I will thank this book, which is probably what I mean."

"Xiaohe means I want me to find my boyfriend soon?"

"Uh, at this time, I feel that I will be scolded for everything. If it is hope, it will be said,'Do you want to get rid of your sister so much?' If you don't want it, it's'your sister is so unattractive?' some type of--"

"——Don't think about my assumptions, just answer the questions, do you want to?"

"Well, if you have to say something, I think you are still looking for a boyfriend for the old lady-not that you can't find a boyfriend for Yui sister, but because your mode of getting along with boys is not mature yet, I am worried about you After finding a boyfriend, I will be emotionally hurt, so—"

"——Ming Ming Xiao and herself also found girlfriends when they were immature in getting along with girls?"

"Ahem, this is not to make my sister repeat my mistakes. Your younger brother fell in love when he was very immature, which led to such bad consequences. It is not more convincing to use personal experience to convince the older sister. Well?"

"Oh—" My sister's answer dragged a long tone. Then, she narrowed her eyes and nodded her head happily at least, "Well, I know Xiaohe's thoughts and will refer to it."

——What's the matter with this kind of civil servant-style bureaucratic answer?

"So, what can Xiaohe want to do with me?"

"Hmm—" I looked at my free-faced sister, and I couldn't see that she was deliberately hiding from meeting me, especially when I asked this question naturally, I felt that the previous judgment was me. Illusion.

"——Sister, you are actually not on duty after school, right? I went to your classroom to find you and found that you were not there."