My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 383

"Isn't there no solution to the problem in this world?"

"Yes, discuss and make a decision with one person."

"But weren't these two methods rejected just now?"

"But these two methods do solve many problems, don't they? In the final analysis, completely denying a certain problem-solving method because it fails is as ridiculous as completely affirming it because it succeeds."

"Ah, it's so complicated-so which one does Xiaohe prefer?"

"My words," I took a look at Yuukixia, who seemed to be preparing to speak, and said, "I personally still hope that everyone can discuss it first. After all, there is no result of the discussion. We can find someone who has the final say to integrate the discussion. , And finally make a decision. If it fails, although the person who makes the decision is responsible, people will be more or less aware of their own problems. But if you act according to one person’s plan from the beginning, you can’t go back and discuss the feasibility of the plan. In addition, when they fail, people will only blame the person who made the plan and expect a new person to provide them with a new solution, completely stifling their own responsibilities and their own possibilities!"

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Chapter 21: Resolution and Agreement

"I originally thought you would make some progress after discussing for so long, so I decided to come and listen to today's discussion meeting. But, to be honest, I was disappointed." Xuexia's voice was not very loud, but Among a group of "kind" discussants who seem to be carefully discussing the details of the problem, this harsh and somewhat abrupt statement is enough to attract everyone's attention.

"Ah, this newcomer, is this Senior Sister? It looks very strict, if you have any comments—"

"——If I have any comments, will President Yusheng adopt it?"

"Absolutely! I am willing to listen to everyone's opinions, but I also hope that everyone will make some compromises on their own ideas to achieve the win-win effect."

"That's why I am very disappointed with you! Just now Yubihama has already pointed out the problem of time. You are still playing a game called'discussion' like showing off your eloquence. There is no content. In the end, you I want to say, "We have done our best, and it doesn't matter if we haven't completed the task. The most important thing is the process, not the result." Is this to fool you?"

The Yu Sheng on the opposite side obviously hadn't seen the frozen aura under Xuexia, and was shocked by this serious expression, he couldn't even speak for a while.

"Assimilate everyone's opinions, and then mix them up involuntarily, seemingly controlling the situation on the court with full control, but in fact it is purely relying on the help of others. When problems arise, they are flexible Should be your own responsibility to'everyone', to'everyone', in the face of all the accusations, keep explaining,'I did this because you thought so, you can't blame me', this is actually true It's a very sad thing!"

Yu Sheng moaned his lips, and after the thoughts in his heart were revealed in such a sharp way, it would be very difficult for him to maintain the smile on his face just now.

"Moreover, do you really think that if this project fails in the end, you can use excuses like'this is everyone to decide together' to escape your own responsibility? Impossible, because'everyone' can never be a problem Responsible, even if'everyone' really made a mistake, it is the decision maker-at least the nominal decision maker. In the event of failure, the spearhead will still be aimed at you, President Yusheng."

"We firmly hold the leadership of the so-called planning, but there is no effort to solve practical problems. Can we not treat the leader as such a simple person? If you want to continue to stay, please stop playing If you can’t do the game, our president will be happy to take over. Of course, if you are still unwilling to make a decision, General Wu Gao will withdraw from cooperation with you-in this way, what you just said The budget problem of'limited' is probably not just a problem of'limited', right?"

"Are you threatening me?" Yu Sheng widened his eyes and asked incredulously, "At this time, can you still find other cooperative schools?"

"Even if we can't find it, we can use our own limited budget to complete our own Christmas project. In the final analysis, I have never understood the joint project between the two schools—"

Isshiki next to Xuexia pulled her sleeves a little awkwardly, and the chattering Xuexia finally stopped.

"Well, Xiaoxue's meaning is not so exaggerated. Xiaoxue just thinks that if everyone can discuss a plan more down-to-earth, the progress of the discussion will actually be much faster now, and Xiao Caiyu actually has some of our own ideas, um, In short, it's not that nervous, haha!" Yui sister, who has always been used to calming down the atmosphere after a cold speech under Yukoshita, stood up and explained.

Although my sister's remarks should have been habitually adjusting the atmosphere, objectively, the combination of her and Yukinoshita's soft and hard combination just rightly frightened the opposite student council members.

"Now, if President Isshiki has any good ideas, you can talk about it in detail." President Yusheng squeezed a few words from his mouth with great difficulty, and cast him at him when he saw Xuexia When he looked away, he shuddered subconsciously, "--Well, just simply discuss it and see if there are any problems. If there are no problems, we can continue to implement this plan. After all, time is too late! "

The relaxed atmosphere on the venue was no longer there, but the sticky, unprogressive project finally began to move.

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"So it turns out that being tough on the other party can solve so many problems? In vain, I also took pains to think about all kinds of soft solutions." After the discussion meeting, Isshi stretched out and said unexpectedly.

"If you want to adopt a tough attitude, you must also have a corresponding speech and aura. If you are only strong from outside, it is easy to be seen by the other party. After all, the other party is just pretending to be calm. , The final situation is no different from now."

"Yes, yeah, so you deserve to be Yuukishita! It just so happens that there are not enough people I know who are good at this kind of thing, and only seniors can do this!" Isshiki gave Yuuki the right thing. Compliments were sent down.

"Let’s not say that this doesn’t sound like complimenting people," Yukoshita frowned. "Also, the type of people you know who can solve problems this way—"

Yukoshita glanced at me quickly.

Likewise, I resolutely ignored her suggestion.

"However, I feel that Xiaoxue's remarks are very similar to Xiaohe's attitude when he was tough!" However, the suggestion that I ignored was pulled out by the old sister.

This makes me really not sure what kind of existence my sister is—sometimes she seems to have a very accurate grasp of the atmosphere, but sometimes she will say such things that make me feel very headache.

I pressed my temple to prepare for another offensive under Xuexia.

However, Yukino didn't seem to seize this opportunity. She just turned her body and replied gently: "Is that right? Yui, you have a illusion, right?"

"Hey, although Xiaohe hasn't done this kind of thing for a long time, I still remember how Xiaohe said these things!"

"People are the same when they are tough. It is not impossible that you will confuse us."

"Is it really?"

"Well, don't discuss who is imitating whom, at least now the problem has been solved, isn't this the best?" Yi Hueiyu did the work of adjusting the atmosphere at this time.

I can continue to see Isshiki squeeze his eyebrows at me after finishing this work, and then ask for something like reward.

However, this did not become a reality.

After Yukoshita and Yui went silent, Isshiki just continued to say calmly: "Next, let's discuss the next division of tasks, right?"

——Isshiki is no longer the girl who thinks about giving me a little favor, and then relishes it, let me do all kinds of things to help her.

This is her change.

"The next job of negotiating with the other party, will it be for me and Yui-senpai? Although Yukoshita-senpai's remarks just now are very shocking, but after all, this can only be used once, and has been forced. Let the other person obey, the other person will definitely be dissatisfied."

"No problem!" My sister nodded confidently.

"Then, for the implementation and review of the specific details of the student union, is it okay to leave it to Senior Xuexia and He? This is basically the same as what you did during the cultural festival, and now the student union members are basically all For the first-year students, Yukoshita-senpai can completely suppress them, or call them to the fullest! This is also a way for them to exercise and improve their abilities."

"Obviously you don't want to do this?" I slanted my eyes and glanced.

"After all, as the president, you still have to do more important work besides trivial matters!" Isshishi said with a serious face.

"Well, I have no objection anyway." Nodding, I looked at Xuexia.

"Me too?" I saw Xuexia's body turned around again-why does she always turn her body when answering questions?

"Of course, for the last Christmas day event, everyone will join together, is it okay?"

"no problem!"

"Ah, Xiaohe is sure to participate? It's okay, right?" Sister Yui suddenly asked me a little abruptly.

"Uh, there is no problem at all? I have already decided to help, how can I not help in the end?"

"That's Christmas Day, and the school is already closed!"

"I know it's a holiday, isn't this already determined?"

"Then Xiaohe can't go back!"