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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 381

But I restrained it, because I knew that if I said that, my sister would only blink her eyes, and then said innocently, "This is something that I decide by myself, and there is no need to be bothered by Okato." ——What’s worse, although I can predict her answer, I can’t tell whether this answer is sincere or perfunctory.

"Okay, okay, just now, Yukinoshita called me?" I sat a little deeper into the chair, and then turned to the Minister who looked at me awkwardly.

"It's not that you have something to do, but the activities of the Ministry of Service require everyone to participate." Xuexia's slender fingers rhythmically tapped something like a document bag in his hand.


"The commission, the previous one, from the student union. It was brought by Hihama. We discussed it not long ago. I just denied your plan yesterday. That commission."

"Oh, that commission!"

"What is called'that entrustment'? It was clearly discussed yesterday, isn't it?"

I lowered my head slightly. At this time, the so-called "Too many things happened in this whole day made me feel as if this commission was something from the last century." This reason certainly cannot convince Yukoshita, although this is my true feeling.

"Well, I'm sorry all in all, so what happened to this commission?"

"I remember Yubihama, you agreed yesterday that I did it my own way, didn't you? Do you still want to regret it?"

——Uh, what's the matter with this inexplicable and resentful tone?I didn't deny anything. Why did you complain about it?

As always, my elder sister looked at me with suspicion-Yuihama Yui, she kept saying that she wanted to protect her brother, but when she needed to believe in my innocence the most, she habitually believed in other people’s misleading .


"——Stop, I have no opinion, I have no opinion, please continue.” I interrupted the old sister before her painstaking education began.

"--I obviously don't want to talk about education." Vaguely, I heard Sister Yui say so.

People who preach are generally unaware that they are preaching.

I ignored my sister's frustrated face, and stared at Yukoshita as seriously as possible.

"It's fine if you have no opinion, and I don't want to blame you." Xuexia turned his head, and then hurriedly took out something from the file bag in his hand.

"I asked my classmates yesterday to give me a plan for the Christmas event they are discussing now-I only saw this plan and I knew why she wanted to come to the other side to take the lead."

Xuexia handed the papers to my sister and me.

"Sorry, because of the time issue, I didn't make a copy, so you siblings will take a look at it first? You probably understand what I mean by looking at it."

I took over the plan from Yukoshita, and my sister naturally approached me.

So, the light blue pupils, the hair that was shaved on my face that made me feel a little worried, the gentle breathing of my sister, and the good smell of her body-what is this familiar feeling?

"Sister, sitting too close, you can read the words clearly without leaning on me?"

"Ah, sorry, sorry I got too close to Xiaohe by accident."

"By accident, ha—"

"——It's really accidental!"

"Well, pay attention next time."

"Ahem, I know that your sister and brother have a good relationship," Yukoshita coughed in a low voice, "But, can I trouble you to read the plan?"

Following these words, she deliberately glanced in my direction—as if I had done something to offend her again.

"Sorry, Xiaoxue!" My sister still listened to what Xuexia said. After receiving the warning from the other party, she immediately sat down properly, and I was able to read the plan carefully.

As Yukoshita said, after reading the plan, I knew why Isshiki wanted to seize the lead in cooperation.

Because, this plan from the partner school of the other party mentioned too many things, but at the same time, it said nothing.

It seems that the theme of the project is "Christmas Concert", but the content is a bit too rich, as if it is a compilation of all people's ideas, but there is no screening or integration.

Yui sister also frowned. She may not be as clear as I am, but obviously she can also realize the problem of this chaotic and cumbersome project.

"I don’t think I need to explain to everyone the problem with this plan. When I was inquiring about the situation with Isshiki’s classmates yesterday, she also mentioned in particular that the student council president opposite was a person without any decision-making ability. What he did All is to listen carefully to the opinions of others, hear half of it, and add this opinion to the plan indiscriminately. To make matters worse, he is unwilling to give up his dominance, which delayed the discussion between the two schools There is no progress. So, in this situation, you are sure that your idea was to change to a partner school at the time, from Bihama?"

Yukoshita’s sharp eyes swept at me, which made me feel a little guilty. Although I don’t know as well as Yukoshita, but even so, to solve the problem, changing a partner school is not a good choice. .

"Well, because I thought of Senior Yang by the way, so—"

"--Well, why did you make such a low-level mistake at the time, Yuigahama, don't need to discuss it," Yukoshita seemed to have mentioned this topic by chance, and didn't mean to continue entangled. "I originally thought it changed. For cooperative schools, there are some more reliable choices. However, after reading this plan and getting information from Isshiki students, I think there is a better solution."

She glanced at my sister and me confidently, and said: "Just go straight ahead, point out the problem directly, and forcefully take the lead in the activity from there."

After a short pause, after no rebuttal opinions occurred, she continued: "In the final analysis, adding everyone's opinions to her plan only shows that the other student council president has no decisive power and is afraid of offending others. This is the reason why he wants to hold the dominance in his own hands. If we propose a plan and their student union members cannot accept it, he doesn’t know how to refute it, so he might as well hold the dominance tightly. Quan, and then put the ideas on both sides into a plan. Isshiki's classmates are probably too sleek when interacting with people. At this time, just point out the other party's problem clearly and give a better one. The plan, the other party has no reason not to accept it, that's it. As for how this plan should be carried out, I think—"

I watched Xuexia silently. I didn’t continue listening to her thoughts on the plan. I was just surprised at the huge changes she made in just a few days, returning from the loss of self-confidence before to the present. In a state where she didn't hesitate about her plan, even if she did it just because of anger and impulse, the effort she put in was enough to make people eye-catching.

"So, um, everyone, do you think I can do this?" Of course, in the final summary, the uncertain eyes cast in my direction inadvertently still showed Yukino's sequelae. .

"I said it yesterday. Just do what you want. I won't interfere."

"Well, what about Yui?" Yukoshita raised his eyebrows, his eyes narrowed, and then turned to look at her sister.

"Ah, I think Xiaoxue said it very well!"

"Well, if that's the case, let's pass it first? From tomorrow on, we will go to a discussion meeting with the other student's union with Isshiki, is it okay?"

Yukoshita continued to rub the file bag in her hand while shaking her feet rhythmically. I noticed a flush of excitement on her face.

She really worked very hard!

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Chapter 20: Meaningless Discussion

The next day, we followed Isshi to the discussion meeting with another high school. It was also at this time that I knew that the opposite was called Haibin Comprehensive High School.

It stands to reason that when preparing for the high school entrance exam, you should know the high schools with high deviations in the city. However, since I chose Sobu High from the beginning, I don’t know the situation of other schools, so I heard it for the first time. When the school was named, I felt that it seemed a bit too ordinary.

Of course, the people in this school-at least the student council president is not ordinary at all-are not commendatory, derogatory and unusual in every sense.

Although we entered the seminar room with Isshiki as low-key as possible, the three new faces that suddenly appeared, especially two beautiful girls plus, well, the combination of a red-haired boy seemed to make the other side look at him. , Especially when Xuexia even walked to the main seat habitually at first, and then realized some problems before he sat down next to the main seat.

"Ah, so President Isshiki, are you bringing new partners today?" asked the president of the student union opposite, a savvy boy with a thin body, a thin face, and even a little too long fingers.

This way of speaking with a few crappy English words made my first impression of him very bad, but it immediately made me understand why the worse activity plan came from him.

"Yeah." Isshi nodded, without explaining our identity too much, "Shall we start? Chairman Yusheng?"