My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 378

"Ah, not really."

"Then what did you do?"


"What is a secret? If it's a legitimate reason, you don't need to cheat Xuexia."

"The secret is the secret!"

"Isn't it really going to follow the guy you like?"

"If it is," my sister asked, rolling her eyes quickly, "what does Xiaohe think?"

"What else can you do, do you ask me to say to that boy,'You are not worthy of Yui sister', or tell him with tears,'I will leave my sister to you'?"

"Speak seriously."

"Well I don't believe it!"

"Huh? Why don't you believe it? I have ignored you for the past two days. I know that Xiaohe is very depressed and didn't respond to Xiaohe. Under normal circumstances, there must be something more important if I don't do this? More important Maybe it’s because I have a boy I like!"

"Ah, I have full confidence about this. My sister Yui won't care about me just because there is a boy she likes-eh, wait, you really ignored me these two days?"

"Eh, did I say that?"

"—No, that's what you said."

"Well, Xiaohe, you must have misheard it! You see, I am not talking to you happily now, right? You said too, I am your sister, why would I deliberately ignore Xiaohe What?"

"Obviously knowing that I am depressed and deliberately ignored me, this is your original words-you have already noticed my depressed mood!"

"But Xiaohe's mood is still quite high now!"

"Isn't it because you need to be forcibly refreshed?"

"Anyway, good results are good, right? Xiaohe shouldn't be too entangled in the process."

Until I was called to dinner by my mother, I couldn't make any substantive communication with Yui sister. Yui sister's ability to change topics and confuse concepts seemed to rise to a notch overnight.

"All in all, you only need to know, Xiaohe, I'm fine now, and your mood is already much better. Isn't that enough?" Finally, Yui sister made a summary statement with such a sentence.

Although an unreasonable feeling came oncoming, I found that I was unable to refute it.

At least, knowing that Yui sister has returned to normal, just let it go if you have some doubts?

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I feel that at this time, if you don’t add Xueno and Yui’s chapters, you may really not understand their thoughts (although they will explain later, but I feel that it will take a while to write), but I really don’t want to change perspectives. , So hesitant...


Chapter 17: Declaration of War

Sister Yui is indeed normal—at least on the surface.The next morning, when she greeted me vigorously and said "Good morning Xiaohe", I thought that was my sister.

Although my sister is not so enthusiastic when she asks me early, it is okay to understand this as guilt after being cold to me.

Of course, what makes me more troubled is that on the way to school, my sister and I are too close to each other. I have accidentally touched my sister’s arms, shoulders, or back more than once. Of course, the same is true for my sister. Almost hit my arms this time.Whenever I deliberately separated from my sister, she would quickly stick to my side again, making me feel helpless.

"Don't always apologize after bumping into it so many times! Isn't it enough to open the distance a little bit?"

"Xiaohe means, obviously I want to get closer to Xiaohe who just quarreled, can't it be?" Generally speaking, my spit in return is the pitiful look in the eyes of my sister Chuchu-obviously it is my sister. Obviously, I have never liked to be too weak in front of me, but why is it still so proficient?

In the end, I could only express helplessness to my sister's overly intimate actions, and she rubbed my arm casually or accidentally jumped and helped me on my shoulder.To tell the truth, this feeling of detachment is worse, even worse than the old lady who just lay on my back and wanted me to carry her to school or directly hold my arm to indicate intimacy, at least it was a stable state before. , I can also give myself an explanation and psychological expectations.And now, I must always beware of my sister’s physical contact from time to time. She seems to enjoy this very much. What’s worse, this kind of physical contact makes me a little bit optimistic. Hama Yui-If it weren't because she was my sister, I would even suspect that her actions had ulterior motives.

As we approached school, as the number of classmates in school increased, more people began to give us pointers.However, Yui sister didn't seem to care about this at all.

"I'm Xiaohe Sister, I can tell by looking at the color of my hair. Does Xiaohe think other people will think about something more-or is Xiaohe thinking of something bad?" She took it for granted. Replied.

"No. I just don't think it will affect your image. It is not convenient for you to defend your title next year."

"But I won't run for Miss Chief Wu Gao next year?"


I only discovered that Yuihama Yui has the same attributes as a normal girl, that is, when she becomes shameless, she can afford a lot of things.

I almost brought Yui sister who was half-hanging on me to the gate of the school. This was also the longest journey to school I had ever experienced.Under the pressure of the members of the student union inspecting at the door, my sister finally kept a normal distance with me.

Thank you Yi Huishiyu's subordinates, and I must thank her when I return to the classroom later-whether she understands my thanks or not.

"After entering the school, you won't be so close, right? There are moral requirements in the school, morality requirements!"

"Well, if the examiner can't see it—"

"—Hey, old sister!"

"Aha, sorry, of course I wouldn't do this when I came to school. I just scared Xiaohe." My sister said with a smile, while taking the lead and came to me.

"Don't bother me and don't block my way--"

"——I didn't stand in Xiaohe's way," my sister's voice suddenly became serious, "I just think it would be better for Xiaohe not to meet this person next."

"Why don't you see?"

I asked, but at the same time, my heart sank.

Sister Yui is much shorter than me. She stands in front of me and barely affects my vision.

My gaze crossed the top of my sister's head and met the person in front of her.

"I didn't want to talk to and talk, so you don't need to be so wary of me, Yubihama." Not far away, Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai still stood in the middle of the road as I am familiar, with a calm face.

My sister should have known what happened between me and Senior, otherwise she would not show such a hostile attitude towards Senior Xiao Muzhen.

"I just think that if Xiaohe wants to talk to seniors, it would be too bad."

"Even if you are looking for me now, I don't have much to say to him." Senior Xiao Muzhen removed the eyes that met me and said softly.

Although I know the facts must be the case, when Senior Xiao Muzhen said this personally, my mind was still blank-I used to think that the busy days of the past few days have made me forget the previous pain, but Obviously this is not the case. Being busy can only cover up sadness temporarily, but it cannot eliminate it.

"Just in front of Xiaohe, can you still say these things so naturally?"

"But, Yubihama-san, isn't this the result you want?"

"I mean, even if seniors don’t talk to Xiaohe, it’s unforgivable to do something that further hurts Xiaohe!" My sister turned her back to me, I couldn’t see her expression, but I could almost Feel the look of her teeth.Yuihama Yui is rare, and she truly expresses her anger towards other people.

Really, I almost forgot. Sister Yui would get angry for me. When other people do things that hurt me, even if she is the weaker, her sister will always rush up with her teeth and claws, regardless of her injury. The danger of her, trying hard to get the justice that I deserve in her eyes.

Although it has been a long time since my sister was bullied when I was a child, I have never let others hurt me, so my sister hardly needs to make such an expression, but it is still true. After so long, Yui sister is a little bit. It hasn't changed either!