My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 382

The boy named Yu Sheng did not ask too much for details. He nodded, folded his hands on his chest, and made a pose that looked very much like what Westerners like to pose when discussing issues, and asked: "How about it, everyone? After reading the last project, is there any new idea?"

Yukoshita sat on the chair steadily. According to her previous statement, at first, she would stand still and look at the style of the student council president opposite before acting. Therefore, the initial task of commenting was on Isshi's head. on.

"For the previous plan, let’s not talk about the details. President Yusheng doesn’t think that the budget will be insufficient to achieve so many goals?" Isshiki quickly raised his own question and had to say, After the training of the cultural festival and the election of the president of the student union, Isshiki has become more calm in his ability to deal with problems.

I looked at her light brown eyes and suddenly remembered what she had said to me the day before.

In the impression, she was a little depressed at the time, and she was able to immediately return to her current appearance. She also worked very hard, right?

However, this complicated concern for Isshiki was soon overshadowed by the dissatisfaction of the opposite student council president.

"Ah, the budget issue, yes, the budget is indeed a big issue, so we are here to discuss this issue in this meeting."

"Last time we discussed this issue, right? The result of the last time was that both schools added some additional budgets, but afterwards, the activities have become more, and the budget cannot be increased endlessly." Isshiki wrinkled. Frowned, retorted.

"I know, I know, the budget is definitely not unlimited, so we need some new ways to increase the budget, we need some new ideas, this is the meaning of our brainstorm, isn't it?"

"Could you try to get in touch with some organizations outside the school and contract out some of our activities?" a student union member opposite suggested.

"Right, right, our work is very complicated, if someone else is willing to help, it would be best."

"But why do those organizations help us?"

"Yes, a very good warn. We also need to conduct a series of interest exchanges with those outside organizations to ensure that they can help us."

"We don't have so many bargaining chips?"

"So, this is a problem we have to solve in the meeting, it's okay, it's okay."

"Chairman Yusheng doesn't think that we have contracted too many activities now?" Yishi raised his hand again, "Our school joined the Christmas activities. In the end, our two schools basically did not participate, and all were given to the so-called society. Organization, what is the meaning of our work?"

"The significance of the school, or the significance of the work of the student union, lies in our connection? We have been responsible for so many organizations of contact, and we have also paid a lot of sweat. The efforts of the workers behind the scenes cannot be ignored!"

"I don't want to ignore these efforts—"

"——Of course, I understand, I understand, just doing some support work will really hurt our enthusiasm, therefore, I think we can really think about some other things we can do, however, we are not professional after all People, our unfit behavior may ruin this project, so we must be careful."

Although I have heard of the speaking style of the President Yusheng before, only by experiencing it personally can I understand the feeling of powerlessness when facing him.He is not a dictator. In a sense, he accepted all the suggestions made by everyone. However, he did not even understand the purpose of these suggestions, so he added it to the project according to his own wishes, which led to This project continues to expand.

As for the specific plan to solve the problem, he has no plan, nor has he adopted any plan, he is just evading through endless "brainstorm".

"Chairman Yusheng, have you considered, our time for determining the plan is getting less and less." I vomited a little dissatisfied.

"Ah, this is indeed a problem, and the time is very limited." Yu Sheng's hand began to turn around the unknown circle, and while drawing the circle, he responded with a smile, "So, in order to improve efficiency, we better Think of some convenient points."

Yes, just like this, whether it is friendly or rough protest, he will refute it in such a painless way.

"Well, Xiaohe, why does the president on the opposite side say so many strange words?" Next to me, my sister pulled my sleeves and looked at me pitifully, "I can't respond. Say."

——It's okay, at least you didn't say that you can't understand it. This is a big improvement for you, sister Yui.

"It's okay, it doesn't matter if you don't understand, these are all nonsense."

Yes, it's all nonsense.

Obviously it is nonsense, but no one dared to deny it out loud, because everyone must seek a superficial harmony and balance.

No arbitrary person dares to break this hypocritical harmony, which is the biggest drawback of this kind of discussion-style problem solving.

It is precisely because of this that people will start to laugh at this method. They are inefficient, they are ineffective, and they have no value. When entering people, people begin to feel that they have abandoned this hypocritical program from the beginning. Leave it to a dogmat to solve the problem, and others just need to obey. Isn't that good?

"So Xiaohe meant that the previous discussions were meaningless?"

"Well, the jade rope does not change, it is of little significance."

"Then why do we need this kind of discussion? If Xiaohe is the president, Xiaohe will probably come up with a plan directly, and then refute all the opinions that oppose this plan, and finally everyone will listen to Xiaohe. , Is that so?"

"--Uh, how did I leave you this impression old sister?"

"It's always been this way for Xiaohe before, right?"

"Ah hello—"

Of course, this kind of idea of ​​my sister is the simplest idea. Since the discussion can't solve the problem, then dictatorship?This is of course not wrong, because solving the problem is necessary, and the meeting cannot be solved. It is completely fine to change the way.

"So from the beginning there was no need for a meeting!"

"Only in this way, I have to oppose it. If there is no meeting, will there be no bad consequences?"

"Xiaohe said for a while that the meeting is good, and then that the meeting is not good, this is too much!"

"Sorry, sorry, let me put it another way, if I put forward my plan from the beginning, would you accept it?"

"Yes, because Xiaohe said it, there must be no problem."


"What's the matter?"

"Thank you for your trust, Yui sister." I covered my head.

"Well, it's actually nothing!"

"Let's change another method. If the Yusheng put forward a plan from the beginning-I mean he suddenly opened up and proposed a plan, would you just accept it?"

"Probably—no? But he will try to convince us, right?"

"Then we assume that Yusheng's plan was accepted and everyone was persuaded by him, but there were problems in the implementation process. What is your idea?"

"To blame Yu Sheng, right?"

"But, in fact, this project is difficult to do-isn't it all to blame Yu Sheng alone?"

"However, we adopted Yusheng's plan, and other people's plans have not been tried."

"Yes, so we started to complain about the poor Yusheng President, then, what do you think President Yusheng would do?"

"Try to persuade us to continue to do what he did?"

"Well, that's right, Yu Sheng will say, if there was no final word with me, you have not yet discussed a result. Before the final success, why do you say that my plan is wrong?"

"Even if everyone finds out that something is wrong with him?"

"Even if everyone finds out that there is something wrong with him-of course, there is a possibility that Yu Sheng has corrected his plan wittyly."

"If it's the latter possibility, it's okay, if it's the former, it's really bad!"

"Yes, so it's terrible. Discussions involve the risk of discussion, and one person makes a decision, and one person makes the decision."