My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 379

Even if I know that I am facing someone my younger brother likes, even if I know that I am facing the person I will never hate, and I can't blame it for Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai, this is also true!

"I am Xiaohe's sister, and I will forgive Xiaohe unconditionally! I am Xiaohe's sister, and I just want to protect Xiaohe! I know what seniors think, but seniors' thoughts are not correct. I will tell you now The thing about seniors is that even if I don’t have to think as much as seniors, I can do better than seniors."

Senior's thoughts, Xiao Muzhen's thoughts?Sister Yui said something that I didn't quite understand.She seems to know the thoughts of Senior Xiao Muzhen better than me. Does she know anything?

"Really? So, are these current practices your choice?" Senior Xiao Muzhen, as if fully understood what his sister meant, responded softly.

"Yes, this is my choice. I will prove to my predecessors that you are wrong." My sister raised her head and said confidently.

"Well, Yuihama-san's determination, I can feel it! You have reached a conclusion in the previous conversation, haven't you?"

"Well, senior, you might have to pay for that conversation!"

"Of course, I know all about it," Senior Xiao Muzhen nodded, and glanced at me lightly through her sister, "From the beginning of rejection, I knew I might pay the price. Everything after that, It's just to deepen the possibility of that price. However, even so, my thoughts will not change. You have your own ideas, and I have my own persistence. As you said, We just chose a different way of solving the problem."

I watched the conversation between the two in confusion. The only information that can be learned from their words is that, I don’t know when, my sister had a conversation with Senior Xiaomuzhen, and all their abnormalities today can be used that time. Explain the results of the dialogue.

But what exactly was that conversation?What do they mean today?

I can't forget the look that Senior had just glanced at me—that look was much more complicated than her calm look at the beginning, and it was obviously looking forward to me.

But what is she expecting from me?Now that I have completely rejected me, what capacity can I do for Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai?

Sister knows it, right?But, obviously she would not tell me.

"Obviously, I have persisted for so long, but at the last moment, I took a step back. From my point of view, these predecessors' practices are simply terrible."

"I said, this is my choice and I have no regrets about it."

"Yes, I know. So today, did you see my choice?"

"I saw it!"

"Actually, at the beginning, I was very envious of seniors. I think we are very similar. Senior Xiao Muzhen is actually a strengthened me in all aspects. I think if I can learn from my seniors, it would be very beautiful. ?"

"But we are not the same!"

"Yes, it's different. Although it's similar in some respects, it's different in some principles."

"Is it because of character, or because of interpersonal relationship?"

"Is it both?"

"Yes, I think it's like this too," Senior Xiao Muzhen took a breath, raised his eyebrows, and said solemnly, "Does this need an official speech or something?"

"It's still very embarrassing to let Xiaohe see it!"

"It's embarrassing to say so much before!"

"That's what I said," my sister turned her head, and bends slightly towards me in a confused situation, "Sorry, Xiaohe."

"Sorry, Heya!" Senior Xiao Muzhen in the distance also motioned to me.

"Then, next, it's war, is that right?" my sister asked in a low voice.

"Well, next, it's war!"

In front of the teaching building, there are actually a lot of students going in and out. Everyone focused more or less on the conversation between Yuihama Yui and the new and old Miss Takeshi, although the middle was quite exciting. , However, the two voices are not very loud, so the students passing by don’t actually know what they’re talking about. Occasionally some people hear the word “declare war”, maybe they just think it’s a competition for Miss Chief Wu Gao Continuation.

Only when I witnessed their conversation throughout the whole process, can I realize how serious and incredible the declaration of war this sunny morning is.

This is a war between my sister who I value most and my favorite senior.

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To be reasonable, will Yui's thoughts become clearer in the future?


Chapter 18: Solving and new doubts

I clearly know the seriousness of this war, because it’s hard to doubt the aura of my sister and senior, but I don’t know the purpose of the war. I can vaguely feel that it has something to do with me. It is to make seniors reconcile with me. I don’t even know whether to fight for a specific title like a cultural festival.If it is just for this purpose, does it really need to be so serious?

However, after this stupid declaration, the two of them didn't continue to explain anything. Senior Xiao Muzhen first turned and left. Then, my sister looked at me hesitantly and left without saying anything.After watching the lively crowd dissipate, all that was left was me, confused, and a certain student council president who stared at me.

"I just checked the morale at the door, and when I saw some commotion here, I came over to take a look." Yi Huyuyu shrugged and explained.

——It looks reasonable, but why didn’t I see you when I just passed the school gate?

However, given my position, it seems that it is not convenient for me to complain about her.

"Well, that's hard work. I'll go to the classroom first, and I will grow up and continue to work." I feel that Isshiki can understand the meaning of the conversation just now better than I am, so when facing her, I always feel a little bit awkward.

"OK, thank you!" Yishi showed a hesitant expression.

"So, do you have anything to tell me?"

"So, don't you want to ask me anything?"

"If I ask you, will you answer it?"

"What do you think?"

"Well—" I avoided the look of Isshishi again, and now I can almost be sure that Ishishi knows what the words just said, but I can't ask her.

Even though it seemed that she had let go, the guilt in my heart for Yi Huishu made me really unable to ask her to clarify.

"If you want to know, come to the rooftop during lunch break?" Isshiki sighed and replied, "I won't wait for you too long, ten minutes from the time I leave the classroom."

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The eighth minute after the lunch break, the eighth minute when Yi Huishu left the classroom, it was also the eighth minute when I stared blankly at her empty seat. During the eighth minute, a classmate from the Guardian came to me to protest, saying "Yubi Hama, what are you thinking too much about Isshiki's position?" Then I attacked him mercilessly.

Since that incident, Isshiki has seldom played cautiously in front of me, although sometimes she would say more cautious jokes to prove that she has looked away, but I know that in this relatively serious She has absolutely no jokes on the topic.

But how should I face her?How should I face the girl who helped me with such a sensitive issue, at least in the past, was a girl who liked me-I don't know what to do.However, I was extremely eager for the answer she provided me—I had a delusion in my heart, but I was not sure. I hope that a bystander who has a relatively clear inside information and a keen mind will tell me the answer.

This entanglement lasted until the eighth minute of the lunch break, and finally ended when I lost to the latter desire.Isshiki chose a very suitable time and did not say "I will be waiting for me during the whole lunch break", so that I won't stop at the last moment because I don't have time. On the other hand, it also gave me enough time to consider. So that I will not directly refuse because of a momentary impulse.

My reaction should be what she expected, although when I came to the rooftop, she was about to close the lid of the bento box, as if she was leaving.

"In this weather, let the girls wait for ten minutes. In fact, you are still too much."

"Sorry, I have been thinking a little longer."

"Really? I thought it would involve two people's issues that you value so much. You will be more nervous."

I lowered my head and was speechless—the reason for hesitation because I care about your feelings is obviously not suitable for the present explanation.