My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 380

"However, I probably know the reason for your hesitation, so I am not sad, on the contrary, I am a little happy."


"--But you don't have to worry. It's one thing to be happy, and another to have an idea." Yishi stroked the temples in his ear, turned his head, and said softly.

Although she concealed her emotions well, when she turned her head away unnaturally, I still felt a little bitterness in her heart.

However, the haze at that moment was quickly swept away by her, and when she turned her head back, she already had a calm expression on her face.

"All in all, return to the original topic? Although I haven't seen all of the conversation between your sister and Xiao Mu Xiao, I think I can still understand some things."


"Of course, I don't know what Yubihama-senpai thinks very well. I just think that I can probably feel the mood of Okisaki-senpai." Isshiki's chopsticks tapped the lunch box rhythmically, making a "ticking" sound. It gives a strange sense of urgency.

"Before, you confessed that Senior Xiao Muzhen was rejected?"


I nodded embarrassingly, not to mention my own feelings. It is not a glorious thing to mention this matter by others, especially when I rejected the predecessors first, especially the person who mentioned it is still In the case of another person who was rejected by me.

"So, does Kazuya think that seniors like it?"

"Isn't it weird if I answer this question myself?"

"Didn't you also presuppose that I liked you and rejected me when I didn't expect it?"

Although this is true, the feeling that Isshiki, the protagonist of this incident, said this is really strange.

"Well, at least I think at that time, the relationship between seniors has not changed."

"I also judged it this way. If you really like it, it won't disappear suddenly. Even if you make up your mind to give up, if the other party shows kindness again, the feelings you have given up will easily rekindle."


"So, Kazuya thinks, why do you like your seniors and refuse you?"

"Isn't it because my previous behavior hurt her heart?"

"Of course this is a reason, so, because you hurt her heart, she has completely given up on you, do you believe this?"

"Uh, it's impossible to judge, right?"

"If there are no other conditions, then of course you can't judge, but from the conversation between Ogisaki-senpai and Yubihama-senpai just now, can you feel that she has completely given up on you? For example, the look in her eyes, and Do I see the same look in your eyes?"

I almost immediately remembered the look in Senior's eyes, the look with a little expectation-she had expectations of me, and was definitely not coldhearted.

"You mean, Senior Xiao Muzhen, has something to ask of me? I can feel it, but what does she want me to do?"

"If you tell you everything, it doesn't make sense, right? That senior obviously wants you to understand her thoughts, doesn't it?"

At the critical moment, Isshiki sold a close.However, her explanation also left me speechless.

"Well, thanks anyway." I nodded.

"Let’s stop here — although there is sun at noon, people who eat lunch on the rooftop in this weather also need a lot of courage. I should hurry up and go back to the classroom to eat—well, the words in the classroom are too strange , The student union office is better, ah, I made a mistake. I didn't expect this problem to occur again, and I will rely on you!"

Isshiki showed a somewhat regretful expression, but although she blamed me for talking, she was obviously in a relaxed mood.

Infected by her relaxed mood, I asked the question I always wanted to ask: "So, why does Isshiki want to help me in this matter?"

I thought she would give me an answer that was as easy as before, but when I asked this question, I realized that the originally easy air seemed to freeze immediately.

The sound of the wind that was not small on the roof became louder, and the bag of lunch in Isshiki's hand was constantly shaking with the sound of the wind.

"Do you really want to ask this question?" Yishi blinked his eyes and asked in a strange way, like surprise, self-deprecating, and blame.

"If it can be taken back--" I replied subconsciously.

"--If it can be recovered." He smiled playfully.

"Well, it's actually okay!" It was like the cracking sound of the ice surface when the ice melted in the spring came to my ears, she stretched her waist and gave a small smile, "Besides the feeling of harmony, you clearly I should know more but not knowing anything is pitiful, and I just want to do an experiment."


"The result of the experiment is not bad, but it failed." Isshiki said incomprehensibly, and his eyes drifted to the distant place without a target.

"By the way, the last service, let me give you a little more information!" She opened the door of the roof, jumped down the stairs in a few steps, and then looked back at me who was still high up, "Actually, many times girls’ The requirements are not high. After a long period of unilateral efforts, I want something in return. That's it-this applies to you boys too?"

"Oh-um." I understood the meaning of Isshi's passage, but I didn't seem to understand the object of her passage.

"That's it, then, I had a very happy chat at noon today, goodbye, and hey!" Yi Huayu raised his hand and waved lightly, and then disappeared under the stairs-just like the one when we first met. His unpredictable appearance has not changed at all

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To be reasonable, I have an outline for the next plot, and I will definitely not write it down-but sometimes it is troublesome. For example, in this chapter, I have five words in the outline: one color sends assists, and five words are expanded To 3k is really troublesome...


Chapter XIX: Under the snow, snow is working hard

Maybe I will understand more people’s feelings and thoughts when I have experienced more recalling the past, including the deep meaning contained in Isshiki’s words. However, it was obviously not now at that time. I can only understand her gratitude to me. The reminder, and confusedly watching her return to the classroom to continue to be like a fish in her small circle.

It's like after an autumn rain, summer immediately turns into autumn. Although there may be some repetitions during the period, the enthusiasm that belongs to summer can no longer be recovered. With one autumn rain, people only wear clothes It will increase more and more, and even if the temperature rises occasionally, we are reluctant to take off the clothes we have put on.

The same is true for the relationship between people. No matter how cold the soul wants to get closer again, in the end it just touches painlessly, and the final result is getting more and more indifferent.This is probably the ending for me and Yi Huishu.

However, I don’t want this to be the ending of me and Xiaomu Yuxuena-if this is the ending that the predecessors hoped for, then I may not be able to do anything, but if this is the ending that the predecessors do not want to see, if I still have If you can work hard--


——If I still have the opportunity to work hard, I should become more proactive.

"——Yuhihama Kazuya?"

——Of course, the only worry is that Isshiki's judgment is wrong.

"——Hey, Yubihama!"

"Xiaohe—Xiaoxue has called you for a long time!"

Well, it feels like someone has been calling my name since the beginning, and the environment I am in now--

I raised my head, my sister’s big light blue eyes were almost in front of me, long eyelashes, soft and smooth red hair that I wanted to touch, and the good smell of Yui sister. The smell-what am I thinking about!

"Sister, too close too close!"

"But I'm worried about Xiaohe. Xiaoxue hasn't responded to you for a long time. This is obviously abnormal, right? Why are you upset?"

——If something bothers you, do you forget what you did in the morning?Looking at the innocent-looking elder sister, I really had the urge to slam my head on the table and complain.